Saturday, June 20, 2015

Enjoy a Different Tea Experience with Serenitea’s Tea Confections

Serenitea Tea Confections_horizontal (1)
As the country’s leading homegrown milk tea brand, Serenitea has always been at the forefront of the industry, introducing new flavors and pairings when it comes to their offerings. Now with their Tea Confections line, tea lovers can enjoy Serenitea’s flavors in various forms with chocolate bars, candy bits, and tea jams.
“We are always looking for innovative ways to give customers a different kind of milk tea experience which is why we added a line of sweets and other treats to our ever-evolving menu,” said General Manager Juliet Herrera.

Serenitea Tea Confections - Chocolates
Serenitea Chocolate Bars
Indulge in Serenitea’s decadent, tea-infused chocolate bars made in partnership with local brand Theo and Philo. Choose from four exciting chocolate-tea flavors, Matcha Marble (Php 150), Hokkaido Milk Chocolate (Php 135), White Chocolate with Taro (Php 150), and Milk Chocolate with Assam (Php 135).
 Serenitea Tea Confections - Candy Bits
Hokkaido and Okinawa Candy Bits
Curb your Hokkaido and Okinawa milk tea cravings with Serenitea’s candy bits for only Php 110. With the help of Made in Candy, Serenitea packed their best-selling flavors in bite-sized candy bits – ready to enjoy anytime, anywhere.
Serenitea Tea Jams
Spread the love of tea all over your snacks with these tea-infused jams available in two flavors: Strawberry Rose and Salted Caramel. Made exclusively with the freshest Serenitea ingredients, grab a jar of goodness for only Php 180.
Serenitea Tea Bags
Have a moment of Serenitea in the comforts of your own home with Serenitea’s tea bags. Choose from the five available flavors – roasted tea, peppermint, white tea, blueberry, and gyokuro genmaicha tea – and enjoy freshly brewed tea for only Php 185 per pack.
Available in selected branches nationwide, these goodies are sure to give you your fill of Serenitea goodness wherever and however you want.
For more information on Serenitea, like and follow @iloveserenitea on Twitter and Instagram.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Johnson’s #PlayForReal

What's inside Jerson Clyde's #playforreal Sensory Toolkit?
This cute little wooden Sensory Bin
Activity Ideas Booklet, Food Coloring - in red, orange and blue, Colored Pebbles
Beach Toys - this orange rubber fish and ducky and of course, these Johnson's Baby products: cornstarch powder, regular cologne, baby oil, milk bar soap and Johnson's baby active lines products which includes active fresh shampoo, active fresh bath and active fresh powder.
This special toolkit will help us parents to be equipped, empowered and inspired to enrich our child's day and have a fun quality time together, one little and easy activity at a time!
If you have Johnson's baby products and want to try this #playforreal activity ideas, you could improvise materials, keep your eyes peeled and check this blog out as we both unravel logical science while encouraging him to learn about the world using his enticed senses.
Gadget-free quality time together is quite unique this days of high-technology and digital world. And, moms like me who still prefer the traditional ways of learning is thankful for this bright idea from Johnson's Baby! Albeit the fact that I sometimes rely on Youtube, Baby TV and Disney Junior to keep the toddler accompanied, while learning lessons as I do my chores and deadlines, there really is a must for every busy parents to hang out with our kids - making them learn while having fun.
Active play foster bond between parents and kids aside from waking their senses. Play time is indeed so much more!

Rebecca Bustamante: How to make a Successful Sales Career from Nothing

We are inviting all sales and marketing professionals or those who likes to understand how to convince effectively your target clients, for the first workshop in the Philippines under CEO Rebecca Bustamante Mills on July 9, 2015 at FullyBooked BGC Taguig from 2PM to 5PM.
Rebecca began her 20-year career in Canada. Her most recent position was Senior Sales Director for a large international cosmetics organization. Some of the many awards she received from the company over a period of years included: Top Rookie Sales Director for North America, Top 10 Unit Sales Award Canada (for each year of service), Top 10 Personal Sales Award Canada (for each year of service). Because of her success, Rebecca was regularly asked to provide training presentations for up to 500 people at national and international company functions.
This will be the first time that CEO Rebecca Bustamante will share her step by step sales techniques and strategies for us also to attain the success in sales.
TAG Media and Public Relations made this event affordable to help budding professionals to attend.
For registration please contact or send message to 09166299381.
3 easy steps to register:
1. Deposit the registration fee to TAG Media and Public Relations BPI Checking Account # 1680 0010 29
2. Scan the deposit slip
3. Send the scanned copy to

