Sunday, July 29, 2012

Michelle Phan's Close Up and Personal: My Must Haves

I'm not sure why, but I love answering random questions, and its a good thing that Mish of have a regular post called Close Up and Personal where she answer some random questions. She encourage her readers to answer the questions too so I decided to blog about it too! :D

If you want to see my answers my first close up and personal post click here.

Michelle's questions and answers are:
1. If you could only wear 3 products, what would the be? - Concealer, brow pencil, mascara
2. One thing in your closet you can't live without? - Leather jacket... goes with everything!
3. One thing in your kitchen you can't live without? - Chopsticks. I can do anything with my chopsticks.

and of course, here are my answers as well:
1. If you could only wear 3 products, what would the be?  - bb cream, mascara, lipstick. Check out my new-m0m quick make up routine!
2. One thing in your closet you can't live without? - socks, it keeps me comfty. :)
3. One thing in your kitchen you can't live without? - fork :P and since it's kitchen time, check out my comfort food!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

30 Things About You

Another personal blog post! :D Here are the 30 random things you might  want to know about me!

1 - I have two siblings (a girl and a boy) and I'm the first-born. :)

2 - would you believe that I'm a jaundice (yellow) baby and at the same time blue baby, thank goodness I survive my heart surgery!

3 - Gerilen is my name and I did a poem about it.

4 - used to teach my classmates how to read, write and do the math when I was in grade one that's why

5 - my classmates used to call me their "little teacher".

6 - love to read books! hardbound, ebook even audiobooks I warmly welcome! Do you have any ebooks that you could send me?

7 - formulas are inevitable to me yet

8 - i love blogging!

9 -  I'm not a cat nor a dog person, I think I might be a rabbit person? if I had one.

10 - I'm a loner, but oh no, I'm not lonely! :)

11 - I'd rather wash the dishes than cook. Normal spontaneous delivery didn't make me prone to small "pain" like hot cooking oil!

12 - used to have crooked teeth, knees and 
. That's why I wore braces,
and will never pass for a beauty title because I could never do Ms. Supsup's tsunami walk, and never mind the brain, it's still crooked...

13 - when I was in high school, I tried cutting classes & I've been to the Guidance Office more than once,

14 - I ended up as the School Salutatorian.

15 - I chose electronics than baking during one of my summer classes...

16 - I created my very first radio, on an illustration board, and ranked Top 4!

17 - is it not obvious that I love painting faces and nails, but I'd rather have perfect skin without make up rather than owing all high end products just to cover it! *how I wish!*
playing with falsies!
18 - I'm scared of roaches, no, scratch that, I'm afraid of anything that crawls and can fly!

19 - I punched a girl once and

20 - slapped a boy twice.

21 - I'd rather live in the past close to nature than live in the future of high technology.

22 - I could easily forgive and forget... and people abused that!

23 - I'm excited when the plane is taking off, but is always too anxious during landing. :/

24 - Aside from this blog, I have three more...

25 -  I'd rather be tan, have long lashes and be 6' tall than have boobies, fair skin and deep-set eyes

26 - I dreamed to be teacher, called a doctor and build structures.

28 - my financial dream is to have a cafe-boutique.

29 - if I have three wishes, I'll wish for health, happiness and another set of three wishes! Smart, right?

30 - I believe in paradise here on earth

Make your own "30 Things" about you and share your link below! :D

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Photo Blog#2

I post a photo blog in one of my blogs (and simultaneously posted here too as well) before because its one of our bc blogger meme for the month of July. Since then I decided to start a post that features my photo/s of the week... And now that I started using Instagram, :))I would probably post more instagrammed photos! Kewl!

So, here are my first instagrammed photos of the week! It's random, it's personal and it's vintage-y! <3
blog lovin'
that is what I do in the wee hours of the night, because every two hours or so I need to
feed the baby
good thing I have my super mom to help me out
mom and I
I love how I see and feel that my babe is satisfied, he looked
and half asleep almost all the time during feeding.
Is breastfeeding hypnotic?
I just noticed that even how fuzzy he gets, when he started feeding, he calms immediately and fall asleep. :)
He's so cute!
So, what's your week in instagrammed  photos? Share them!
P.S. follow me on instagram! :D that's ;)

Photo Blog #1

While having our short vacation in Banangan, Sablan, I find my time taking pictures of nature fun and relaxing. One of the good shots I got was this.
this is so curious!!!
Can you tell me their story? hehehe

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Family Bonding :D

One of the things that make me happy is our family day. Why? Because family is one of the priceless treasures we should cherish.

Studying the Bible together is one of our ways to strengthen our family ties. Aside from hanging out inside the house together during stormy days and play some classic games or have a movie marathon while sipping chocolates and hotcakes, as much as possible, we try to eat together, so that we could chat and update one another on how our days gone in school, work and with friends. When one member is out-of-town, we always keep in touch, my dad really showed us how important to him to check on us, and that we update him every now and then on where are we, what we do, when we’ll be home. He even gave each of us a post-paid phone. We also love to do picnics during holidays, we love to travel together.

