Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Timezone Train

One of baby's most mall anticipated rides was the Timezone Train located at the new wing of Metro Gaisano Market! Market! :)


This mini little tiny train (hihi) is so cute! Even adults especially foreigners ride it! 35php per person with infants (not yet walking) free! It circles the new wing until it reaches its station in approximately 3minutes or less depending on the driver's pace and the crowd. :)

This was his first train ride - look at his excited face!

and this was his ride yesterday!


The train is complete with the train "honk"...


without rail tracks instead it has small wheels :)


Timezone is one of our favorite hangouts inside the mall!

Check out babe's different rides!
From arcades...

to small rides
Look mom, no shoes! hihi

He hates putting his socks and shoes when he was less than a year. Thank goodness he loves his shoes now that he is 1year 4months, unfortunately though, he still hate having blankets around and on top of him even if our room is freaking cold!

He so can't wait to ride again!
Up next, babe's first Enchated Kingdom experience! :D

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