Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Growing Baby Inside

I just really had to share this video I saw on youtube to you moms-to-be, future moms and already moms!

It really melts my heart! I bet you'll be in awe too! :P

I watched it several times, and it amazes me everytime! Enjoy watching! :)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Symptoms of Depression During Pregnancy

Aside from the Wedding day, Pregnancy's supposed to be one of the happiest times of a woman's life. But in reality, sometimes there is time of confusion, a place for fear, a feeling of sadness, a part of stress, a period of mood swings and even depression. After knowing the risk factors and possible triggers of depression during pregnancy, it is important to know the symptoms of this biological disease during pregnancy. Is it just light mood swings or depression?

There are a lot of signs and symptoms that you must be aware of especially when it takes longer than two weeks or more before settling which includes:
  • Persistent sadness, feeling blue, sad or empty for most of the day that takes longer than mood swings does
  • Difficulty concentrating (although pregnant's brain shrinks a little bit)
  • Sleeping too little, trouble sleeping or sleeping too much even after the first trimester
  • Loss of interest in activities that you usually enjoy and all you wanna do is lie down in bed or a sense that nothing is enjoyable or fun anymore
  • thoughts of death, suicide, or hopelessness (pregnant tend to have weird dreams, and I mean WEIRD)
  • Anxiety, extreme irritability, agitation and excessive crying
  • Feelings of inappropriate guilt or feeling of worthlessness and hopelessness
  • Change in eating habits, a desire to eat all the time or not eat at all
  • Feeling extremely tired and always fatigue
Normally, healthy preggers experience fatigue and trouble sleeping but when they're combined with a sense of sadness, hopelessness or emptiness, it interfere with the ability to function and live like you used to. On my case, I think it's not extreme, maybe its just an ordinary everyday stress + pregnancy + mood swings = thought I had depression.

Then again, some may be confuse about depression and bipolar disorder. Remember, bipolar disorder is mood swings with cycles of depression or feeling low with periods of an abnormally high spirits like super energized, increased activity, little need to sleep or eat, racing thoughts, inappropriate social behavior, or poor judgment.

However, if you're experiencing panic attacks that includes frequent unnecessary concerns about your baby's health, a feeling that something bad might happen with heart pulsation, light-headed, sweaty palms and feet, breathlessness and or feeling that you might pass out or faint, you might be having anxiety.
And if you feel your unable to handle the situation anymore, you can't bear your responsibilities and/or having thoughts of harming yourself or the baby, it is important to seek help, call your OB, a close friend you could rely on or a family member. This will show that you're willing to accept help and take necessary actions to keep yourself and your little angel safe and healthy.

The key is "don't worry too much", women of all centuries get pregnant and turned out fine. Depression is one of the mood disorder that even non preggers experience in their lifetime at some point so it should not be a surprise if you're experiencing it now that you are pregnant. :) It can be treated and managed most especially during pregnancy but the first step which is the most relevant part of fighting this illness is to seek help and support.

Watch out for my next post as I tackle on how I avoid and lessen mood swing, anxiety and depression during this time of pregnancy. :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Risk Factors and Possible Triggers of Depression During Pregnancy

