Monday, October 8, 2012

Baby Clyde Inside! :D

It's okay to say that I totally forgot to share this a long time ago... But I don't think it's too late. Well, I had the perfect excuse, I was overwhelmed with what was going on then and what was about to happen so I haven't blog about it yet up until now... What I was talking about were my prenatal pictures! :D I only got two shots on seeing the babe inside using ultrasound.

Before I move there, I would like to share my letter to my bread in the oven...
As you obviously could tell, I jot this down after my second and final ultrasound and dad already decided what to name him. And, if you're wondering where I did this, I used an online scrapbooking application from Johnson's and Johnson's. :)
Using the same online application, here are my prenatal pictures:

I'd got two chances of peaking inside. One was to confirm I was positively pregnant, and the last was to confirm the gender. Just to let you see the details more clearly, here's the cropped photos of my first ultrasound:
two week old embryo clyde (sorry for the poor quality)
Like I said on my previous posts, I've been taking care of this babe in all possible way I can, like not drinking or eating things I'm not sure safe, and the like... I'm so impressed and amazed on how God works wonders. This embryo is now an 8kg active baby boy!
I don't know about you, but there are days when I miss being this big!
Yeah, you got it, I miss being pregnant, bulky, sore in the back even the stretchmarks... :P I had regular monthly check up with my OB and as my 23 weeks came, she scheduled me for this fun-filled heart-pounding ultrasound check up!
I can tell that this is his favorite "position" :P Read more and you'll know why!

Caught in the act of smiling! :D I bet he'll had a proud nose and high cheekbone!
checking the heartbeat! <3 <3 <3
Gender checking!
I really can't tell the gender, but the nurse assured me it's a boy. (But, just to make sure I only bought several white mini clothes!) Can you see him thumbsucking?
Like I said, he likes to raise his arms when he sleeps and here is the evidence!
Posted this on a social networking sites and I had a lot of positive praises. I sure know my kiddo! :P Oh, and before I end this post, I would also like to share this cute baby quote!
Did I mention he's now an 8kg active baby boy? Well, he is now 4months old on his 3rd week...
babe with my sister Beth. :)
Look how heart melting he is?! This was taken when we escorted my sister Beth on one of her modelling gig. My babe is so supportive with her tita (aunt)! Tita Beth can't wait for my babe to be able to eat other food than milk! (I bet you know why!) har har har
I wanna end this post with a bang! I meant with a video! :P He learned this trick from his grandad, my papa. :P Enjoy!


  1. So cute! :-) I never cease to see the cycle of life in eyes full of wonder and amazement...just imagine a new human being growing inside.

  2. A cutipie! I am also making a journal for my son but I haven't finished it yet due to lack of time, again. haha

  3. that was a sweet note for clyde; true he is heart melting

  4. I also love looking at my kids' ultrasound pictures. I love going through their baby pictures and wish that they're still as vulnerable as when they were babies :-)