Saturday, October 26, 2013

Motherhood is Access To Guiltless Play Pleasure!

Since this blog is dedicated to motherhood and being a wife - full of love, energy and heck yeah, full of mess. I might as well share to you the fun and all the bright side of having a kiddo - play. Not the video games kind of thing, but the real play - with sweat, heart beating fast, lungs exploding, some bruises here and scrapes there all wrapped up in what we call "Quality Time"...
In the eyes of my little baby, everything is fun. Even the boring things that won't get your attention will scream fun to him and yes, even things you abhor might mean "fun", at that I meant even the "dirty" dirties. As a work-at-home mom, I spend my 24hours with technology which means work, exercise which means household chores and babe. I know what you're thinking, and the answer is yes, I don't have hired helpers. And that makes things a little interesting and much more complicated. Just the way I like it! Embracing my everyday hiatus like a true proud lady!
There are times when it's too boring (on my point of view) and I think at times, he is influenced by me. Melancholic life is the last thing I want my days with my baby as a toddler would be, so the secret is Make Room For Play Means Fun.

Tickles, pick-a-boos and goofing all day while latching milk and eating grapes (he'll trade his pack of m&m's and hersheys kisses to a single grape or a slice of lemon, believe me! I can't believe it either!) might sound like paradise to my baby although that is not always the case, it's surprising to know that making Clyde happier is much simpler and less complicated than what I thought.
There are times when goofing around means just twitching my arms awkwardly for a sec and abruptly stop making him laugh out loud catching his breath. Its priceless, because that same body movement won't have the same amazing effect when his a teeny.
Buying him expensive toys would make us less guilty (parents tend to feel like this especially when they have less time for kids) but having fun with him is way better therapeutic to him and to us, parents. Quality time with baby (the earlier the better) means connection stronger and connected childhood is the best first step to guarantee happy kids and soon, happy adults. This is what I have experienced with my parents. They are easy to talk to, we have quality time together, intimate talks and we play together until now, and I could say that we are a happy camper.
Motherhood is Access To Guiltless Play Pleasure! When I'm having fun playing with my baby makes me believe that he is having fun himself. I could goof around with him and there's no one to stop or judge me because I know that playtime with my JC creates joy and happy moments, not to mention, our quality play helps him develop skills essential to his future happiness. I know there are a lot of organized enriching activities that I could enroll my baby even as early as now, but I will let it pass for a year or so, because unstructured play will allow him to choose what he do best, (I'm so excited to know, what hobby will be his favorite!) and by that, he in the future could choose a career that he loves than he'll never work again because work is play.

Wacky faces,
Super-futuristic mom

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