Everyone including yourself expects you to be always happy and excited about the coming baby... Pregnancy is a time of great joy, excitement and cute things surrounds you like small socks that could make anyone giggles! But let's all face it, rapid increase of hormones and great changes to the body could disrupt brain chemistry and there are times when we feel down. I personally experience the sad/lonely mood and sometimes chocolates are not enough...
Antepartum depression, is a mood disorder just like clinical depression during pregnancy. Mood disorders are biological illnesses that involve changes in brain chemistry. Since hormone changes can affect brain chemicals during pregnancy, it is directly related to depression and anxiety.
I searched about it and learned that there are risk factors for depression during pregnancy especially if you have one or more of the following:
  • History of Depression or anxiety. If it runs in the family, and if you struggle with this in the past, you are more likely to experience it again when you're expecting.
  • Relationship Difficulties. Problems in marital relationship, couples not working out can lead a pregnant to depression. But the coming-soon-cute-little-bundle-of-joy may not be the solution to the couple's problem because the stress that comes in taking care of the baby may only add strain onto the relationship.
  • Past history of abuse might also trigger depression during pregnancy, like emotional, sexual, physical, or verbal abuse. But hey, you survive girl, you still could this time. :)
  • Failing on previous attempt to get pregnant for months or even years will tire you down and now that you're carrying one, you might still feel the emotional effects
  • Previous pregnancy loss and miscarriages. Losing a baby in the past will make moms-to-be a little more worried than those who didn't experience such. Of course, the baby you lost is always treasured. Here is a dedication to your unborn.
  • Health problems with your pregnancy. If your like me, who had a major heart surgery and blood infection, the complication and high-risk pregnancy can really make you down emotionally and physically. I'm not allowed travel much so I'm usually stuck at home bed resting. It's a good thing I work at home or else my financial status would hurt too. Although now, I work less than before.
  • Everyday Stresses and Decision Making. Unplanned pregnancy, becoming a soon to be single-parent,being a young parent could depress you. Even the unexpected death of a friend or family as well as breaking up. Also the financial worries, job issues and decision-making whether to stay home after giving birth or work right away can trigger depression too.
Obviously on my case, my health sometimes stress me so much, I'm so worried for my little baby inheriting my health problems plus the fact that even non preggers stress about: financial status. :3

Monday, March 19, 2012

Things I Learned During Pregnancy

Pregnancy, this is when I learned a lot of things instinctively. Realizing that this is not just me now, it's me and the baby. So like I said in my previous posts, I need to have discipline when it comes to things like nutrition, sleeping patterns, drinking medicines and triple plus awareness and alertness against diseases such as Dengue, Rabies etc almost to the point of phobia. :3 *freaky, I know!*

Nevertheless, I'm on my third trisem, exactly seven months and is super-duper excited to see and hold this little bean that's been floating inside me. hehe It's my first time and for sure this won't be my last. Definitely looking forward for our next bean! hihi

