Friday, October 19, 2012

Mommy Mundo's Moms On The Floor Event Portion 2

We've got the chance to pre-register and attend for the first time the third Mommy Mundo's Moms-On-Floor-Event (MOTF) at The Loft, 38th floor, Manansala Towers, Rockwell last October 13. :)

Since babe is 4months old, we joined portion number two and we brought with us a mat, a small bolster/hotdog pillow, a blanket and a small toy. We even end up bringing babe's mini comforter as well. :P

on our way to the event, he is so camera-conscious!
we took photos while waiting for our turn in the registration booth
ever so thankful to my supportive sister Beth. Look at how huge baby's bag is!
I also signed up my blog as we register, that's why I got this media sign lace and pen on
Good thing we arrive early, we did some more camwhoring before the portion 2 begun plus we place our mat in the front area! Hek hek!

Portion two started with Ms. Rome Kanapi's talk about infant massage, the do's and don't, and the benefits both moms and babe can get from it. I think I need to share the talk on another blog post just to comb down the pointers. :D

Ms. Kanapi entertaining questions regarding baby massage :)
babe on the floor ready for his massage
doing the "milking" massage
other babes ready for their massages :)
look at how BIG looking his foot is for a 4-month old baby!
told ya! it pays off to walk in early! :)
Ms. Janice of Mommy Mundo spilling the secret beans on how she manage her household
babe asked for dede (milk) during Ms. Janice' talk
Next stop, Doctora talking about the importance of vaccines and decoding baby's tears
Gymboree teacher gamely taught us how to sing and dance to our babies!
me and baby playing the stop-dance with other moms and babes
After the dance, we play bubbles! These bubbles are non-toxic and safe for babies :)
"hey, where did my bubble go?"
After the Bring-Me games, Gymboree Play time and raffles, we ate snacks from
then we visit the sponsors' booths! :P
King Sue
Tiny Buds
Pigeon and Slimmers World
Aprica and Philips Avent
Physiogel and Oilatarium
After our booth hopping, we took some more pictures! Who wouldn't? Hehehe
babe and I with Ms. Kanapi
Tita Beth, Yours Truly, Baby Clyde and Mama Ellen
at the lobby
at the ground floor
Babe is so thankful to Mommy Mundo! :D
I learned a lot in this event, and like I said, I'll share them up on another blog post, we ended up taking home these goodies! And I'll be doing my reviews and thoughts about some of them in the near future! I'm too excited for the Physiogel Cleanser, I bought one full size in discounted price plus more freebies! :D
The Loot Bag, Freebies and Raffle Prizes!

Mommy Mundo's Moms On The Floor Event

The third MOTF event happened last October 13, 2012 at The Loft, 38th Floor, The Manansala Towers, Rockwell, Makati City.
Moms on the floor
The event was subdivided into three portions...

Prenatal yin yoga by Dona Esteban
Labor and breathing exercises by Rome Kanapi

Here are the photos taken for Portion 1: Pregnant Moms
young, happy pregnant moms! :D
Prenatal Yin Yoga with Ms. Dona Esteban
pregnant parents doing the yoga exercise together

Infant massage by Rome Kanapi
Mom and Baby exercises by Gymboree

Portion 2 started with
Ms. Rone Kanapi demonstrating the proper way of massaging baby
mommies doing massages on their babies!
yours truly, a new mom bonding on the floor with baby.
MOTF: an affair for the whole family to bond together.
MOTF is not just for moms but for dads and babes too! Quality time together makes babies stronger!
Doctor talking about the importance of vaccines
Portion 2 talks was ended with a bang!
Moms lively participate with the Bring-Me Game!

PORTION 3: (3-5pm) FOR MOMS & KIDS 1-6 years old
YogaKids by Michelle Aventajado
Zumba fun by Slimmers World

Portion 3 started with YogaKids by Michelle Aventajado
mommy and toddler on the floor mimicking the song-and-dance
moms and babies creating a circle
All fours on the floor! Moms and kids gamely exercise!
Thank you so much MommyMundo for this fun filled event! Every moms went home with new knowledge, smiling with a kiddo on one hand/inside the tummy and a loot bag on the other!
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