Coca-Cola, Habitat Philippines give cleaner, safer water systems to two Bohol towns

The towns of Tubigon and Maribojoc in Bohol province now have clean and safe drinking water due to a joint effort of the Coca-Cola Company and Habitat for Humanity Philippines. The two towns have newly rehabilitated water supply systems, a project which began in February 2014.
 HFH-CocaCola 1
In Tubigon, a redeveloped 105,000-liter water storage tank will be able to provide clean water to 500 families in the barangays of Panaytayon, Ilijan Norte and Ilijan Sur. Meanwhile, 2,000 families across nine barangays in the town of Maribojoc will benefit from a new multi-filtration water system that outputs 1.2 million liters of clean water per day.
 HFH-CocaCola 2
Representing the provincial government of Bohol, Atty. Anthony Damalerio expressed his gratitude to Coca-Cola Philippines and Habitat for “this good example of public-private partnership. This is one way to honor our strong commitment to deliver that basic commodity to our barangays.
 HFH-CocaCola 3
Damalerio said that the province’s demand for clean water will be increasing this year since Bohol will be embarking on massive infrastructure projects. Due to this, he explained, providing barangays access to clean and safe drinking water is a topmost priority. “We must not forget the role of our barangays.”
Coca-Cola Philippines Foundation President, Cecile Alcantara, said that the two projects are the company’s way of giving back to the community the water they’ve consumed for their productsWe call this ‘replenish,’ and we are happy to say that we have given back 40 to 50 percent of the water we’ve consumed back to the communities,” she said.
Alcantara also requested local government officials to educate their constituents to take care of the resource entrusted to them. She emphasized that “[since] water is not an infinite resource, we have to conserve it.”
Habitat for Humanity Philippines Managing Director and CEO, Charlie Ayco, says they took on this project as part of the organization’s goals of ensuring that Filipino families can have more decent and secure lives. “We are known for shelter, but in our housing-quality standards, clean water and sanitation are a vital components of a decent home.”
Both the Coca-Cola Company and Habitat for Humanity Philippines see themselves as partners for development, eyeing more projects together with the local government of Bohol to help rebuild the lives of those who have been affected by the 7.2-magnitude earthquake last October 2013.
“Perhaps the blessing is that the earthquake brought us all together, to work together so that we can [also] rise up together,” Coca-Cola’s Alcantara said.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


The launch of the 2nd ENTREPRENEUR AND FRANCHISE EXPO -Your Step 2 Success! is coming this June 05-07, 2015 (Friday-Sunday) at the Megatrade Hall 1, 5th Floor, Mega B Building, SM Megamall, Metro Manila, Mandaluyong City.
In line with this, here are the 5 reasons why you should come!
1.       THIS IS YOUR STEP TO SUCCESS!  Success will not fall on your lap. When you want to start a new endeavor like going into business, act on it now! You have to start doing your research on that you want to achieve and build for your future.
2.       YOU WILL MEET BUSINESS OWNERS. Go and visit each booth at the EFE. Interview  and get insights and valuable lessons from the business owners themselves.
3.       GET GOOD DEALS. At the EFE, get the chance to get a franchise at discounted rates. Explore and haggle for the best deals you can get from the key business people waiting to welcome you at the expo.
4.       FREE FRANCHISING SEMINARS. Polish your note-taking skills! At the stage area of the hall, respected and well-known speakers from the franchising industry will be giving free talks that you can gain a lot from. This gives you the opportunity to meet them as well.
5.       FREE FOOD, ENTERTAINMENT AND RAFFLE PRIZES. Aside from food concessionaires at the EFE, there will be a lot of food samplers as well as entertainment from big names in the industry. And as if that weren’t enough, expo goers will also have the chance to win prizes from the participating brands. A programme prepared just for you will be hosted by no less than beauty queen, TV personality and writer for Barbie Salvador-Muhlach.
Have fun while building on your future. Possibilities are endless at the Entrepreneur and Franchise Expo (EFE) 2015. Register now at and like them on Facebook at Entrepreneur and Franchise Expo 2015. 