So, I list here the general things I learned and experience during my pregnancy...
  • when you feel unusually sleepy for the past few days, you might have been carrying a babe all the while.. fortunately for me, i didn't experience exaggerated morning sickness, fainting and headaches, just a few dizziness mood swings, fatigue, food cravings, tender breasts and of course the finale; missed period.
  • when you're like me, who have a regular monthly visit, when you missed it, its positive. well, just for the formality of it, even though I positively know I'm positive, we took the PT and its two lines. Didn't need a second PT.
  • after confirming via PT, I decided to visit an OB. My first OB visit confirmed I have a single live intrauterine pregnancy with cardiac, normal ovaries with corpus luteum on the right. later on we found out that it's a boy. But the old wives tale, that when its left its a girl and right is a boy, I still don't know... Either way, sperm cell is the one that predicts gender, right?
  • yes, that was my first and last visit to my first OB, heck, IDK, I don't feel I belong to her clinic. It is important for me personally to have a GOOD, I-CAN-CONFINED-WITH OB, you know. Pregnancy for me is VERY PERSONAL, so if I have to burst out my secrets it should be to someone I feel comfortable with. And yes, I chose a female doctor too... :)
  • for the past 7 months, I collect my laboratory tests which generally consist of Urinalysis for my urinary tract infection, 2D Echo for my follow-up check-up of my PDA heart surgery (yes, and it's been like 4years ago but just to make sure), blood tests for my mild beta-thalassemia (good thing the baby is not affected), several injections like TT(tetanus toxoid), fetal cardiac monitoring, ultrasounds and a lot more. Actually the test depends on each individual according to your health state.
  • Sleep is what I used to do and what I usually do during my first trimester, I love eating sour, like tamarind based soup and some serious fruit cravings!
  • I gain my strength again during my second trisem, but my OB advice me not to travel much because I had spotting and this time I get down to serious business of fighting stretchmarks. Plus this is when (5months) I first feel my baby's movement, first I was shock  but I realize it was him swimming around, I guess. During my 6months I started experiencing leaky breasts.
  • now, I'm in my third trisem, and I can feel the weight sometimes is unbearable especially when I had to walk and stand around for too long. My baby moves stronger, longer and faster. I can feel when he's practicing to breath and his hiccups are cute! When he stretch out, my ribs sometimes hurt, that's why I talk to him saying like 'hey baby, take it easy'. hihi My legs cramps especially in the early morning. I'm bloated, every curve of my body is literally swollen! I easily feel full and easy to get hungry! Leaking boobies continues but I'm becoming more used to it now. Thank goodness.
  • I hate smoking. When I was not yet pregnant, I tend to move away to avoid smokers. But this time, especially when I'm commuting, I tell it to their faces! >:D
  • This is no time for diet. Eat what you want, just not too much. The key is balance. But during the third sem, my OB advice me to take it slow. hehe Like eat 5 to 6 times a day in small portions rather than exact 3 heavy meals. Makes sense to me. :)
  • Exercise is a must to avoid and lessen beriberi and being bloated. Light exercise that is. A walk in the park suits me. And I soak in the sun for about an hour in the early morning to get a good dose of Vitamin D.
  • There is no better way than to have the baby in Normal Spontaneous Delivery. But since I have cardiac issues, I talk to my OB and she recommended me the Painless Normal Delivery if I could get my cervix expand to 10cm, but if not, I'll embrace the Ceasarian Section Delivery! We decided to use a private hospital with my personal hematologist and cardiologist ready in action.
  • Ooooh, I almost forgot. The baby's name. Well since I'm the one incharge of carrying the baby. I throw this task to my hubby and he is quite serious on his assignment. hehe Since it's a boy, he decided to name him Jerson Clyde. Clyde which means powerful enough to be heard from a distance.
  • It's better to buy baby's things slowly, so not to hurt the pocket too much. Also its wise to wait and buy when it's on sale, no need to rush! :) Here is my baby's first shopping haul. Watch out for my second haul, when I turned 9months and it would probably include diapers and baby's personal hygiene essentials, can't wait! :P
  • While waiting for my baby, I am happy to search, read and watch on things I should know about newborns, like how to take care, hold, take a bath, put to sleep, etc etc.. I know it'll be much more serious and different when it's the real thing but it's still good to know I have back up on my head. :P
The last things that I'm not yet learning thru experience are the labor, delivery and the real thing with my baby. And I'm definitely looking forward to it! :P

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Urinary Tract Infection

Sadly, UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) is common during pregnancy, it can be an infection anywhere along the urinary tract. Whether you are pregnant or not, you should do something about this annoying infection, and oh yeah, sometimes it really gets on my nerves! *grrrr*

I felt a burning sensation when urinating, its dark yellowish to orangey color, has strong foul smell and I  have the urge to go back to the bathroom right after peeing... I know it's a pregnant thing, but it's really annoying! Can you imagine sitting while waiting for nothing? Humpft! Moving on...

There's a lot of risk factors and one of them is being pregnant.

How to know if you got it? Aside from the symptoms, you could take Urinalysis.

My PUS Cells ranges from 25 to 45/Hpf, these are from my three consecutive urinalysis. Mind you, the normal range is from 0 to 2/Hpf. I'm in a PANIC mode, but my OB assured me it's natural during pregnancy. Whew! :3

First and foremost, seek doctor's assistance, it's better to have someone who-knows-about-it tell you what to do than just self-medicate (plus, the doctor must know if you're pregnant). My trusty OB prescribed an antibiotic (that is safe for pregnant women) I should take for one whole week and I asked her what else can I do, and here are the things I should do to help lessen, avoid and hopefully cure UTI.

