Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Life of Unborn

Not all women are happy to see that the PT shows two lines. There are alot of reasons why. A one night stand. Immaturity. Not yet ready. Financially unstable. Mentally-ill. The reasons goes on and on. But one reason a woman might go abortion without wanting it is because of health issues, like you have to give up the baby's life to save yours or else, both might die.

Nevertheless, the pain in a woman's heart will scar her as long as she lived. I took on this topic, since it is one of the major issues the world today faces. I was heartbroken to read women grieving for their unborn. And when I was overwhelmed, I jot down poems.

And here is my dedication to those women who aborted their child and regret it and to those moms-to-be who are grieving and struggling to survive and trying to still live without her child.

"That Little Girl of Mine"
unborn child
I have a tiny baby, inside me growing healthy,
she's meek and so discreetly circling in my belly

my baby she depends on me to live and swim the outer sea,
to finally meet and smile to dad, "Daddy, hug me I'll make you proud!"

she's a gift received from God, uniquely made to melt our hearts,
she's warm to cuddle, soft to touch, I saw her and then gone the 'ouch!'

I hold her so carefully, kissed her lips gently
I looked at her and saw a face, the face of the man I cherishly embrace

she's looking for love inside the room, I told her "Im here baby, trust me please..."
she did, she stayed close to me
excited to be a mom for her, I know he'll feel the same for her

Baby, let's surprise Dad! give him your sweetest charms
you'll be around, he will be proud, we'll live a simple happy life

my bliss just then turns to fear, a danger I far know is near
this little gift I recently received is bound to be a devil's dish

a tear roll down upon my face, I have a painful self-disgrace
time goes by and so her soul, "hold on baby, please don't let go!"

I regret the day I wished evil, i regret I forced her to move out forever
we're sorry my little baby, we're sorry. now we are wounded deeply...

I ache for you my little beau, please feel the love we have for you.
an empty womb, an empty arms, great loss indeed you are for us...

this wound is very painful true, it'll carved a mark in my heart for you
I grieve today and hope to heal, soon see a scar of a tiny belle

never will I be complete again,
'till I see that smile in your face again.

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  1. what a lost by the person who once carry the baby. A pain that no guy will ever understand