Thursday, December 18, 2014

It is always the season for skin care and sun protection

Besides being the season to be merry, 'tis also the season to be healthy starting with your skin. Harmful elements don't stop being harmful during summer. Read on up and learn more about how to protect your skin all-year round!
It is always the season for skin care and sun protection
Taking care of your skin during the holidays
With the holidays fast-approaching come the different how-to-dos on surviving this merry yet frenzied season. These range from managing work and play, recovering from a dreadful hangover, getting back into shape, but nothing focuses on how the stress of the season actually affects your skin.
Imagine having parties lined on your social calendar for the week, but then you suddenly wake up with flared-up skin one morning. What a nightmare! Due to excessive celebrations, sleepless nights, exposure to harsh elements and the holiday stress, it’s the time of the year where puffy eyes, tired-looking skin and breakouts appear more than usual. What do you do when your skin gets the holiday blues?
Cleanse and moisturize. Make sure you cleanse and prep your face properly before hitting the sack. The all-time, no-no rule of sleeping with your makeup on still tops the list. And if the colder weather begins to dry out your skin, double up the potency of your current moisturizer by switching to a richer version. After all, nothing says happy holidays more than having healthy skin in time for all the celebrations!    
Exfoliate weekly. Partying all night means you tend to reapply make up more frequently than usual. Through gentle exfoliation, you can clear the impurities in your pores plus scrub off dead skin cells that may lead to breakouts.
Use cold packs. Alcohol and sodium dilate the blood vessels, and consuming them in large amounts before bed causes puffy eyes due to water retention. Cold packs can constrict the blood vessels, reducing the flow of liquid into soft tissue. Also, try sleeping with your head elevated to reduce the bloat in your eyes.
Apply sunscreen daily. Repeat. Every single day. If you still think that sunscreen products are only useful during the summer season, then it’s about time you reconsider. Dermatologists have long revealed the ultimate secret to keeping skin as healthy as possible through daily use of sunscreen.
Daylong, from the makers of Cetaphil, is a new sun care range that advocates the use of sun protection every day. Accumulated skin damage from daily sun exposure causes your skin to lose its suppleness and moisture, and ultimately results to premature skin aging.  Daylong is clinically proven to protect the skin from UVA, UVB and IR radiation down to the cellular level which is crucial in preventing long-term damage.
Daylong Gel SPF 50 Daylong Kids Lotion SPF 50 Daylong Spray Lotion  SPF 30
Keeping your skin healthy is a tough job, especially during this season when the level of stress and distraction is higher. Maintain your skin’s radiance in spite of the holiday rush by noting in mind these practical tips – and perhaps make it a year-round habit.

Daylong sunscreen products are available in Watson’s and SM Department Store branches with Watson’s, and in Mercury Drug branches. For more information, visit www.Daylong.phLIKE DaylongPH on Facebook and follow @DaylongPH on Twitter and Instagram.

Monday, December 15, 2014

From Long Workdays to Long Drives

Keeping yourself a​ctive and alert especially that the holiday season is near is really a challenge.​ Good to know that Cobra Energy Drink is here to ​help us sustain our energy.

Cobra Energy Drink

Pulling off an all-nighter is not always a good idea, but when you’re in circumstances that call for it, you forge on, keep on trucking, and do what you have to do, whatever it takes. Whether it's long workdays that require less to no sleep but more mental and physical tasks, or long drives that demand full focus and attention, your mind and body should be ready for battle.
In conditions when you’re expected to accomplish more within a limited period, here are simple life hacks to get you going - either with minimum or with downright lack of sleep - and going while doing it right.
If you know an all-nighter is coming up, load up on the right snacks by cutting out the carbs, and going for protein. Skipping meals won’t do you good since your body needs fuel for the night. But carbo-loading won’t help since its short-time effects make you doze off. Go for beef, shrimp, or even eggs, and drop that bag of potato chips. If you need snacks to munch on, a bag of peanuts, walnuts, and almonds are good alternatives.
If your snacks are not enough to keep you awake, take a nap. Harvard Medical School reveals that naps can bring more productivity to the workplace, and at home, too. Napping, based on research, makes people more effective problem solvers and allows for better retention of information. Plan a 20-to-30-minute nap in a dark, quiet place, which is just the right amount of time needed for a brain boost.
This may seem counterintuitive, but caffeine is your best friend especially when paired before a nap. It takes 20 minutes before caffeine is absorbed by your body so a quick buzz before a nap maximizes your alertness level.
Coffee is not the only source of caffeine, as one bottle of energy drink is equivalent to one cup – but only with added value. To keep you through the night, grab an energy drink like Cobra, which contains world-class, pharma-grade quality ingredients.
Cobra not only pumps up your energy; it also supplies your body with vitamins to help your brain maintain its focus and alertness. It also contains Ginseng for improved cognition, and to manage stress in the body; Taurine for mental alertness; and Inositol for healthy metabolism, with good effects in nervous system modulation. To add, Cobra Smart has Ginkgo Biloba, which aids in brain function for better memory and cognitive speed. However, moderate drinking is advisable when taking energy drinks, as anything in excess is not good for the body.
Just remember that once the all-nighter task has been completed, it is important to get enough sleep for recovery. Nothing can replace a well-rested mind and body to effectively perform any given activity, whether it be work or leisure.