Personal Hygiene
  • Obviously, its necessary to always keep genital area clean including the anal area all the time (before and after intercourse)
  • Wipe or wash from front to back (you know why.)
  • Use sanitary pads or pantyliner and change each bathroom time
  • Avoid using any products with perfumes in the genital area including wet wipes with scents, it can trigger itchiness
  • Take showers and avoid using bathtubs and bath oils and bathbombs
  • Even if you're not pregnant it is a good habit to urinate and wash before and after intercourse
Undergarments and Clothing
  • Avoid silk and satin undergarments, instead use cotton underwear
  • Regularly change undergarments
  • Drink plenty of fluids (more soup, fresh fruit juices) especially water! (Water Therapy)
  • Drink Buko/Coconut Juice - to clear bladder infections, remove kidney stones, plus improve sexual vitality
  • Drink Cranberry Juice - I prefer this brand because it contains 50% less sugar and carbohydrates. It only contains 24 Cal that is lower than compared to other juices which have 40 Cal. Since cranberries are so sour in taste that others preferred it mixed with apple juice, Healthy Balance is good tasting even if it has lesser sugar. It also contain 2% Vitamin C, 32mg Potassium and is good for diabetics too! :)
    Healthy Balance Cranberry Juice
  • Do NOT drink fluids that irritate the bladder, such as soda, alcohol and caffeine. Too much salt and sugar is a no-no too.
That sums up my battle plan against UTI. Hopefully, after a week of "water therapy" and buko juice,  I'll be good. I always try to have a positive attitude and I hope that helps too. :)

What's your battle plan against this infection? :0) I wanna know more on how to improve health during pregnancy, share yours!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Baby's First Shopping Haul

For shopaholic and first time moms to be like me, shopping for your newborn could be SO MUCH FUN, you'll gonna shop 'till you drop! The excitement might hurt your pocket, so unless you know what your baby's REAL NEEDS against things that are too cute not to buy, you need a shopping list! That's where the challenge begins! :)

I subdivided the list into several categories:

-hospital needs (if you're planning to give birth at home, you will still need these)
-personal hygiene for mommy and baby
-eating time
-bath time
-strolling around
-at home and bedtime

Since, newborns should stay at home for a couple of weeks to avoid catching diseases, I first consider the things my baby's needs the day he will arrive... I personally pick these things myself with the help of my mom. :) Husband is at work, and I wanna have quality time with my mom while asking and interviewing her how she does it when it was me twenty-five years ago! Hehehe :P

Newborns grow faster than toddlers and children! I kept reminding myself that when we we're out shopping, so we just bought a couple of baby items, avoiding splurge! :D
my first newborn haul
These are the little things I both for the little bean. :) I'm only six months preggy so I didn't bother shopping for diapers, baby milk formula and baby bath items yet like no-tear head-to-toe wash, etc.. But I both clothes and bedtime things, because it has to be washed and iron first.
feeding time and baby's personal hygiene
Above shows Avent Starter Set (Php3100) that includes four feeding bottles, six teats, a bottle brush and a teater with cover. Check out why I splurge on Avent feeding bottles here!

A breast pump (Php300), I bought these because I experience leaky breasts so more or else I would breastfeed. :)

Baby nail clippers (Php100) because even when babies are inside the womb, their nails started to grow, so when he's out, its long,

Digital Thermometer (Php300) we need to check baby's temperature every now and then just to make sure,

Fingerbrush (Php50) even if your baby doesn't have teeth yet, this can be used to massage gums. :)

Compact Baby Powder (Php100) for easier powder application,

Diaper Clippers (Php50) newborns tend to get rashes, so in case he needs to pass on plastic diapers and must use cloth diapers...

