Monday, April 15, 2013

Toddler's Myths + Clyde's first Enchanted KIngdom Adventure on his diaper-pants

I've been longing to update this blog but I'm so caught up on reading, working and babying -if that's a term- and if you are a parent, then you'll just nod your head off to me like saying IKR! To compensate my MIA for weeeeeeks, I'll share to you this hilarious Top 10 toddler's myths I came across with by Vicki Iovine! while inserting photos of babe's first adventure rides in Enchanted Kingdom! :D

10 - the smarter the baby, the earlier she learns to walk - I guess this one is a no brainer, because every child has his own time frame to learn
9 - if they can talk, they can be reasoned with - this, I anticipate! :P
8 - toddlers can't wait to sleep in their own beds, especially if the bed sheets have their favorite cartoon characters all over them - bittersweet fun fact to me, still can't let go of co-sleeping with my babe at the young age of 10months!
7 - biters are products of miserable parenting - babe bites his fingers but not all the time, no need to worry though, it'll pass. :)
6 - boys and girls will play exactly alike if not exposed to gender specific toys like dolls and cars - just let them be :)
5 - nature will ensure that kids will be attracted to food their growing bodies need - that's why we, parents are here, to feed them right! Right?
4 -  toddlers love newborns (especially new baby siblings) and can be counted on to treat them kindly - so beware!
3 - same goes to animals - pets, strays, wild - another reason to stay alert at all times!
2 - the difference between toddlers and babies is that toddlers can express their emotions better - I think both are!
1 - you are fully potty trained at 18 months! - don't you worry, he'll learn soon enough! :)
Any other myths about kids you wanna share? Comment down below!

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