About Cobra
Cobra is the Philippines’ number one and best-selling energy drink, powering Filipinos to be extraordinary. It contains world-class quality ingredients like B Group-Vitamins sourced from Qualiblends, the world's leading supplier of pharma-grade vitamins, as well as ginseng, taurine, inositol and other ingredients to help Filipinos achieve more in a single day, everyday. It has several variants to serve different energy needs, namely: Cobra Original for instant energy, Cobra Fit with ActivBurn technology plus L-Carnitinefor Power Fitness, Cobra Smart with ginkgo bilobafor Power Thinking, Cobra Defense with Vitamins A to E and Zinc for Power Immunity and Cobra Berry for that Power Rush.(For more information on Cobra

Water You Waiting For?

Throughout the day, we are constantly losing water from our bodies due strenuous activities, warm weather, & other factors. Our bodies are made up of roughly 60% water, so majority of our systems is affected when we do not get proper water intake.
Drinking enough water maintains the body’s fluid balance, helping with the distribution of nutrients, regulation of body temperature, digestion of food, and more. For this reason, medical professionals suggest drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. Aside from being one of our basic needs, the benefits of proper hydration are endless.
Brain booster. Our brains are made up of around 80% water so it is vital to stay hydrated in order to stay alert, manage stress levels, and help us focus better.[1] A study in London suggests that students who bring water into exam rooms get better grades, suggesting that it promotes clearer thinking.[2]
Relieves fatigue and headaches.[3] Dehydration also often results in headaches and fatigue. Drinking enough water can help refresh and relieve your body, aiding your organs to function better.
Promotes healthy skin. Adequate water consumption helps moisturize and replenish skin tissues resulting in softer and younger-looking skin. It also helps flush out the toxins that cause inflammation and blemishes, giving us clearer and smoother skin.
Keeps things flowing. Water not only aids food move through your digestive system, it also keeps your intestines smooth and flexible, preventing constipation. It also helps reduce the risk of kidney stones by diluting salts, minerals, and other wastes.
Juday FA (1)
Proper distillation of drinking water safely removes all contaminants, making it a top drink of choice. Moms all over the country are keeping their families healthy and safely hydrated with Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water. Ensuring that their families get only the best, they choose the only local brand with an international certification from the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). Located in Michigan, USA, NSF is an independent organization recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) that is accredited to test, audit, and certify products and systems meeting safety and health standards. With NSF’s vote of confidence, moms and their families can say cheers to good health with every glass of Absolute.
About Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water
Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water is certified and approved by the Bureau of Food and Drugs for meeting the country’s highest and strictest bottled drinking water standards. The #1 most trusted brand by moms, it is a member of the International Bottled Water Association, and is also the first and currently the only brand in the country to receive a National Sanitation Foundation certification. For more information, visit

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Y&R Philippines Releases Latest Study on Filipino Attitudes

Leading advertising agency Y&R Philippines recently conducted a study that aims to understand two generations that brands want to connect with nowadays - the Potentials (18-35 years old, also known as "Millennials"), & the Powers (36-60 years old, next generation of leaders & consumers). Read on to learn more about the similarities & differences of these two groups & how this information can help Y&R & their brands adapt to their markets' needs.
Y&R Philippines Releases Latest Study on Filipino Attitudes
Cites Viralnihan as a Multi-generational Driving Force
(Manila, Philippines) Two years ago, Y&R Advertising, one of the world’s leading advertising agencies, conducted a landmark study to explore what drove a generation that brands have been trying hard to connect with: millennials. However, millennials as depicted in popular media are different in Asia – they are exposed to economic, cultural, and social norms that are markedly dissimilar to their Western counterparts. For Y&R, it made more sense to define these 18-to-35-year-olds as Generation Asia Potential, the next generation of leaders and consumers.
In 2014, Y&R expanded its study to include Generation Asia Power. Aged between 36 and 60, they are established, the current set of movers. Exploring 16 life topics ranging from love to media to travel, Y&R immersed itself where these two generations gathered, discovering where both diverged, and surprisingly, converged.
Says Mary Buenaventura, President/CEO of Y&R Philippines, “Despite the media barrage on the difference between the two generations, our study found an intersection that cut across the gap. We call this Grassroots Culturalism, which is a resurgence of interest in our local culture, but with a twist. Being Filipino now is a celebration of the everyday – from the neighborhood hole in the wall to the global footprint of sports and fashion icons. This convergence evolved the traditional Filipino value of ‘bayanihan’ or the spirit of communal unity, into Viralnihan, a digital explosion that shattered the boundaries of the traditional generation gap.”
Around 85% of both GenAsia Potential and GenAsia Power showed a distinct positive attitude about their personal future. Given the age difference, 93% of the former are looking forward to achievements that improve the lives of people, while 78% of the latter felt they have contributed positively to society.
The two generations also share similarities in terms of investment outlook, coming at the heels of the country’s first investment-grade rating. 75% of GenAsia Potential and 91% of GenAsia Power are on investment mode, differing only in type. The former focus on passionate investments that reflect their interests, while the latter focus on stability for the long term. The similarity extends to clothing as well, with over 80% on both sides valuing personal style over clothing labels, and even local designers and influencers over international names.
Meanwhile, on the thorny subject of love, the divide is more discernible, with 91% of GenAsia Power seeing marriage as a lifelong commitment and 86% of GenAsia Potential seeing marriage as dependent on mutual happiness. The difference is attributed to the younger cohort’s exposure to a more Western influence, moving away from traditional beliefs to more individual values.
 “Understanding what unites and divides these two generations – GenAsia Potential and GenAsia Power – drove us to expand Y&R’s GenAsia study,” concludes Buenaventura. “By unraveling attitudes and perceptions, Y&R, and the brands we work with, are more able to adapt to the varying needs of society and the fast-changing pace in which our message is delivered. Discovering a thread that unites GenAsia Potential and Power – Grassroots Culturalismamplified through Viralnihan – was refreshing and something that the nation can be proud of. “