Monday, October 28, 2013

Steifel Staples for My Sensitive Baby

Known Physiogel products for quite a while now, and I think this will stay in my vanity kit and babe's baby bag for a long time. :)
You see, I have sensitive skin, I don't concentrate on using soap that much - it makes my skin dry and itchy, not to mention, scaly especially on my lower and upper extremities. I used to have that longing for fairer, whiter skin - but most papaya whitening soaps in the market is "strong" and super-drying, I gave up already! Instead I focus on feeding my skin, making it healthier with the help of moisturizers and creams and lotions, plenty of water and an extra hour of sleep everyday and it's always a good thing to be introduced to products that are hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic and suits sensitive skin...
Last month, I had a -what I called it - Physiogel Week, where I blog marathoned my physiogel products that I recently had as a freebie and some full-sized I bought on the booth stand.
I am not keeping all these goodies for myself and as the title of this post implied, these I happily share with my family members especially to baby Clyde!
Hand Sanitizer - travel size bottle safe for cleaning baby's hands while effectively removing germs and dirt. What I do is, I clean baby's hands first with wet wipes, and then squeeze ample amount of this on his hands, spread and wipe with dry tissue. :)
Physiogel Lotion - I think that the Intensive Cream is for me, and this one is for my baby. An after bath and before going to bed treat for my baby's sensitive skin.
I'm proud to announce that I passed my skin-moisture-level test - which means, my skin is higher than average normal, it is moisturized! Happiness! I made a Physiogel marathon (not just the blog posts), where I challenge myself to use Physiogel Intensive Cream after shower and before bedtime everyday and I'm now reaping what I saw - generally healthier skin, more elastic, smooth and glowing. :) So, expect Physiogel products on my monthly empties!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Motherhood is Access To Guiltless Play Pleasure!

Since this blog is dedicated to motherhood and being a wife - full of love, energy and heck yeah, full of mess. I might as well share to you the fun and all the bright side of having a kiddo - play. Not the video games kind of thing, but the real play - with sweat, heart beating fast, lungs exploding, some bruises here and scrapes there all wrapped up in what we call "Quality Time"...
In the eyes of my little baby, everything is fun. Even the boring things that won't get your attention will scream fun to him and yes, even things you abhor might mean "fun", at that I meant even the "dirty" dirties. As a work-at-home mom, I spend my 24hours with technology which means work, exercise which means household chores and babe. I know what you're thinking, and the answer is yes, I don't have hired helpers. And that makes things a little interesting and much more complicated. Just the way I like it! Embracing my everyday hiatus like a true proud lady!
There are times when it's too boring (on my point of view) and I think at times, he is influenced by me. Melancholic life is the last thing I want my days with my baby as a toddler would be, so the secret is Make Room For Play Means Fun.

Tickles, pick-a-boos and goofing all day while latching milk and eating grapes (he'll trade his pack of m&m's and hersheys kisses to a single grape or a slice of lemon, believe me! I can't believe it either!) might sound like paradise to my baby although that is not always the case, it's surprising to know that making Clyde happier is much simpler and less complicated than what I thought.
There are times when goofing around means just twitching my arms awkwardly for a sec and abruptly stop making him laugh out loud catching his breath. Its priceless, because that same body movement won't have the same amazing effect when his a teeny.
Buying him expensive toys would make us less guilty (parents tend to feel like this especially when they have less time for kids) but having fun with him is way better therapeutic to him and to us, parents. Quality time with baby (the earlier the better) means connection stronger and connected childhood is the best first step to guarantee happy kids and soon, happy adults. This is what I have experienced with my parents. They are easy to talk to, we have quality time together, intimate talks and we play together until now, and I could say that we are a happy camper.
Motherhood is Access To Guiltless Play Pleasure! When I'm having fun playing with my baby makes me believe that he is having fun himself. I could goof around with him and there's no one to stop or judge me because I know that playtime with my JC creates joy and happy moments, not to mention, our quality play helps him develop skills essential to his future happiness. I know there are a lot of organized enriching activities that I could enroll my baby even as early as now, but I will let it pass for a year or so, because unstructured play will allow him to choose what he do best, (I'm so excited to know, what hobby will be his favorite!) and by that, he in the future could choose a career that he loves than he'll never work again because work is play.

Wacky faces,
Super-futuristic mom

Thursday, October 24, 2013

This Blog is Going to Blogapalooza 2013

Blogapalooza Manila Business to Blogger Networking Event Philippines WhenInManila (9)

This is our first time to try get into the Blogapalooza community, and I'm so happy to announce that this blog is included to the first 150 approved bloggers to join the Blogapalooza 2013 happening this November 16 at the SMX Aura, Taguig City.