Compartment for milk powder (Php100), for on the go :)
Precious Moments Baby Bag
This baby bag (Php500) really got me. I love the texture! Its made of PP plastic, so when it stained, all I have to do was wipe it with wet wipes or wet towels, has a lot of pockets and compartments!

baby shoes
Since it's always cold here in Baguio, I bought two pairs of baby shoes (Php200) for 0 - 3 months, just to add more comfort when he's wearing these

baby booties
baby booties for 0 - 3 months old, (Php 100). There's a lot of designs, and I wanna buy them all! hahaha Thank goodness I brought my mom with me to remind me that Newborns grow faster than toddlers and children! I bet my husband can't say no, when I'm saying their cute and will tend to buy a pair for each designs! Hehe Moving on...

baby clothes
There's a lot of different designs and different colors out there! BUT I prefer white, most especially for my newborn. :) Simply because it'll help me find crawling insects like ants and flying mosquitoes and it'll be easier to spot stains and dirt. The perfect material for new born is cotton, cool and clean in skin, absorbs sweat and easy to wash. :)

Cover Up:
  • Kindercare Beginnings Booties - 3 pairs for Php100
  • Kindercare Beginnings Mittens - 3 pairs for Php100
  • Kindercare Beginnings Bonnets - 3 pairs for Php110
  • Kindercare Beginnings Binders - 3 pieces for Php110
Tip: always choose booties and mittens with strings, so you could adjust if it's too big or small hence avoiding too tight fit for baby or loosing a pair because it's too big. :)

Clean Up:
  • Kindercare Beginnings Towelette Bibs - size 8" x 9", 3 pieces for Php120
  • Kindercare Beginnings Washcloth - 3 pieces for Php150
Tip: towelette bibs serves two purpose, a bib to avoid spilling baby food on his clothes and a towel to absorb wetness and other fluids.

Tie It Up:
  • Kindercare Beginnings Sleeveless - 3 pieces for Php260
  • Kindercare Beginnings Short Sleeve - 3 pieces for Php270
  • Kindercare Beginnings Long Sleeve - 3 pieces for Php80
  • Kindercare Beginnings Pajamas - 3 pieces for Php150
  • Kindercare Beginnings Shorts - 3 pieces for Php150
  • BrightBabies TieSides Short Sleeve - 3 pieces for Php100
  • BrightBabies TieSides Sleeveless - 3 pieces for Php90
Tip: it's best to buy clothes that use strings to tie or side snap rather than ordinary three-hole shirts, it's easier and more comfortable to the baby to avoid bobbing his head especially when it's too small for his head. All you have to do is open it put, put the baby and tie away! ;)

Clip Up:
  • Kindercare Beginnings Gauze Diaper -  size 18" x 36", 6 pieces for Php420
  • Kindercare Beginnings Bird's Eye Diaper - size 27" x 27", 6 pieces for Php340
Tip: gauze diapers are lighter and thinner with cross-stitch like pattern, to let air sooth skin to relieve and avoid skin rashes while bird's-eye diapers are criss-cross pattern that allows air to pass though but is thicker for baby's comfortable sleep. :)

Warm Up:
  • Kindercare  Beginnings Towel -  size 30" x 30", 1 piece for Php300
  • Kindercare Beginnings Blanket - size 30" x 30", 1 piece for Php300
  • Kindercare Beginnings Towel Blanket - size 30" x 30", 1 piece for Php300
  • Banana Baby Blanket with Hood - size 30" x 30", 3 pieces for Php350
Tip: towels during bath time, blankets during bedtime, but towel blanket can be used for travelling! Towel blankets like baby blankets with with hoods are best to keep baby warm during trips! :)

Crib Set:
  • Hotdog Pillows -  size 24" x 24", 2 pieces for Php300
  • Headrest Pillow - size 12" x 6", 1 piece for Php100
  • Soft mattress - size 36" x 72", 1 piece for Php250
  • Mosquito Net - size 36" x 72", 1 piece for Php200
  • Waterproof Diaper Pad - 18" x 18", 1 piece for Php100
Tip: there's a whole lot expensive mosquito nets with thicker laces and intricate designs but I choose the simpler, more plain and cheaper net plus hotdog pillows, headrest and mattress should have white cover ups too for the sole purpose of easier detection of insects, stains and dirt. If that makes sense! :) Waterproof diaper pad is essential! You know why.