Johnson's Baby Let Kids Play For Real

PlayforReal logo
Johnson’s and child development experts rally for active sensorial play to enhance a child’s holistic development
 PlayForReal (4)
(L-R) Host Eliza Ypon, Teacher Monica Javier of Keys School Manila, licensed clinical psychologist and play therapist Fiona Sandoval, mom Kris De Guzman, and Johnson’s Associate Marketing Director Trina Tanlapco pose for the camera after a very engaging discussion on the importance of active sensorial play in the children’s holistic development during the gadget-free playdate held by Johnson’s baby.
PlayForReal (1) PlayForReal (2) PlayForReal (3)
Children learned so much more from playing with multi-sensorial activities in a gadget-free playdate hosted by Johnson’s baby
In a society that is highly becoming more digital by the minute comes the swell of gadget use. It is said that 36% of Filipinos have about 10 gadgets per household*, which could tell why it has become a normal scene at homes that even kids use it for play. More so, giving them the latest gadgets has been a way for parents to give their kids so much more, with their digital acumen considered as an advantage.
While it is true that gadget play can teach children in many ways, it is through active sensory play when all their five senses are awakened to discover and learn the world around them.  This has been proven by Johnson’s baby in a social experiment to see how children respond to gadget play versus playing with textures and shapes, water, different implements, and even with other children. Captured in a heartwarming film, this initiative has unveiled the wonders of learning using the five senses through active sensory play – as witnessed by the moms themselves.
“As a brand committed to the happy, healthy development of children, we at Johnson’s believe that every activity that a child does can mean so much more to him,” said Trina Tanlapco, Johnson’s Associate Marketing Director. “Active play is integral and essential in the holistic development of children to let them discover the world around them. As a brand, this is something we would like to keep reminding parents of. With the information and products we offer, parents can let their children turn playtime to a time of learning while they #playforreal. ”

Apart from fostering the bond between parent and child, it is during active sensory play when all five senses of the child are awake, making him more receptive to learning the world around him. According to Fiona Sandoval, a licensed clinical psychologist and play therapist, a child reaps the maximum benefits of active sensory play when his senses are enhanced and maximized in these activities. “The brain grows up to 90% of its adult size from birth up to five years old. It is important that all the different senses get stimulated in activities like active play during this period so that the neurons and brain connections are formed better. If this is achieved, there will be more synapses and connections, which can optimize the brain development.”
“In sensory play, children develop their fine motor, language and cognitive skills. The stimulated senses work hand in hand in helping a child achieve holistic development,” she added.
Meanwhile, Monica Javier, a teacher who has worked with preschool children for more than ten years, also added that active sensorial play help children prepare for bigger things ahead of them which is why it is encouraged to be integrated in early education. “More than fun and entertainment, play actually helps children to expand their knowledge about themselves, allows communication with others, develop new competencies that may prepare them for challenges of the bigger environment.”
In school, sensorial activities are used to teach children about different concepts. For example, encouraging them to play and explore with blocks allow children to distinguish shapes, sizes and weight; it also encourages them to plan strategically. Providing opportunities to paint with different implements or with their body develops creativity and teaches them about colors and textures. Running, jumping, crawling or any form of movement can help them develop gross motor skills. Pretend play in these areas encourages communication among them.
“Sensory activities allow children to go through a scientific process in a very natural way. While playing, they ask questions, predict, make hypothesis, test hypothesis and make conclusions,” shared Javier.
For mom Kris De Guzman, a mother of two, introducing sensory play to her children balances out their time from other forms of play. It also makes them more imaginative, creative, and resourceful in the activities that they do together. “At home, bath time is also playtime for my kids. We play with bubbles, make up stories, and learn about body parts. Through simple activities like this, we are able to make enjoyable moments together and strengthen our connection toward each other,” said de Guzman.
Indeed, playtime can mean so much more, so let your kids #playforreal. To learn more about how you can do sensory play at home or in your school, visit
*Survey conducted by Microsoft Philippines in 2011