In the end, doing things together as a family really keeps the bond stronger. And personally, I think these traits helped me against peer pressure, and now I’m happy I don’t have vices.

How do you bond with your family? Share yours!

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Backdoor of Our Home Full of Love

I'm more than two years married from my five-year long steady boyfriend since college, and I must say, in more than eight years, we've been through a lot of ups and downs. One can call it hardship; staying steady for the past half decade, the adjustment periods for newly weds and now as new parents, like a boat sailing, we've passed storms while holding hands together, and we enjoy sunsets over the ocean's blue blanket of water with my head on his shoulder.

We know we have  a lifetime to prove our sacred vow of marriage, yet these small milestones for both us is a great achievement!  We are aware that in our times where divorce, annulment and separation is just a step away, we manage to hold on to our relationship. Our secrets? Well, it's not actually a secret, I would prefer calling it our standards and principles in life.

First off, we both believe that God is the originator of marriage, hence, it is then right for us to find guidelines for our marriage in His word, The Holy Scriptures. It helps us to remind ourselves on what are our roles as a couple, as husband and wife. By sincerely trying to  apply the Bible principles in our family lives, we found great happiness and inner peace in our circle.

our wedding rings

We learned that we should compliment each other just like this:

Never too young nor too old to compliment each other. Be sweet, stay crazy inlove! Continue courting your wife, and continue respecting your husband. On our case, we try to set a dinner date like we used to when we were just dating. We also try to avoid using each other, instead of thinking about "me, myself and I", we try to think as a team, "we, us, and our". And instead of thinking about myself, I try to think about his personal interest first.

We learned that having intimate communication is a must too. This will iron out small misunderstandings hence avoiding issues to explode like bombs on our faces. This is also a good way to make the right decisions in our relationship, by considering each other's opinions and point of view of the matter. Could you believe that by hearing one's side, sometimes you'll realize, "hey, I didn't saw it that way...", like there's a new light or angle that you hadn't notice and vice versa. We usually talk about what went on our day before going to bed after praying together, or by video/call/text whenever husband is away.

A perfect marriage is an illusion,  but happiness in a relationship nowadays is still unbelievably possible!
Image Detail

Oh yes! There are times for romance and fight. Love covers sin, and when you love someone, you'll try to see a way to forgive and forget. This is on a general point of view however, because it really depends on how serious the committed "crime" is. Well, we learned to forgive each other, forget the issue and try to never raise it up again, or else we'll end up in a cycle of "violence, remorse, romance" again and again. And that would make the relationship unhealthy.

Keeping your cool when he's hot! Husband is so committed to his work, and I just hate it when we face our laptops and make our seats hot! So, the stubborn me always keep on pestering him! Hehehe Sense of Humor is one of the sweetest ingredients of happy relationship! There's this time when he's ignoring me,
I wrote "I <3 U" on his forehead using my red lipstick! ;P
and told him, one big smile on the camera and I'll be gone! See, I got what I asked for! I just love this photo!

 The shivery shudders lovers felt during their first years in a relationship will gradually slow down and on some point stop, but staying committed will keep the fire burning!
when I was 8 months pregnant
"...If you really love the person you intend to marry, commitment will not seem like a burden. Instead, it will be viewed as a source of security. The sense of commitment... will make a couple want to stay together... and be supportive of each other come what may." - The Secret of Family Happiness
It is possible for relationships to stay strong! :) Just like Tide with Downy Bangong Padala video entitled “Pag-ibig na Pangmatagalan”

Now, I could definitely say, Love keeps the world go round! :) Just stay optimistic and true to yourself and honest to your partner all the time. <3 <3 <3

Monday, July 9, 2012

Michelle Phan's Close Up and Personal: Daily Randoms

I just want to answer random questions that Michelle Phan shared and answer on her website

Here are the questions and her answers:

1.  First thing you do in the morning?
- Look at my phone.
2.  One quote that you live your life by?
- I love quotes! The one that I love the most is probably “have childlike faith.”
3.  What does your last text message say?
- Daily devotions from my assistant, Wendy.

And here are my answers as well:

1 waking up in the morning is a blessing so before starting my day I thank God with a simple prayer and check on my newborn baby

2 to be imortal is to plant a tree, write a book (on my case, blog), have a child... got the first two going and I want to plant trees more and blog blog blog while taking care of my unico iho. :P

3 goodnights and iloveyous from my husband :)

Wanna answer these random questions too? Share yours!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Count Your Blessings!

Instead of focusing on the thunders of the storm, try to guess how many mushrooms pops. When you're riding downhill, get yourself ready for the upclimb. When you fall and reach the bottom, there's no other choice but to rise. :)

So instead of memorizing unfortunate events, everyone should count their blessings! It's more fun to do, keeps your spirit high and makes you more open-minded and optimistic.