That wraps up my first baby shopping haul! My next wishlist includes a crib, stroller plus many more! :)
Have you gone shopping? Do tell me your first time! :)

Avent Feeding Bottles

Hey moms-to-be! 

When you're on the third trimester of your pregnancy, its good to be ready on what-to-buy for the arrival of the newborn! *excited!*

As a new-mom-to-be, I wanna make sure that I get the best for my little bean, & I've been aware that feeding bottles sometimes can cause harm to the baby if it is made of some dangerous chemicals... and sterilization that should be a "safety check procedure" could actually secrete these harmful chemicals from the bottle that mixes to the milk.

Then, my cousin introduced me to Avent Feeding Bottles. :)

Starter Set: Newborn

- it's number 1 recommended by mums and best value for money in the United Kingdom :) and Practical Parenting and Pregnancy Awardee of 9 out of 10 stars!

Avent Bottles are BPA free and are made of PP polypropylene materials. 

BPA stands for Bisphenol A., an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins. It can be found in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins. Polycarbonate plastics are often used in containers that store food and beverages, such as water bottles, and baby bottles and cups, toys and other consumer goods.

Some research has shown that BPA can seep into food or beverages from containers that are made with BPA or into your body when you handle products made with BPA. National Toxicology Program at the Department of Health and Human Services says it has "some concern" about the possible health effects of BPA on the brain, behavior and prostate gland of fetuses, infants and children. This level of concern is midway on its five-level scale, which ranges from serious to negligible. But who wants to take the risks, ey?

- clinically proven to help settle baby especially at night with their motto: good feed, good sleep.

- reduces colic; baby's cries or displays symptoms of distress like cramping and moaning frequently that may start soon after feeding, especially in babies that do not belch easily. It helps reduce air consumption of the baby while feeding due to its anti-colic system consisting of teat and adapter ring allowing air to flow into the bottle instead of baby's tummy for better digestion

Avent teats design supports easy latch on and teat acceptance by baby with super soft silicone for a more natural feed

- Unique skirt on teat flexes to baby's natural feeding rhythm hence milk will flow at the pace chosen by baby for more comfort

- super easy to clean and fill with milk with wide neck

-ergonomic shape fir comfortable hold and grip by mum and babe

note: adapter ring must always be used with Avent classic bottles.

Avent Feeding Bottle: Starter Set Newborn

The starter set contains 4 feeding bottles, 6 teats, bottle brush and a teater. Costs Php3200/$77USD

Avent teater with cap
I am looking forward on using these bottles after 3 months. Whether you're planning to breastfeed or not, I think these bottles will be helpful!

If ever, I could just transfer breastmilk in these baby-friendly bottles and let my husband have some nice quality time with our baby while I snatch some sleep or whatever! :P I'm sure he'll love it and I hope my baby won't have any complains! Hehe Well, I'm gonna find out soon! And will definitely share my say on these.. :D

Have you tried Avent products before? :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Life of Unborn

Not all women are happy to see that the PT shows two lines. There are alot of reasons why. A one night stand. Immaturity. Not yet ready. Financially unstable. Mentally-ill. The reasons goes on and on. But one reason a woman might go abortion without wanting it is because of health issues, like you have to give up the baby's life to save yours or else, both might die.

Nevertheless, the pain in a woman's heart will scar her as long as she lived. I took on this topic, since it is one of the major issues the world today faces. I was heartbroken to read women grieving for their unborn. And when I was overwhelmed, I jot down poems.

And here is my dedication to those women who aborted their child and regret it and to those moms-to-be who are grieving and struggling to survive and trying to still live without her child.

