Sunday, July 20, 2014

Toddler's Top 5 Today

It's been awhile since I post a Top 5 and its high time to do it! In front of my eyes, my baby is turning into a toddler and as always, I'm fascinated, at awe and excited as ever, bittersweet if you may say so. Baby's Top 5 is now Toddler's Top 5, can you believe that? Sniff sniff. Drama aside, I do believe now that little people aka toddlers are like sponges, they absorb e-ve-ry thing including things you don't want them to know, at least not yet, I've seen it in my own shiny shiny eyes.
Note: Photo HEAVY!
Toddlers are like blenders with the lids off.
1) Technology - he loves to learn new things and I think we are fully enjoying the benefit of home internet connection and Youtube! ABC's, 123's, shapes and colors - name it he knows it! His recent favorite Youtube channels include Busy Beavers, Mother Goose Club   and Pocoyo English!
Desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones equals kiddo's entertainment and shut-up-sit-down button. :)
Candy Crushing
It's either bed story time or youtube video time. The latter is the most.
The only downside is when there is no internet connection. The solution - download his videos and keep one on the desktop and on all six laptops!
Another downside is when there is power outage. He wants his shapes and colors that bad during the Glenda typhoon he cried his heart out until he fell asleep probably dreaming of red circles and 2 blue squares.
2) That does not mean he sits all day and stare on a screen or a smartphone, he runs everywhere!
Tagaytay City
Island hop at Hundred Islands, Pangasinan City
Somewhere in BGC, Taguig City
After his first haircut at Giggles and Wiggles, Market Market!
Somewhere along Alabang Town Center - On the run with his apple. 
In our living room at Trese Martirez, Cavite
Smirking at SM Baguio
PS - That's my school over there at the background. #nostalgia
In our hotel room somewhere in Session Road - An apple a day and an apple a night.
3) The things he learned today, he applies as soon as possible!
In this case, before our orders were serve... - rewarding our work-filled friday at TGIF.
Spelling our FRIDAYS perfectly, pointing which is red and white, coloring and singing the phonic song. :)
Getting sticky with his Shakey's Manager's Choice sticker.
4) He still loves to food.
After picking out green bell peppers and black olives on his slice of pizza, I mean on the pizza pan.
Eating on his own. He prefer a big bowl as he loves his soup just like his momma! ;)
Another apple.
Sour bread.
Like the #baudelaireorphans, Clyde is a #cakesniffer, or more like cake snatcher. @SMMarikina
Chowking's yang chow and chopsuey.
His old favorite person and new favorite fruit.
Barrio Fiesta's raw tomato.
Max' Ube cake.
Banapple's bolognese is in danger.
Snacking on red bell pepper! Can you believe that?
White Onion.
He wants his chicken skinless.
He wants his own food on his own plate with his own spoon, fork or knife whatever the case maybe, and he wants his own drink in his own glass with straw or ice if that's what you are having.
Eating on his own is a second nature after breastfeeding. I wasted my money buying Avent bottles, we rarely use them - for water.
Proud to say that he could eat an entire apple in one sitting while watching his videos, or a cob or two of corn on our way to site inspections! :D
5) This young man knows how to show his love to me. <3
He kissed the scar on my back whenever he sees it peeking through.
He wouldn't enter the elevator even when it is his favorite ride (no need to exchange my 10php coin for a token) if I'm not with him to go in.
Wherever we go, as long as we are together, we are home. I love you baby.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Weekends with Sunkist: How To Make The Most Out Of Your Weekends

Life can get pretty hectic during the week, which is why people absolutely adore the weekend. It’s the perfect 48-hour break when everyone can relax, reset, and refresh themselves. However, being constantly connected through our mobile devices means we sometimes lose track of time and end up doing more work on our precious days off. Here are some tips to get your weekends back and enjoy them to the fullest.

Pause to reboot. Today’s technology doesn’t trap successful people. They unplug regularly and simply meditate. Meditation can mean different things for different people – some take to running, walking, and even swimming to clear their heads and give themselves the space they need for a new week.

Plan your weekends. While it’s tempting to simply do nothing on the weekends, planning to do one or two exciting activities during the week can make your weekends more fun and fulfilling. The anticipation helps get you through the busiest days of the week, making you enjoy your weekends even more.

Don’t fill it with chores. It’s okay to spend time cleaning your closet, but spending an entire weekend cleaning your house from top to bottom may drain you and not get you ready for the new week ahead. To make chores more fun and less boring, do them while also doing something that brings you joy. For example, you can fold your laundry while listening to a podcast or watching your favorite show.

Do something for yourself. Sleeping is probably one of our favorite things about the weekend. However, it’s best to maximize these two short days by not laying around too much. Spend time doing something you’ve always wanted to do like treating yourself to a day at the spa, in the salon, or even watching that movie you’ve been wanting to see all week.

Whatever weekend activity you choose, make them even more fun with Sunkist Carbonated Juice (CJ) Drink. Experience Sunkist Saya in three refreshing flavors – Orange, Lemonade, and Apple. It’s the much-needed fresh fizz to turn your weekend from boring to fun in an instant.