Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cycles Sensitive (Anti-Mosquito Citronella Patches)

Eversince the crazy outbreak of dengue in our country, parents became obsessed of mosquiteros, door and window screens, katol, bugs prayers and most of all mosquito repellant be it in a form of lotion and spray... (especially for kids but remember, even adults are prone to dengue- where mosquitoes are, dengue is just around the corner) and now, in the form of stickies???
Yep, you read that right. Cycles came out with a brilliant idea of putting mosquitoes shoo-er in the form of stickers!
of cute colorful animal print stickies for that matter. It is
*100% natural
*DEET free
* Non-toxic
You can stick it to practically everything stick-able, from baby's stroller, bag, crib and even to his clothes and skin. The lady in the booth said it is safe to stick it directly to baby's skin but prefer to stick it to his clothes instead.
The thing about colorful stickers is that babies tends to peel it off right after you put it just like what my babe used to do on his patches and bandaids. So to make it peel-free, you have to stick it to where the eyes not see it like on the back of the collar, on the back pocket of the pants for cute principes and on the hem of the skirt for cute princessitas. Don't forget to stick one on each back of the shoes as well. Mosquitoes love to lurk on those places as well.
I wish it was individually wrapped to ensure the powers of each stickies but unfortunately not. Good thing though that it was placed on a resealable plastic pouch.
I'm also not sure how long does each stickies last after opening it but I'm guessing that as long as you could smell the citronella, it is still working. The stronger the smell is, the effective it would be. I don't have the heart to peel this off on my baby's bag when it ran out of its power so what I would do is I would spray babe's Giga baby insect repellant spray on it! #awesome #smartypants!
I forgot to ask how much are these since I got this as free from the items I bought on the MOTF event last week. This would definitely be inside babe's travel bag when we hike on our north trip. It'll make his trip more fun and mosquito-free.
Disclaimer: some mosquitoes are super badass or maybe they are capable of getting a flu that they wont smell sometimes and at some point the stickers power can and will become weak, so do not rely to just only this. This is only just an added extra protection. Wear long sleeves and socks. Unwrap and use moisquitero or baby umbrella screen cover. Slap on anti-mosquitoes repellant and be vigilant as well. Throw away stagnant water at the first place to avoid breeding grounds for disease-carrying mosquitoes. We don't want our babies sensitive skin be sucked by those bloody vampires insects, do we?

Vampire hunting, err.. mosquito swatting,
Mommy G. with (chargeable tennis racket like with flaslight) swatter on right and breastfeeding baby on left. #superdupermom

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