"That Little Girl of Mine"
unborn child
I have a tiny baby, inside me growing healthy,
she's meek and so discreetly circling in my belly

my baby she depends on me to live and swim the outer sea,
to finally meet and smile to dad, "Daddy, hug me I'll make you proud!"

she's a gift received from God, uniquely made to melt our hearts,
she's warm to cuddle, soft to touch, I saw her and then gone the 'ouch!'

I hold her so carefully, kissed her lips gently
I looked at her and saw a face, the face of the man I cherishly embrace

she's looking for love inside the room, I told her "Im here baby, trust me please..."
she did, she stayed close to me
excited to be a mom for her, I know he'll feel the same for her

Baby, let's surprise Dad! give him your sweetest charms
you'll be around, he will be proud, we'll live a simple happy life

my bliss just then turns to fear, a danger I far know is near
this little gift I recently received is bound to be a devil's dish

a tear roll down upon my face, I have a painful self-disgrace
time goes by and so her soul, "hold on baby, please don't let go!"

I regret the day I wished evil, i regret I forced her to move out forever
we're sorry my little baby, we're sorry. now we are wounded deeply...

I ache for you my little beau, please feel the love we have for you.
an empty womb, an empty arms, great loss indeed you are for us...

this wound is very painful true, it'll carved a mark in my heart for you
I grieve today and hope to heal, soon see a scar of a tiny belle

never will I be complete again,
'till I see that smile in your face again.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Leaky Breasts During Pregnancy

I'm 25 weeks pregnant 6 months going 7, nearing my third trimester, when I notice something wet!
My breasts are leaking! Especially the right side! I was not really that paranoid about it but when it does happen, mostly in the afternoon until early at night, but I find it uncomfortable. Seeing wet spots on my shirt isn’t cute! I felt the dampness and when I touch my shirt with my fingers, I can squeeze the wetness out of it! It doesn’t smell and looks colorless but when it dried out, it looks yellowish, and my boobies are tingling and itchy!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Boyfriend is now the Husband!

the SHOCK can SHAKE you!
It's typical that during courtship, boy does everything to impress the girl. Flowers. Chocolates. Live Acoustic. Name it!

courting on bended knee
Inside a girl-boy relationship, both sides do contemplate, patiently understanding each other's IMPERFECTIONS.

BUT in a MARRIAGE, during the ADJUSTMENT PERIOD, sometimes even the bad habit of
NOT squeezing the toothpaste tube at the butt
and not flushing the toilet and leaving the lights on after use can mean WAR! And when it's bad, even seeing your partner breath can irritate and make your nose holes larger! In some countries, it can even be a ground for the horrifying divorce!

How does it feels like to be a new wife?


It's quite HARD! :' )

Especially if you're like me, who's used to being spoiled on a certain degree... like If I want it, I got it, small decisions like where to eat, what to do, yes or no... things like that can and WILL CHANGE when you're not the girlfriend anymore because you are now OFFICIALLY his wife!

Was that a bad thing?

In reality it's 50-50 depending on how you view things.

First, I like the change. I wanna be more dependent of him in a certain level, like he'll be the one in charge, he'll be the one protecting US. That's a sweet thought, right!

Yet in some cases, you might feel powerless, a puppet, a mannequin, that follows his orders.

Second, I expect the change. The transition of events and things during the adjustment period must be realized by both parties BEFORE deciding to get marry. That the husband-to-be should shoulder his responsibilities as head of the newly founded family and that the wife-to-be should be respectful and submissive to her new head, her husband. :) Which means, in times that she agrees and disagrees, she should support her husband's final say.

How about my say at the matter at hand?

I learned that even if he has the conclusions, I can give him my point of view, I can suggest ideas and I can be a BIG INFLUENCE to the final results. Loving and unselfish husbands do consider his wife's side. Helping is a good term for this. Helping each other with one goal; of whatever will be the 'final say' it should be for the better of both of us. <3