Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tracking Baby's Progress - His Firsts

Today,  my babe turns one year old and I wanna share our first year together through this post.
Tracking baby's progress is a fun thing to do - it's reminiscing proud moments - my heart just swells up in pride whenever I took note of all his firsts... :)
First smile.
We actually saw him smile or grimace during my 2nd ultrasound at around  6 to 7 months while knowing his gender.
*My first ultrasound was when the doctor confirmed of my pregnancy.
*And I'm happy to announce that babe and I only went twice under that radiation thingy!
First this.
First turn over.
First  laugh.
First word.
I wish it was mommy or mama but it's official, his first word was "dede", one proud breastfed baby here.
First sit.
First bus trip.
First grimace.
and now, First stand.
Soon enough, his first walk... :P
I don't mind taking each moments slow. I WANT to.
I want to embrace him all the way, its like carving these memories on my mind and in my heart.
I love my new life as a mom and it gets better everyday. I feel so blessed with a loving husband and a lovely baby.
I have a lot of photos but I'll save some for my next post.

I love you Jerson and I love you Jerson Clyde. <3

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Crowne Plaza Hotel

Where did we spend the last day of the controversial 2012 and babe's first new year's eve?  So what did I do? Definitely did not take the chances of a noisy smoking night on a possible accident-prone zone called home, so we decided to spend the night at the Crowne Plaza Hotel :)

Everyone had fun on our short stay. Including mom, dad, my brother Miah and sister Beth :) Special thanks t Ate Zhai for making this one-night-only possible! Big hugs and wet kisses coming your way! :X
I let my sister do the kodak moments for I'm busy with bebe like all the time so yeah here are the photos edited by Beth! :D
The minute we enter our room, bang!
Doing some shopping for our stay! That fic pistachio was the bomb! Until it melts because the room's personal ref was "not intended for ice cream" as the housekeeping said it, nevertheless it was heavenful! (If ever heaven was a taste!)
They attacked babe like there's no tomorrow! Where am I? IDK... Those it matter?
Guess I'm at the loo, marinating myself on the tub?
Mike and babe :)
Beth modeling her favorites among our snacks...
With lolo and lola, I'm so thankful my dad is willing enough to babysit Clyde while were gone shopping! :D and good thing we have what we called "gerbers"! :P and babe not being a picky-eater - yet. (bracing myself for the possibilities...)
Cozy right? Thanks to me doing a pre prenup, if you get it...
At the pool, doing our best not to gnaw for the new years' air was chilled!
(at the spacious bathroom)
(at the hallway while waiting for the elevator)
We are here to camwhore people but I'll save from the details! :P
The thumbs up:
  • One free complimentary parking for every room
  • Agenda Bakeshop located at the lobby of the hotel cuts off 50% on all items at 7:00pm
  • The hotel is connected to the Robinson's Galleria Mall
  • Spacious rooms I would cartwheel if I could plus, you could ask for interconnecting rooms
  • Late check-out is possible if you would ask for it and if the room is not reserved
  • You could choose between smoking and non-smoking room
  • Walk-in bathtub is separated from the shower
  • Hair dryer is ready-to-use
  • Swimming pool for kids have slide and waterfall
  • The employees are very courteous and polite
  • Accessible
The so-so:
  • Ancient but huge TV
  • No complimentary wifi
  • Charge for local calls
  • The shower changes from hot to too hot so be careful not to be scalded
  • Adult pool was small, not heated and 4' deep only
  • The pool is shared with the Holiday Inn Hotel
  • The gym is shared with the Holiday Inn Hotel
Perfect place to stay if you are on a business trip because of the location, although if you are here just to relax, ask for a higher room so you could sleep without hearing the hassle of the busy highway. :)
More hotel reviews coming soon!

Friday, May 3, 2013

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