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Living the Good Life at the Ortigas Center

Living in a metropolitan area could be quite overwhelming for most people. Be it the tortuous traffic jams during rush hour or the rat race involved in the morning commute, these are just some of the things in the daily metropolis life that could leave you stressed and/or drained.
pressrelease_rentortigas_0603 (1)
That is why most people would prefer living in a location that minimizes the stress from the fast-paced life in the metro without having to compromise productivity for leisure.
Look no further as that ideal location exists in the heart of Manila – the Ortigas Center!
The now booming financial and central business district was formerly a part of the Hacienda de Mandaloyon of the Augustinian Order which was eventually sold to the company that became the Ortigas & Company, Limited Partnership.
Regardless if you’re a young and talented professional or somebody who’s already settled and enjoying the family life, Metro Manila’s second most important business district houses everything you could ever look for in an ideal location as it strikes the perfect balance between work and leisure. Home to office skyscrapers, shopping malls, restaurants and educational institutions, there is no doubt that the Ortigas Center is the place to be.
Want to start living the good life now but haven’t found an apartment in Ortigas yet? No need to worry as Rent Ortigas is here to assist you in finding your new home in a simpler, faster and safer way.
Whether you are looking for a bed space for rent or an apartment for rent in Ortigas, simply go online and access our website via to view our full listings of properties up for rent. From there, we will securely connect you with the unit owners, brokers and landlords and help you seal the deal. 
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Start looking at our available wide selection of properties today and live the good life at the Ortigas Center. Inquire us now to make a reservation.
About Rent Ortigas
Rent Ortigas is here to assist you in the quest of finding that perfect place to call ‘home’ near the heart of the Ortigas Center. The team of Mirai D3sign Inc. created this user-friendly online rental marketplace to make house hunting more convenient for those looking for a new place to call ‘home’ – regardless if you are looking for a bed space for rent or an apartment for rent in Ortigas. This online service shall enable you to view the wide selection of available and affordable living spaces for rent. Not only that, we will also help you connect with the unit owners, brokers and landlords without having to about the authenticity and security of the postings.  
If you can’t find anything on our current selections, no need to worry! Rent Ortigas comes with a feature that will notify you of the new listings of bed space for rent and/or apartment for rent in Ortigas in an instant.
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What To Expect When You’re Investing

Real talk for investment newbies
Investing hard-earned money in the stock market that doesn't always promise immediate cash-back is not immediately enticing and can be quite scary especially for people who have just started earning enough  money to pay for little luxuries in life like an every day latte, or weekly spa and nail salon visits.
But no matter how daunting it is to make that bold move, many young professionals have started dipping their toes in the stock market game. Armed with some guts, a bit of internet research, and stories from friends who’ve started investing, many yuppies make the initial minimum investment and hope that somehow, something good will come off of it.
However, investing does not end there. Newbie startup investors will quickly realize that there is so much left to learn. So while there is a vague idea of where the money has been invested, UTrade, the online stock trading program of Unicapital, is here to explain investments in layman’s terms.
Expect the Risk-and-Return Tradeoff
Accept that safe investments, will not have as high a return compared with investing in riskier, but potentially more profitable companies. The principle behind the risk-and-return tradeoff is that potential return will increase with an increase in risk. Higher returns come if the investor is comfortable in high potential losses. Investing in the stock market means awareness of personal risk appetite. Ideally, a balance of high risk-high yield and low risk-stable return will net profits in the long term.
Expect to Own Portions of Companies
Buying stocks from different companies means owning pieces of those companies. Profit reports and market status are now more than just figures on screen that changes value by the minute. And they don’t necessarily reflect current values; sometimes, lowered expectations apply only for short-term gains, with investors who stay, earning more. For example, a company opening more branches may mean lower share values in the short term because of corporate expenditure, but higher gains because of projected income from expansion. It is important to be vigilant to these kinds of movement when investing in stocks.
Expect Contradicting Information
Investing in stocks is confusing, especially for a newbie. While the internet is a trove of investing information, interpretation differs per website. Instead of navigating the stock market alone, some people defer to online trading platforms, like UTrade, to help them manage their stock market portfolios online. UTrade has a Stock Investment Program (SIP), in which clients can invest a fixed amount at regular intervals on a particular stock. The platform allows clients to trade, view and modify orders, and even compare the values of different stocks. It also allows free and easy access to market information and proprietary research reports.
Aside from managing portfolios online, UTrade also offers free weekly seminars on the basics of investing in the stock market; and makes available experienced brokers who can guide clients through the investment process, as well as provides recommended stocks depending on the financial goals of the client.
Having realistic expectations are important when investing in the stock market. With the appropriate knowledge and credible tools, any one can have better chances of playing and winning in the stock market.
About UTrade
UTrade is the online stock trading platform of Unicapital Securities, Incorporated, a leading full-service securities brokerage house licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and is a bona-fide member of the Philippine Stock Exchange.  Through its trading platform, clients can buy and sell any stock listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange, and provides clients with real-time access to research reports and market information. For more information on how to invest, visit, call +63 2 823-5344 / 63 2 8920991/ +63 999 8857616, and like

