Monday, June 17, 2013

Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder

Did you know that talc powder have negative effects on our overall health? What more when it comes to our babies? That is why one of my recent favorites for my babe is this

Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder!

Got  some free samples included in this loot
The Loot Bag, Freebies and Raffle Prizes!
The Loot Bag, Freebies and Raffle Prizes!

Met Tiny Buds on an event last year on a Mommy  Mundo Event

Tiny Buds booth and goodies! <3

So what's the big difference between the two? Regular powder made from talc is obviously
not talc-free, some even are not hypoallergenic. Body talc powder is also not water repellant, nor prevent sweat. Others are not even safe for infant use especially those with fragrant on it.

Good thing to know that Tiny Buds as the packaging claims has

*Sweat Control - repels water while allowing water to evaporate naturally hence making and keeping baby's skin healthy and dry from perspiration

*Hypoallergenic - good not just for babies but for all ages even for sensitive skin because its free from harmful talc and other chemicals

*Biodegradable - environment friendly products are always welcome in my household

*100% Talc-Free - as previously said, talc have negative effect on our health

*100% Real Rice Grains - all natural and non-toxic

Aside from mentioned above, Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder is rich in protein and amino acids; components found in rice, these provide natural UV protection for baby's delicate skin! Perfect for our tropical weather, to avoid rashes and soothe skin on heat!

The Tiny Buds leaflets included in the loot suggests an experiment to see the BIG DIFFERENCE.
Thinking about it, I decided to do it on a regular "baby" powder first just to make sure it wouldn't yield the same result, otherwise the experiment itself would be nonsense, right? #skeptical much? Moms gotta be moms, right?

Are you ready to take the experiments with me? Read on!

Experiment number 1 - The Touch Test!

Feeling the texture on my palm...
left side: regular baby powder
right side: Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder
The difference? Regular powder is more loose, blowing my hands would waft away almost all of the grains, while the rice powder is more dense and coarse.

Experiment number 2 - The Glass Test!

First glass - I place a small amount of regular baby powder on top of a glass full of tap water. Note that I didn't stir the powder, I just let it "sink" in, and it did just right after I put it!

regular powder vs tiny buds

Second glass - it speaks for itself...

tiny buds experiment

Experiment number 3 - The Finger Test!

experiment tiny buds

The Tiny Buds Baby Rice Powder passed the experiments! Yay! plus, if you're a kikay (girly girl) mom like me, you could also use this as a translucent loose powder to set your foundation and reduce oiliness especially n your T-zone area! Awesome!


  1. I love it and been using it for my daughters

    1. Tama ka jan sis. Safe and effective Tinybuds for our kids. :)

  2. Can this be use for kids that are developing body odour?
    Thank you

    1. Hi CuriousAdy, the body odour comes from the sweat when it evaporates, right? and Tinybuds is really effective on keeping the sweat away from the body. Im not really sure if it would get rid of the odour entirely, maybe lessen it? It won't hurt if you give it a try. :)