Saturday, August 11, 2012

Photo Blog #4

My week so far as everyone else's is rainy and foggy but thankfully not floody!
perfect for cold nights!
unfortunately, I had to stick on drinking hot chocolate instead or a hot soup because you know
I'm breastfeeding babe! JC wants to be embraced all the time! His warmth and sweet smell lulls me to sleep as well!
I'm encouraging everyone by the way to say NO to formula milk donations!
Read the reasons why here.
view of the city at SM Baguio
the corduroy texture of this
jacket saves me from chilling out
so thankful for this freebie keychains from Baby Company! Love the Green Apple Scent!
Despite the 'assuming storm' wind, I received a package this week
with the author's autograph! <3
 done reading the book, so watch out for the book review! :D
Hoping for the sun to shine his brightest this weekend and for the upcoming week!
Stay safe and warm everyone!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

To Donate Formula Milk or Not?

First of all, I wish everyone a safe and warm place to stay. In this time of trouble, of flooding without storm, of raining without stop, helping others became voluntarily. I saw posts on social networking sites advertising donation acceptance of different NGO groups and other private companies.

Voluntary donations in kind and in cash are very much welcomed. But as the title indicates, the concern of this post is about the Formula Milk given as a donation. I want to share to you moms what I've read on one of my most followed mommy blog: The Chronicles of a Nursing Mom (COANM).

After reading her two recent blogpost regarding the matter. My say is NO to donating Formula Milk and YES to BREASTMILK DONATIONS.

If you wanna know why, here are COANM articles you have to read.

See? If you really wanna help the evacuees and the infants, say no to formula milk unless you know the water available is safe and there is no breastmilk AT ALL. (If you read the entire post, you'll now the meaning of AT ALL)

On the positive notes, I wanna share to you my favorite photo from Mr. Paul Quiambao's Photography: Finding Beauty in Disaster.
Beauty in chaos
Lumina Pandit
It's all about perspective.

It's weather is gloomy already, why don't you give a shiny smile for a change!

Be calm and stay alert. That's one key to survival.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Photo Blog #3

Rainy days are SO not yet over, with or without a storm, fog, wind and drizzle are always there to make the day cold and the night colder.
lurv the rain!
Rainy days are the best time for soups and hot beverages! And if you've read my previous posts, then you'll know how I love to munch soups!
chicken macaroni soup
Mom's home-made soup or Pizza Hut's mushroom soup always makes me fuzzy! (@^_^@)
perfect partner during the rainy season!
My newborn babe
 and the rain always kept me waking up late,
yet it's better to have late breakfast than nothing, right?
late breakfast means having midnight snack! :3
Most of my photos for this week is about food! lol
Good thing my A818 Duo never failed me, I could blog even when feeding babe! ;D
(I so lurv my phone right now! <3 <3 <3)
Imagine me eating, blogging, texting with a babe on one hand! Oh yeah! :D

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Typical Newborn-Mom Day

Embrace yourself for a quite long introduction...

Why? I had to, because I thought you need to know how I ended up on my recent daily routine. Please bear with me, hehe Here goes...

My husband and I used to work at home and when I was not yet pregnant, we either used to go out all day to inspect construction sites and have meetings with clients, architects and consultants. Or. We used to wake up, buy our breakfast, sometimes skip it, face our laptops not bothering each other until our seats gets hot or until the tummies growl that it's lunch time. I dont usually cook so we eat outside on our kitchen extension aka Chowking, good thing KFC opened up! :D Go home, work again, eat our dinner out. Or. Stay on our extended office aka Starbucks, Market Market or Coffee Bean, Serendra.  Go home and try to work again until were worn out and sleep at around one in the morning... again and again... and again... We were so workaholics that our lifestyle worn us out too we decided to have a babe. :)

When I was pregnant, I eat and sleep and sometimes when I'm on it, I still design and squeeze blogging. But most of the time, I'm in bed sleeping... dreaming... dozing off...  I just push myself to get up just to eat or pee or meet the doctors; OB-Gyne, Cardiologist, Hematologist.

The babe is out and we are still in transition.
Keeping a newborn is hard to master! My 'daily routine' is erratic! Like in Algebra, it will never be constant again but an integer, an unknown value of x. How to take care of new-born baby? First week, we were sleepless. Second week, hubby returned to work and I'm still, I mean were still sleep deprived! Third week, I'm getting the hang of it without sleep.

Babe now is 5kgs and more than two feet long...
He just turned two months last 26 and all I do all day is to breastfeed, burp, change diaper while squeezing blog and precious sleep. Yes, now I have new love for sleep!!! Mind you, i need to feed him every two hours for twenty-four hours! Do the math!!!