Communication Master Class: Speak with Impact, Write with Flair

Communication Master Class(1)
Communication Master Class Course 
Duration: 36 hours
Saturdays: July 18 to October 3, 2015
2:00 – 5:00pm
Course Description
Learn the correct way of writing with flair.  Deliver presentations with impact.  Present yourself well for career advancement.  In this course, you will study the use of both written and oral communication to effectively express your message and achieve personal success.
Course Objectives
At the end of this course, you should be able to:
a) Practice the three-step writing process;
b) Write all kinds of brief messages and support them with quality information;
c) Write reports and proposals that put across your points well.
d) Design and deliver high-impact presentations; and
e) Prepare well for career advancement.
Course Outline
1.0 The Foundations of Communication.
1.1 Success Through Effective Communication.
1.2 Team Communication, Listening, and Nonverbal Communication Skills.
1.3 Diversity and Communication.
2.0 The Three-Step Writing Process.
2.1 Planning Messages.
2.2 Writing Messages.
2.3 Completing Messages.
3.0 Crafting Brief Messages.
3.1 Electronic Messages.
3.2 Routine and Positive Messages.
3.3 Negative Messages.
3.4 Persuasive Messages.
4.0 Supporting Messages with Quality Information.
4.1 Using Information.
4.2 Visual Communication.
5.0 Reports and Proposals.
5.1 Planning Reports and Proposals.
5.2 Writing Reports and Proposals.
5.3 Completing Reports and Proposals.
6.0 Oral and Online Presentations.
6.1 Creating and Delivering Oral and Online Presentations.
6.2 Enhancing Presentations with Slides and Other Visuals.
7.0 Employment Messages and Interviewing for Jobs.
7.1 Writing Résumés.
7.2 Employment Interviews and Follow-up.
Course Methodology
This course uses lectures, examples, and applied exercises.
For more information, email
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Basic Brush Lettering

Surprisingly, the number of Calligraphy enthusiasts are increasing hourly. Amateurs and enthusiasts are utterly eager to learn more about Brush Lettering and Basic Calligraphy.
Memory Crafters and Zig Philippines decided to have series of different Calligraphy workshops this year! Come and celebrate the Philippine Independence Day with us by being creative and colorful! Learn the basics of Brush Lettering by Charmaine Cabugnason while munching scrumptious Organic treats from the Farm Organics!
June 13, 2015 - Saturday
Charmaine, also known as Mimai will teach basic drills, different lettering strokes, letter angling and more! Know her tips and tricks on how to create your own lettering masterpiece!
Basic Brush Lettering with Charmaine Cabugnason will be held on June 13, 2015 at The Farm Organics, Unit F106 Forbeswood Heights, Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila, starts at 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM!
Learning Fee of P 1800 is inclusive of Workshop Kit, Light snacks & drinks and awesome freebies from our sponsors!
About the Calligrapher
Charmaine is an adventurer by day, time lord by night. She’s a creative, go-getter and wants to explore the world one adventure at a time. She’s an experienced calligrapher and has a huge following on Instagram.
Visit her website at

Venue:   The Farm Organics BGC

Address: Unit F106 Forbeswood Heights, Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig1634
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