Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cycles Sensitive Natural Insect Repellent

Aside from stickies, Cycles Sensitive comes up with a natural insect repellant that effectively provides 3hours of insect protection against mosquitoes and other crawlies.

wpid-C360_2013-10-11-21-38-56-386.jpgIt does not contain any fragrances and dyes but it did smell citrus-y because of its active ingredients, Citronella and Eucalyptus Oils. Its mild, light and non greasy as well.image
This is also safe for newborn babies, so that's a plus aside from being natural, chemical free and paraben free. I just wish it comes with a sprayer or pump to make it easier for application, babies tend to snatch, swat and throw things away after all. *imagining myself slapping this on babe's extremities and then, boom, fast reflex and little legs equals splatter on the beddings.
Less viscous than regular lotion and it is true to it's non-greasy claim. :)
I think I would transfer this on a pump bottle, just to make it more travel and baby friendly. Of course I Wont forget the stickies as well, besides it comes with the same scent. So when the sticker scents become beak, I'll just spray a full pump of this.

Stay dengue-and-malaria free!

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