Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Honeymoon

After the long wait, the hectic wedding preparations and after the breath taking BIG day,  comes the honeymoon.

The love and emotions were overwhelming...

And when I'm overwhelmed, I jot down poems.

Here, I wanna share to you the poem I've made mimicking the "scene" into words. :D

Mind you I wrap this up at exactly 12:09A.M. :]

I entitled the poem "A Waiting Romance" because I literally wait for him to come home from work, here goes:

"A Waiting Romance"

I'm cold and I'm alone,
but I'll be waiting here at home

come, caress me tonight
Darling, embrace me tight

Rule over my body,
Complete my being, baby...

I'll show you what I've got,
I'll take you to my spot.

These... exclusively yours,
and so are my heart and soul...

Make me sweat, make me shout...
Husband, slow it down, hush me till the dawn...

Loving someone is a precious feeling, making love exclusively to someone is truly a meaningful way of showing your passion... Its like allowing the person you love to conquer your heart and soul.
And as a wife, its about being defenseless, surrendering my all to the man I respect, love and honor.
Besides, even the Bible encourages husbands to enjoy the bride of his youth. <3
P.S. you could copy/use the poem but please give credit to the author.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chronicles of a Young Wife

Hi, I'm Wifey, 22, a newly wed...

I had a boyfriend of five years...

After college and taking our professional oaths,
we jump into the wagon of empty cans attached to strings, balloons, ribbons and a post saying "just got married!"

Crazy. Fun. Fast. And a mistake? People say that.

I will share to you the journey of a young wife to prove them wrong, or right. :D

In the end, it's not about the physical age, it's about the maturity of one's mind, the dedication, and the commitment into the relationship that qualifies one to become another person's half if not better. <3

Watch out for dilemma, romance and comedy behind the wife, the young and the risk taker.