Tuesday, July 24, 2012

30 Things About You

Another personal blog post! :D Here are the 30 random things you might  want to know about me!

1 - I have two siblings (a girl and a boy) and I'm the first-born. :)

2 - would you believe that I'm a jaundice (yellow) baby and at the same time blue baby, thank goodness I survive my heart surgery!

3 - Gerilen is my name and I did a poem about it.

4 - used to teach my classmates how to read, write and do the math when I was in grade one that's why

5 - my classmates used to call me their "little teacher".

6 - love to read books! hardbound, ebook even audiobooks I warmly welcome! Do you have any ebooks that you could send me?

7 - formulas are inevitable to me yet

8 - i love blogging!

9 -  I'm not a cat nor a dog person, I think I might be a rabbit person? if I had one.

10 - I'm a loner, but oh no, I'm not lonely! :)

11 - I'd rather wash the dishes than cook. Normal spontaneous delivery didn't make me prone to small "pain" like hot cooking oil!

12 - used to have crooked teeth, knees and 
. That's why I wore braces,
and will never pass for a beauty title because I could never do Ms. Supsup's tsunami walk, and never mind the brain, it's still crooked...

13 - when I was in high school, I tried cutting classes & I've been to the Guidance Office more than once,

14 - I ended up as the School Salutatorian.

15 - I chose electronics than baking during one of my summer classes...

16 - I created my very first radio, on an illustration board, and ranked Top 4!

17 - is it not obvious that I love painting faces and nails, but I'd rather have perfect skin without make up rather than owing all high end products just to cover it! *how I wish!*
playing with falsies!
18 - I'm scared of roaches, no, scratch that, I'm afraid of anything that crawls and can fly!

19 - I punched a girl once and

20 - slapped a boy twice.

21 - I'd rather live in the past close to nature than live in the future of high technology.

22 - I could easily forgive and forget... and people abused that!

23 - I'm excited when the plane is taking off, but is always too anxious during landing. :/

24 - Aside from this blog, I have three more...

25 -  I'd rather be tan, have long lashes and be 6' tall than have boobies, fair skin and deep-set eyes

26 - I dreamed to be teacher, called a doctor and build structures.

28 - my financial dream is to have a cafe-boutique.

29 - if I have three wishes, I'll wish for health, happiness and another set of three wishes! Smart, right?

30 - I believe in paradise here on earth

Make your own "30 Things" about you and share your link below! :D

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