Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I personally experience how painful breastfeeding could be, for at least a couple of days/first two weeks or so. I was almost discourage but I manage to gather up myself and instead, focus my attention on my baby's needs. I want to give the best for him and I know breast milk is the best for him.
Below are the points that help me cope up and continue on breastfeeding, I forgot where I got these but I really love to share this juicy information. Read away! :)
  • Don’t believe that breastfeeding is supposed to hurt and that sore nipples are the norm, or perhaps even a badge of courage for toughing-it-out. If the baby is latched on to the breast properly and draining it, breastfeeding should not hurt!
  • Do teach your baby to “breastfeed” and not “nipple feed." To do so, start by holding your breast steady and compress it into a pointy shape with your hand. Next, bring the baby to you, trying to have your nipple go deep into the baby’s mouth into the S spot (between the baby’s hard and soft palate).
  • Don’t stuff your breast into the baby’s mouth. Instead, bring your baby “to you.” To accomplish this, support the baby well, holding him along his spine and at the base of his head.
  • Do use RAM (rapid arm movement), and bring your baby (or RAM him) onto the breast in a quick-swift motion, allowing the baby to take the breast as deeply into his throat as he can.
  • Don’t get discouraged. If your latch hurts try again. If you allow the baby to nurse in a way that hurts you, your baby will not get the message that he needs to nurse deeper. When a mom and her baby share the experience of being on the breast deeply, with practice, mom will be able to nurse pain-free.
  • Do feed your baby 8-10 times in a 24 hour period and look for dirty diapers to know if your baby is getting enough milk daily. What goes in must come out. You need to see 6-8 wet and or dirty diapers in a 24 hour period for the first 8 weeks of life.
  • Don’t allow you or your baby to feel unhappy and dissatisfied. If you are in pain, not getting enough soiled diapers, feel unsure or discouraged, find a qualified Lactation Consultant to help guide and support you in the process.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Chronicles of a Young Wife: Moms Can Look Great!

When you are single, you got all the time in the world to choose what clothes to wear, hair do to don and make up to use, but when you have a little you running around, calling out for your attention and is completely dependent on you, well, even combing your hair might be a hard thing to do! lol But its alright, I love being a new mom, it's a really hard 24hour task but its rewarding. :) Yet, that doesn't excuse us moms not to look good, right? So between juggling my baby, being a wife and work I still squeeze some social life and me-time whenever possible. :)

Looking good will definitely make you feel good! So here are some of the ways to keep things easy despite of all the hard works needed! :P
  • Lippies - I don't have much time doing smokey eyes anymore so I stay contented with moisturized lips. I always use my venus and mars smooch lip to moisturize my skin and add a little color like lipstain and my ET pinkish Dear Darling Roll Roll Gloss or ET colar Moon Crystal Power Gloss. Having moisturized lips is a great way to kick-start the morning looking fab and refreshed!
  • BB Cream - the answer for on-the-go mom, its a mixture of moisturizer and foundation in one! :D Thank goodness for this product it gives me more time to do more things than applying layers of products on my skin. It has spf protection, anti-acne, antioxidants and can give light to moderate coverage as a foundation and is available at any drugstore.
  • Mascara - pop the eyes with the right mascara, I usually skip eyeliners these past few days and I have new love for mascara whether its brown, black or even blue! :P Just having my sparse eyelashes longer and thicker gives me self-confidence that I can conquer the day even with my arms full of baby! lol
That's it. My new everyday make up routine! Sometimes I slap on some blush but its OK to skip it.. :P The most important thing is you'll still look great. :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Last Day Being Pregnant

It was 6am, I'm 38weeks and a day, as usual I feel heavy and my back hurts! I'm too lazy to wake up because as always, rolling like a dough the whole night keeps me awake! But really, my back hurts! Finally, the bladder is full and around quarter to 7, even if it's against my will, I rise to pee. And there is blood!

I was SO shocked I didn't react first. It was more than 9 months since the last time I saw blood on my undies... Then the brain registered the event. Palpitating and literally shaking, I told my hubby in a hush voice "hey honey... i think today's the day!" Though he's still half asleep, he woke up and change clothes in less than a minute! Grab our bags and start the engine! Whew! That was fast! lol

I was admitted at the ER and had my first ever IE at 8am which is 2-3cm. I decided to stay on the OB Ward instead of a private room because I'm literally thinking of the new CS cost! Not a bad choice after all, why we own the whole ward, we had our own beds! Clean comfort room and a separate shower room with heater! :D Its as if we're staying on a hotel! LOL

Friday come and go and the baby is still inside me! I was bored waiting so I decided to do some make up while having constant contractions! heehee Got another IE around 8am, 11am and 2pm which are 3-4cm, 6-7cm and 8-9cm consecutively. Finally my OB decided to break the water bag when I reach 9cm. I mentally calculate the actual labor pain that ranges from 1 as painless to 10 as excruciating and I thought I was feeling around 7 to 8. I guess I have a strong pain tolerance? I'm still not sure.

I was expecting CS delivery or at least painless epidural delivery. The pain was really excruciating, without any anesthesia, but when the baby came out, all of the pain was gone again until the doctor sew on me, but who couldn't handle a couple of stitches just after giving birth?

At 3:40pm of May 26, '12 Saturday, I finally gave birth to my first son via NSD! Yes, I did the Normal Spontaneous Delivery:D Thank God! I used up all my energy but seeing the baby for the first time melt my heart, it melt all the pain I just felt! My OB allowed me to sleep 2hours after the delivery at the recovery room. And got my first breastfeeding session with my newborn at the same day at around 11pm. :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Depression After Pregnancy

I think this would be my last post about depression during pregnancy. Well, technically, it's after pregnancy and its usually called postpartum or postnatal depression.

After birth, new moms will feel exhausted physically, new 24hour routine will make the couple stressed while adjusting and would make you feel overwhelmed, very sad, lonely, hopeless and even worthless. But don't let it hinder you from caring or bonding with your baby. With the "baby blues" the new mom may have trouble sleeping, moody and teary at times, but don't worry these will go away within a couple of weeks. If the depression is not that bad, it can be reduced, treated and avoided if you know how you feel and what you'll do about it. So here are some tips to fight it:
  • Take good care of yourself. Remember, you cannot take care of your little baby if you can't take care of yourself. Have a break! Have some time for yourself by sharing some tasks and chores with your hubby and family and friends. Let people help you keep up with things.
  • Regular intimate conversation with your hubby will smooth small things hence avoiding small problems to get out of proportions. Always consider your baby in making decisions and plans. By this, you'll feel more involved and as a part of a team, as a family.
  • Have a schedule or checklist that includes household chores like cooking, laundry, cleaning, baby care plus self-care like taking shower, power nap and short walks with your hubby and babe.
  • Food for soul. Reading the Holy Scriptures is the most essential part of my daily routine. Feeding your soul with positiveness is a good way to open up a new chapter of your life. :)
Remember, treating yourself is essential for you and your baby. If you think that you have a serious problem that the above tips are not enough, seek help. Ask your OB about it and share youre troubles with your hubby and close friends.