Sunday, June 3, 2012

Depression After Pregnancy

I think this would be my last post about depression during pregnancy. Well, technically, it's after pregnancy and its usually called postpartum or postnatal depression.

After birth, new moms will feel exhausted physically, new 24hour routine will make the couple stressed while adjusting and would make you feel overwhelmed, very sad, lonely, hopeless and even worthless. But don't let it hinder you from caring or bonding with your baby. With the "baby blues" the new mom may have trouble sleeping, moody and teary at times, but don't worry these will go away within a couple of weeks. If the depression is not that bad, it can be reduced, treated and avoided if you know how you feel and what you'll do about it. So here are some tips to fight it:
  • Take good care of yourself. Remember, you cannot take care of your little baby if you can't take care of yourself. Have a break! Have some time for yourself by sharing some tasks and chores with your hubby and family and friends. Let people help you keep up with things.
  • Regular intimate conversation with your hubby will smooth small things hence avoiding small problems to get out of proportions. Always consider your baby in making decisions and plans. By this, you'll feel more involved and as a part of a team, as a family.
  • Have a schedule or checklist that includes household chores like cooking, laundry, cleaning, baby care plus self-care like taking shower, power nap and short walks with your hubby and babe.
  • Food for soul. Reading the Holy Scriptures is the most essential part of my daily routine. Feeding your soul with positiveness is a good way to open up a new chapter of your life. :)
Remember, treating yourself is essential for you and your baby. If you think that you have a serious problem that the above tips are not enough, seek help. Ask your OB about it and share youre troubles with your hubby and close friends.

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