Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nestle Temptations - Flavors of the World

Hey baby,

Can you resist this NEW and IRRESISTIBLE ice cream experience?


Introducing the new and improved Nestle Temptations!

Give in and say... Yes!

and Hello! ...to these new enticing flavors!

rocky road nestle
Fall madly in love with rich and creamy chocolate ice cream, bursting with mallows and nuts!

double dutch nestle
Smooth and velvety Vanilla ice cream, bursting with chocolate chips, mallows, and cashew nuts, drizzled with chocolate ripple!

cookies and cream nestle
Obsess over each spoonful of rich and creamy vanilla ice cream generously blended with cookie chunks!

durian nestle
Delight over each spoonful of distinctly delectable durian-flavored ice cream!

mango nestle
Give in to delectably creamy mango ice cream with swirls of indulgent mango ripple!

mocha nestle
Delight in every lavishly smooth and creamy spoonful of mocha ice cream!

ube nestle
Indulge in an unforgettably flavorful and creamy spoonful of ube ice cream!

strawberry nestle
Get smitten by the lavishly creamy strawberry ice cream and ribbons of strawberry ripple!

vanilla nestle
Stir your senses with every spoonful f smooth and velvety vanilla-flavored ice cream!

chocolate nestle
Fall for the irresistibly rich and creamy chocolate ice cream and swirls of chocolate ripple!

Aside from that, Nestle launched three special Nestle Temptations featuring the flavors of the world!

special nestle

The Taste of France - French Salted Caramel


The Taste of Italy - Italian Coffee Affogato


The Taste of Belgium - Belgian Chocolate Praline
belgium nestle


Nestle Temptations also brings European experience in malls all throughout this summer so watch out and get schedules by visiting Nestle Temptation Facebook Page! Just like last Saturday, April 27, Nestle Ice Cream introduces the new face of Nestle Temptations

at the NESTLÉ TEMPTATIONS Flavors of the World Festival Event, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City!

temptation nestle

Check out the hype!

People enjoying exclusive European musical show

while having free Nestle Temptations Ice Cream




Melting Nestle Temptations in your mouth while enjoying a good show - perfect way to end the night! <3

Aside from mall hopping, Nestle Temptations launched three visually appetizing TV commercials that seduce you to give in and say YES to a spoonful of this decadent ice cream treat!

Meet the Nestle Temptation lady - Sophie


and Nestle Temptation lad - Tony

Learn more about their irresistible temptations by visiting Nestle Ice Cream facebook page!


Plus, don't forget to hashtag #sayYes on Instagram and Twitter! :D
nestle hashtag
Enjoy summer and indulge to temptation with Nestle's Flavors of the World!

Can't wait to try all the flavors but for tonight, this will suffice...
Ending the day with this #nestle mango ice cream... cant wait to taste the new nestle #temptations #flavoroftheworlds, but this will suffice for now! #perfect way to end the day! #sayyes 

Cant wait to see the yummier version of #nestle #mango(for mom) and #ube(for baby) #icecream #temptations #flavoroftheworlds #sayyes soon...

Hey Baby Clyde, 
can you resist this NEW and IRRESISTIBLE ice cream experience?

1/2 cup of Nestle Mango ice cream
and a cup of Nestle Ube Ice Creams...
"what the heck?"

"Okay fine, I can't resist Nestle!"
p.s. some photos are from Nestle facebook page and Nuffnang

Monday, April 15, 2013

Toddler's Myths + Clyde's first Enchanted KIngdom Adventure on his diaper-pants

I've been longing to update this blog but I'm so caught up on reading, working and babying -if that's a term- and if you are a parent, then you'll just nod your head off to me like saying IKR! To compensate my MIA for weeeeeeks, I'll share to you this hilarious Top 10 toddler's myths I came across with by Vicki Iovine! while inserting photos of babe's first adventure rides in Enchanted Kingdom! :D

10 - the smarter the baby, the earlier she learns to walk - I guess this one is a no brainer, because every child has his own time frame to learn
9 - if they can talk, they can be reasoned with - this, I anticipate! :P
8 - toddlers can't wait to sleep in their own beds, especially if the bed sheets have their favorite cartoon characters all over them - bittersweet fun fact to me, still can't let go of co-sleeping with my babe at the young age of 10months!
7 - biters are products of miserable parenting - babe bites his fingers but not all the time, no need to worry though, it'll pass. :)
6 - boys and girls will play exactly alike if not exposed to gender specific toys like dolls and cars - just let them be :)
5 - nature will ensure that kids will be attracted to food their growing bodies need - that's why we, parents are here, to feed them right! Right?
4 -  toddlers love newborns (especially new baby siblings) and can be counted on to treat them kindly - so beware!
3 - same goes to animals - pets, strays, wild - another reason to stay alert at all times!
2 - the difference between toddlers and babies is that toddlers can express their emotions better - I think both are!
1 - you are fully potty trained at 18 months! - don't you worry, he'll learn soon enough! :)
Any other myths about kids you wanna share? Comment down below!