Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Last Day Being Pregnant

It was 6am, I'm 38weeks and a day, as usual I feel heavy and my back hurts! I'm too lazy to wake up because as always, rolling like a dough the whole night keeps me awake! But really, my back hurts! Finally, the bladder is full and around quarter to 7, even if it's against my will, I rise to pee. And there is blood!

I was SO shocked I didn't react first. It was more than 9 months since the last time I saw blood on my undies... Then the brain registered the event. Palpitating and literally shaking, I told my hubby in a hush voice "hey honey... i think today's the day!" Though he's still half asleep, he woke up and change clothes in less than a minute! Grab our bags and start the engine! Whew! That was fast! lol

I was admitted at the ER and had my first ever IE at 8am which is 2-3cm. I decided to stay on the OB Ward instead of a private room because I'm literally thinking of the new CS cost! Not a bad choice after all, why we own the whole ward, we had our own beds! Clean comfort room and a separate shower room with heater! :D Its as if we're staying on a hotel! LOL

Friday come and go and the baby is still inside me! I was bored waiting so I decided to do some make up while having constant contractions! heehee Got another IE around 8am, 11am and 2pm which are 3-4cm, 6-7cm and 8-9cm consecutively. Finally my OB decided to break the water bag when I reach 9cm. I mentally calculate the actual labor pain that ranges from 1 as painless to 10 as excruciating and I thought I was feeling around 7 to 8. I guess I have a strong pain tolerance? I'm still not sure.

I was expecting CS delivery or at least painless epidural delivery. The pain was really excruciating, without any anesthesia, but when the baby came out, all of the pain was gone again until the doctor sew on me, but who couldn't handle a couple of stitches just after giving birth?

At 3:40pm of May 26, '12 Saturday, I finally gave birth to my first son via NSD! Yes, I did the Normal Spontaneous Delivery:D Thank God! I used up all my energy but seeing the baby for the first time melt my heart, it melt all the pain I just felt! My OB allowed me to sleep 2hours after the delivery at the recovery room. And got my first breastfeeding session with my newborn at the same day at around 11pm. :)

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