Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Baby's First Shopping Haul

For shopaholic and first time moms to be like me, shopping for your newborn could be SO MUCH FUN, you'll gonna shop 'till you drop! The excitement might hurt your pocket, so unless you know what your baby's REAL NEEDS against things that are too cute not to buy, you need a shopping list! That's where the challenge begins! :)

I subdivided the list into several categories:

-hospital needs (if you're planning to give birth at home, you will still need these)
-personal hygiene for mommy and baby
-eating time
-bath time
-strolling around
-at home and bedtime

Since, newborns should stay at home for a couple of weeks to avoid catching diseases, I first consider the things my baby's needs the day he will arrive... I personally pick these things myself with the help of my mom. :) Husband is at work, and I wanna have quality time with my mom while asking and interviewing her how she does it when it was me twenty-five years ago! Hehehe :P

Newborns grow faster than toddlers and children! I kept reminding myself that when we we're out shopping, so we just bought a couple of baby items, avoiding splurge! :D
my first newborn haul
These are the little things I both for the little bean. :) I'm only six months preggy so I didn't bother shopping for diapers, baby milk formula and baby bath items yet like no-tear head-to-toe wash, etc.. But I both clothes and bedtime things, because it has to be washed and iron first.
feeding time and baby's personal hygiene
Above shows Avent Starter Set (Php3100) that includes four feeding bottles, six teats, a bottle brush and a teater with cover. Check out why I splurge on Avent feeding bottles here!

A breast pump (Php300), I bought these because I experience leaky breasts so more or else I would breastfeed. :)

Baby nail clippers (Php100) because even when babies are inside the womb, their nails started to grow, so when he's out, its long,

Digital Thermometer (Php300) we need to check baby's temperature every now and then just to make sure,

Fingerbrush (Php50) even if your baby doesn't have teeth yet, this can be used to massage gums. :)

Compact Baby Powder (Php100) for easier powder application,

Diaper Clippers (Php50) newborns tend to get rashes, so in case he needs to pass on plastic diapers and must use cloth diapers...

Compartment for milk powder (Php100), for on the go :)
Precious Moments Baby Bag
This baby bag (Php500) really got me. I love the texture! Its made of PP plastic, so when it stained, all I have to do was wipe it with wet wipes or wet towels, has a lot of pockets and compartments!

baby shoes
Since it's always cold here in Baguio, I bought two pairs of baby shoes (Php200) for 0 - 3 months, just to add more comfort when he's wearing these

baby booties
baby booties for 0 - 3 months old, (Php 100). There's a lot of designs, and I wanna buy them all! hahaha Thank goodness I brought my mom with me to remind me that Newborns grow faster than toddlers and children! I bet my husband can't say no, when I'm saying their cute and will tend to buy a pair for each designs! Hehe Moving on...

baby clothes
There's a lot of different designs and different colors out there! BUT I prefer white, most especially for my newborn. :) Simply because it'll help me find crawling insects like ants and flying mosquitoes and it'll be easier to spot stains and dirt. The perfect material for new born is cotton, cool and clean in skin, absorbs sweat and easy to wash. :)

Cover Up:
  • Kindercare Beginnings Booties - 3 pairs for Php100
  • Kindercare Beginnings Mittens - 3 pairs for Php100
  • Kindercare Beginnings Bonnets - 3 pairs for Php110
  • Kindercare Beginnings Binders - 3 pieces for Php110
Tip: always choose booties and mittens with strings, so you could adjust if it's too big or small hence avoiding too tight fit for baby or loosing a pair because it's too big. :)

Clean Up:
  • Kindercare Beginnings Towelette Bibs - size 8" x 9", 3 pieces for Php120
  • Kindercare Beginnings Washcloth - 3 pieces for Php150
Tip: towelette bibs serves two purpose, a bib to avoid spilling baby food on his clothes and a towel to absorb wetness and other fluids.

Tie It Up:
  • Kindercare Beginnings Sleeveless - 3 pieces for Php260
  • Kindercare Beginnings Short Sleeve - 3 pieces for Php270
  • Kindercare Beginnings Long Sleeve - 3 pieces for Php80
  • Kindercare Beginnings Pajamas - 3 pieces for Php150
  • Kindercare Beginnings Shorts - 3 pieces for Php150
  • BrightBabies TieSides Short Sleeve - 3 pieces for Php100
  • BrightBabies TieSides Sleeveless - 3 pieces for Php90
Tip: it's best to buy clothes that use strings to tie or side snap rather than ordinary three-hole shirts, it's easier and more comfortable to the baby to avoid bobbing his head especially when it's too small for his head. All you have to do is open it put, put the baby and tie away! ;)

Clip Up:
  • Kindercare Beginnings Gauze Diaper -  size 18" x 36", 6 pieces for Php420
  • Kindercare Beginnings Bird's Eye Diaper - size 27" x 27", 6 pieces for Php340
Tip: gauze diapers are lighter and thinner with cross-stitch like pattern, to let air sooth skin to relieve and avoid skin rashes while bird's-eye diapers are criss-cross pattern that allows air to pass though but is thicker for baby's comfortable sleep. :)

Warm Up:
  • Kindercare  Beginnings Towel -  size 30" x 30", 1 piece for Php300
  • Kindercare Beginnings Blanket - size 30" x 30", 1 piece for Php300
  • Kindercare Beginnings Towel Blanket - size 30" x 30", 1 piece for Php300
  • Banana Baby Blanket with Hood - size 30" x 30", 3 pieces for Php350
Tip: towels during bath time, blankets during bedtime, but towel blanket can be used for travelling! Towel blankets like baby blankets with with hoods are best to keep baby warm during trips! :)

Crib Set:
  • Hotdog Pillows -  size 24" x 24", 2 pieces for Php300
  • Headrest Pillow - size 12" x 6", 1 piece for Php100
  • Soft mattress - size 36" x 72", 1 piece for Php250
  • Mosquito Net - size 36" x 72", 1 piece for Php200
  • Waterproof Diaper Pad - 18" x 18", 1 piece for Php100
Tip: there's a whole lot expensive mosquito nets with thicker laces and intricate designs but I choose the simpler, more plain and cheaper net plus hotdog pillows, headrest and mattress should have white cover ups too for the sole purpose of easier detection of insects, stains and dirt. If that makes sense! :) Waterproof diaper pad is essential! You know why.

That wraps up my first baby shopping haul! My next wishlist includes a crib, stroller plus many more! :)
Have you gone shopping? Do tell me your first time! :)