Below are the MAJOR things that I thank for-

my second life - summer of 2008, my hematologist confirmed I have a rare virus on my blood and a Beta-Thalassemia, mild but with no cure while my cardiologist told us I only have a month left if I won't go Patent Doctus Arteriosus Heart Surgery. I ALMOST cry a tear but I was too energetic that time it was comical. The problem was, we need one and a half million pesos. I'm a graduating student that time so I can't help raise fund within a period of one month. Fortunately, July of the same year, the surgery was a success! Although I'll live with mild Beta-Thalassemia and
a 6-inch scar across my back,
 I'm good! :)

a license to build and design - I had six months to review after the graduation and guess what? During that time, I got addicted to online games! After the exams, I cried my heart out for I thought I won't make it but after three days, at exactly 12 midnight, viola! I saw my name online, in the list of board passers. Whew!
to board takers: try your formulas as a wallpaper ..for a change..dont forget the ceiling..or make a song out of every formulas.. why not? we innovate things after all.. =)
My buddies! Did i mention I love reading books? These number books count too! ^^
P.S. we had a love-hate relationship! If you know what I mean!
my boyfriend and I during our college days.
P.S. see my attempt to post formulas on the wall? It paid off!  both of us are engineers now!

I marry a heartthrob - at least on my own perspective I did. :P
on our wedding day
 After five years of steady relationship, my college sweetheart and I decided to tie the knot.
the boyfriend is now the husband!

my mother-in-law is NOT a monster - "if your husband treats you like a princess, then he is raised by a queen" 
Mama Luz and Hubby on our wedding day
Never had any awkward moments or trouble when it comes to my mom-in-law. We adopted easily. Thank goodness I skipped the drama J.Lo had on her movie monster-in-law. :P

my normal spontaneous delivery - oh yes. I already accepted the "future fact" that I won't make it, even my OB thinks so, my reproductive system may but there's a possibility that my heart won't take the pressure yet after nine long months of preparing myself for another SCAR, another viola! I did it! Woohoo! The experience was fabulous! I mean excruciating but well worth it!
my mom-in-law, my newborn and my mom
These are the blessings I cherish and thank God everyday. See, just by posting these makes my day complete! :D

What are yours? Post below!

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Things I Would Love To Do Before I Grew Old

Getting older is inevitable and let's all face it, one of the irony of life is we want to live longer but we don't want to grow old. Simply because, the things we used to do when we're younger became more and more difficult and sometimes even impossible when we're old. So before I get too old, I hope I could do these five things first!

One, to read a library or two - if you read things that makes me happy then you'll know I love books! What more a library? :) or two libraries? :D

Two, to travel the world and hopefully the moon - in reading, one could travel. And I think everyone loves to travel! To explore new things and rediscover mysteries! Cool! One of the things I draw on my belle de jour power planner dreamboard,

the one in the upper right was a moon, to write my name in moon, and on the lower right was to travel the world, particularly Paris, Rome and Greece!

Three, to plant a forest, some woods and a beautiful garden - to be immortal is to have a child and
to plant a tree.
I have a newborn already so I scratch that one off my list. Now, to plant a tree. I wanna save Mother Earth in my own little ways because I still hope my son would see the beauty of the Earth and enjoy nature.

Four, to give back to my parents - I'll never be here without them, I won't grow like this if they didn't take care of me. They showered me  love and affection, they sacrifice for us. Now, I wanna return the favor. I wanna show them my labor of love. :) <3 <3 <3 Love you Mom and Dad!

Five, to help the elderly, the widows and the orphans - Jesus Christ' golden rule is "do to others, what you want others do to you". I wanna share the love of my heart to those who needs love the most. Elderly, widows and orphans have soft spot in my heart. I do wanna help them out even in small little ways of appreciation. I know that small gestures of kindness will make their hearts smile. Besides, it's better to give than to receive, right?

What's your Five Things You Want To Do Before You Get Old? Share yours!

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Things That Makes You Happy

Simple things in life are priceless, and these priceless precious moments are the things that makes us happy. :) Here are SOME of the things that makes me smile.
Now that I'm a new mom now, my world centers on my newborn. :) His tiny mittens and socks, small warm body and his smoldering smile makes me happy.
 Family is my priority so having a simple family day, dinner date or a simple quality time are the precious moments I cherish and keep! I tried to keep the memoirs fresh by putting up a scrapbook.

Could you believe that rain makes me happy? I love the rain so much. It's hypnotic and relaxing. All I wanna do is slap on a couch, read a book while sipping hot fudge or coffee! So cozy, right?
 Being the girly girl me, make up brushes, painting my face and nails, doing tricks on my fingernails and loving shoes makes me happy!
 Creamy soup on a stormy day never gets old! :P

Being a book lover obviously mean I love reading books... and reading an entire series, cover to cover makes me happy! I sometimes re-read the book and savor each scene! By the way, I usually read adventure/sci-fi books although number books are inevitable if you know what I mean...
 Well, that's the top of the things that makes me happy! Of course, i could write series of books listing down simple things that could make me happy, I guess everyone would, but nevertheless, I do wanna enjoy life, why not if we could only live once, right?
 Now, what are the top things that could make you happy? Share yours! :)