Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Infant Diarrhea

From all the visits we had to our different opinionated doctors (I always ask about their opinions especially those practicing western medicine against eastern and synthetic versus herbal, and yes, they are quite different from one another, advises, dos and don'ts, up to the recommended and prescribed medicines). And another yes, unfortunately, I couldn't settle yet for a doctor. We are still looking for that doctor that would be his permanent physician but I'm up to now, the search is still on - I won't settle for anything less. So, if you have a good doctor in mind, comment down below.
The fact finally sink into me, that Diarrhea also known as the loose bowel movement (lbm) is not a disease (we used to refer this as such but it is clearly not as several doctors repeated chorus it to our ears). It’s a sign, a symptom, that something is wrong with your digestive system (and in this post, something is terribly wrong with your baby’s little tummy). Diarrhea is the way of the system to remove that toxin out, good. The bad part is, it could and will make a toll on the baby – abdominal cramps, loose of electrolytes hence making baby feel tired and weak, dehydration (which could be deadly so stay alert). What we should do is to help the baby overcome the diarrhea phase with lesser complications, replenish his body from lost electrolytes and finally, removing the toxin out.
I’m not a doctor but I wanted to share how I “first aid” babe before running to a Pedia. That’s the reason why I ask questions from the doctors because some of us just can’t run and go to the hospital or clinic on the wee hours of the night and only depend on online research to help ease our baby’s agony. (Self medication is different and wrong by the way). And I had several numbers from my friend doctors here and in Baguio that we usually ask and consult via call or text.
I honestly don’t know how he got it. Food poisoning and water contamination are a possibility but whatever, when I saw that his poop was wet almost water with almost nothing solid in it and somewhat greenish-black in color (the doctor said that green stool is an indication of toxin). I (obviously) clean him up, put acete de mansenilla on his tummy, rub some on his back and soles as well and make him swallow some (brown) sugar (you could also mix some salt and/or sugar on water). I check his temperature and he is hot, running a 39.5 degree Celsius.
He is crying without a tear while looking, more like staring straight to my eyes (that is the way he’s telling me he’s in pain...- a mother’s heartbreak) and can’t stay put on breastfeeding, feeling so uncomfortable, groaning while pointing and tapping his palm on his tummy. Poor baby.
He is good and well now. But we were all devastated and sleepless not to mention worried much about my baby's well being.
Wish you and your baby a wellness. xx

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