What is Blogapalooza?
Blogapalooza is a community. It’s a link between big and small businesses who have something cool to share and the online community of people who love to share. Blogapalooza is a blogger event on crack! Lots of giveaways for the bloggers and online community and a chance for big and small businesses to present their product / brand / thingamajig to hundreds of influential bloggers and online social media influencers

To know more about Blogapalooza, click here.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Let's all find out first what is Sebamed, as this is also my first encounter to the subject above...
credits from Sebamed FB Page

I chance upon this on MOTF and I must say, I'm a happy camper! I love the simple packaging
and the cute bottles!
These three sample bottles are so cute and colorful, babe loves to play with it!

Sebamed Liquid Face & Body Wash - has vitamins and amino acids that effectively clean the skin while moisturizing it at the same time, leaving it supple and smooth.
Sebamed Moisturizing Cream - has high dosage of Vitamin E that naturally protects skin against wrinkles and increases the skin's capability to absorb moisture making the skin more elastic.
Baby Sebamed Baby Bubble Bath - is extra mild that cleanses baby's body without drying the skin. It has camomile herbal extract that soothes and protects skin against irritants.

So far, Sebamed is one of those brands that categorized their products according to what the consumer needs hence catering their needs effectively and efficiently. :)
Another brand worth trying! :)
Have a Sebamed-loved skin!

Infant Diarrhea

From all the visits we had to our different opinionated doctors (I always ask about their opinions especially those practicing western medicine against eastern and synthetic versus herbal, and yes, they are quite different from one another, advises, dos and don'ts, up to the recommended and prescribed medicines). And another yes, unfortunately, I couldn't settle yet for a doctor. We are still looking for that doctor that would be his permanent physician but I'm up to now, the search is still on - I won't settle for anything less. So, if you have a good doctor in mind, comment down below.
The fact finally sink into me, that Diarrhea also known as the loose bowel movement (lbm) is not a disease (we used to refer this as such but it is clearly not as several doctors repeated chorus it to our ears). It’s a sign, a symptom, that something is wrong with your digestive system (and in this post, something is terribly wrong with your baby’s little tummy). Diarrhea is the way of the system to remove that toxin out, good. The bad part is, it could and will make a toll on the baby – abdominal cramps, loose of electrolytes hence making baby feel tired and weak, dehydration (which could be deadly so stay alert). What we should do is to help the baby overcome the diarrhea phase with lesser complications, replenish his body from lost electrolytes and finally, removing the toxin out.
I’m not a doctor but I wanted to share how I “first aid” babe before running to a Pedia. That’s the reason why I ask questions from the doctors because some of us just can’t run and go to the hospital or clinic on the wee hours of the night and only depend on online research to help ease our baby’s agony. (Self medication is different and wrong by the way). And I had several numbers from my friend doctors here and in Baguio that we usually ask and consult via call or text.
I honestly don’t know how he got it. Food poisoning and water contamination are a possibility but whatever, when I saw that his poop was wet almost water with almost nothing solid in it and somewhat greenish-black in color (the doctor said that green stool is an indication of toxin). I (obviously) clean him up, put acete de mansenilla on his tummy, rub some on his back and soles as well and make him swallow some (brown) sugar (you could also mix some salt and/or sugar on water). I check his temperature and he is hot, running a 39.5 degree Celsius.
He is crying without a tear while looking, more like staring straight to my eyes (that is the way he’s telling me he’s in pain...- a mother’s heartbreak) and can’t stay put on breastfeeding, feeling so uncomfortable, groaning while pointing and tapping his palm on his tummy. Poor baby.
He is good and well now. But we were all devastated and sleepless not to mention worried much about my baby's well being.
Wish you and your baby a wellness. xx

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cycles Sensitive Baby Head-to-Toe Wash

Cycles Sensitive as the name of the brand denotes is for babies and for sensitive skin. I'm sure was happy to get my baby love this liquid soap as he is running low on his signature J&J milkbath.

Good to know that these are extra mild hence is safe for newborn babies! :) Be mindful that some baby wash are for 6months and above only. :)

Back of the liquid soap...

That's it for my Cycles Sensitive week posts. I would check their facebook page and scan for other products to try. :)

Cycles Sensitive Baby Lotion

imageI'm always and forever on the hunt on trying out new products, there's just so much out there that I can't settle yet (unless I finally found our family's hg) for my little man and this is our first time to encounter Cycles' hygiene/skincare products, I remember having Cycles' laundry powder for baby clothes and liquid soap for baby bottles, and I'm glad they extended their products (or was it just me not being updated? I'm not sure though, pardon moi.)

These huge bottles hold  half liter of baby friendly goodness. The best part it, I could and is actually planning on reusing these (saving mother Earth and saving pesos in one). I'm glad they had it in a pump-headed-sturdy-plastic bottle (whatever I meant, at least you got me, right?)

I bought these (on sale with free stickers and insect repellent) as I remember babe's running out of his favorite lotion and I think it's high time to try a new one on him, besides we are always inside an air-conditioned room, so it is a must to stock up on these goodies...
Will also transfer some of this in a travel friendly pump bottle so we could just share this, that I won't need to carry with me another bottle of lotion exclusively for him and for moi. :)
This as all other Cycles Sensitive is fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and paraben-free.

Back of the baby lotion...
Easily absorbed by skin, no pungent smell and not sticky. A film of this moisturizing lotion is enough for baby's whole day.
Can't wait to try another from Cycles Sensitive! What other products did you find amazing on this brand?

Cycles Sensitive Natural Insect Repellent

Aside from stickies, Cycles Sensitive comes up with a natural insect repellant that effectively provides 3hours of insect protection against mosquitoes and other crawlies.

wpid-C360_2013-10-11-21-38-56-386.jpgIt does not contain any fragrances and dyes but it did smell citrus-y because of its active ingredients, Citronella and Eucalyptus Oils. Its mild, light and non greasy as well.image
This is also safe for newborn babies, so that's a plus aside from being natural, chemical free and paraben free. I just wish it comes with a sprayer or pump to make it easier for application, babies tend to snatch, swat and throw things away after all. *imagining myself slapping this on babe's extremities and then, boom, fast reflex and little legs equals splatter on the beddings.
Less viscous than regular lotion and it is true to it's non-greasy claim. :)
I think I would transfer this on a pump bottle, just to make it more travel and baby friendly. Of course I Wont forget the stickies as well, besides it comes with the same scent. So when the sticker scents become beak, I'll just spray a full pump of this.

Stay dengue-and-malaria free!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

When It's A Boy

When you are a mother to a daughter, all things are usually shining, glittery and girly.
When you are a mother to a son, all things are always everywhere, dirty, disorganized and when you got more luck, it would be smelly too.
I love painting my face and Im used on dressing up. With a kiddo observing me doing makeup, I cringe - I cringe inside me every time! I always tell him that my liptube's for girls and he is a boy. I used to buy things in girly shades of pink and yellow and purple, now I'm considering a safer or say masculine shades such as dark green, moss green, deep blue, fiery reds and the neutrals black and white.
I bid my goodbyes to dolls and permanently get rid of kitchen playthings. I open my doors to different kinds of balls and airplanes and robots and cars.
I switch my heels to rubber shoes. Fancy tops to plain tees and sometimes my handbag to packs just so I could run after him and save him from whatever on the last seconds!
To make this post complete, I'll share to you my latest favorite article from the...
5 Things I Never Thought I'd Have to Say
The other day I said “Don’t punch your weenies!” and as I walked away I thought, seriously…did I just say that?
When it comes to raising boys, I can’t believe I have to say these things but apparently you do.
Here are five things I never thought I would say...
1. “Put the mouse back in the house!” (If you have boys, you ALL know what I am referring to!)
2. “No, we do not eat boogies and they are not super delicious.” (This was a fun conversation in the car, when I can’t do anything about it.)
3. “Don’t lick your brother!” (Did my youngest son transform into a cat when I wasn’t looking?)
4. “Your tongue is not a replacement for a tissue!” (A common statement in our household during flu season, especially with my youngest, who has a crazy super long tongue.)
5. “Don’t pee in the bathtub!” (Since when did the bathtub become a replacement for the toilet when it is right next to it?!)
Ah..yes, the life of being a mom with boys. We are always on the lookout because we know anything is possible.
Babe's a year and a half old and I can't wait to see our own version of "things I never thought I would say" of course I would not leave you hanging because I would definitely share them with you!
And, to end this post I would also like to suggest to search the latest talk of the parenthood town in the web --- the silliest, most creepiest things children ever said to their parents - the articles and the comments were hilarious!
Enjoy them while their still young and want hugs and a kisses before they turn to rebellious teenies,
*looks for babe *picks him up on the bed *wet him with kisses and squeeze him with hugs
Mommy G.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cycles Sensitive (Anti-Mosquito Citronella Patches)

Eversince the crazy outbreak of dengue in our country, parents became obsessed of mosquiteros, door and window screens, katol, bugs prayers and most of all mosquito repellant be it in a form of lotion and spray... (especially for kids but remember, even adults are prone to dengue- where mosquitoes are, dengue is just around the corner) and now, in the form of stickies???
Yep, you read that right. Cycles came out with a brilliant idea of putting mosquitoes shoo-er in the form of stickers!
of cute colorful animal print stickies for that matter. It is
*100% natural
*DEET free
* Non-toxic
You can stick it to practically everything stick-able, from baby's stroller, bag, crib and even to his clothes and skin. The lady in the booth said it is safe to stick it directly to baby's skin but prefer to stick it to his clothes instead.
The thing about colorful stickers is that babies tends to peel it off right after you put it just like what my babe used to do on his patches and bandaids. So to make it peel-free, you have to stick it to where the eyes not see it like on the back of the collar, on the back pocket of the pants for cute principes and on the hem of the skirt for cute princessitas. Don't forget to stick one on each back of the shoes as well. Mosquitoes love to lurk on those places as well.
I wish it was individually wrapped to ensure the powers of each stickies but unfortunately not. Good thing though that it was placed on a resealable plastic pouch.
I'm also not sure how long does each stickies last after opening it but I'm guessing that as long as you could smell the citronella, it is still working. The stronger the smell is, the effective it would be. I don't have the heart to peel this off on my baby's bag when it ran out of its power so what I would do is I would spray babe's Giga baby insect repellant spray on it! #awesome #smartypants!
I forgot to ask how much are these since I got this as free from the items I bought on the MOTF event last week. This would definitely be inside babe's travel bag when we hike on our north trip. It'll make his trip more fun and mosquito-free.
Disclaimer: some mosquitoes are super badass or maybe they are capable of getting a flu that they wont smell sometimes and at some point the stickers power can and will become weak, so do not rely to just only this. This is only just an added extra protection. Wear long sleeves and socks. Unwrap and use moisquitero or baby umbrella screen cover. Slap on anti-mosquitoes repellant and be vigilant as well. Throw away stagnant water at the first place to avoid breeding grounds for disease-carrying mosquitoes. We don't want our babies sensitive skin be sucked by those bloody vampires insects, do we?

Vampire hunting, err.. mosquito swatting,
Mommy G. with (chargeable tennis racket like with flaslight) swatter on right and breastfeeding baby on left. #superdupermom

Sunday, October 6, 2013

MommyMundo's Moms On The Floor 2013 First Segment: Babies and Infants

Hello mommies! Have you been to any of the previous MOTF events or any of the MOTF segments last saturday? Well, obviously, babe and I, along with mom and dad and hubby (yes, it's a family bonding time event) decided to crashed it although we arrived late. So much for being late up to like 3am because babe got snuffles. This was taken the night before the event...

We did hesitated to come, but after a half cup of hot water + honey and himpraying to be well and I, whispering to him get well tonight because tomorrow we're gonna partayyy! - and so he did. Good job baby!

It's better to be late than never... so finally, we arrived at the 38th floor, The Loft of Manansala Towers - here we confirm our reservation at the Registration booth...
They were in the middle of playing! We rushed our way through and let my babe enjoy the bubbles, sing songs and play below the parachute to end the game - and when I meant rush it means no time to snap a picture or two.

Moms, dads and babes are having a blast. After partayying - I meant playing- we sat down and listen to our guest speaker (a pediatrician)


Several raffle draws are inserted on each talk, and guess what? I'm the last to win - a pack of Quacker Oats Cookies! :) For sure babe will get his hands all over it and will never stop until he eats it all! :PDSC00493
After awhile, Ma'am Rome taught us the importance of massaging our infants and how to correctly do it and make it a quality time...

We ended the program with calm babies, mine actually snoozed his way out breastfeeding style! :P

Sponsor Booths including:
Cycles and Cradle
Aprica and Goody
Lactacyd - for moms and babiesDSC00499DSC00498
Life - counting blessings through photographyDSC00501
Nurture Nook

We also met new friends. :) Hi Mommy V and baby! <3DSC00503

This is the loot we took home after booth hopping and buying babe's essentials and supply! :)
Thank you so much Mommy Mundo for this wonderful event. :)