Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cycles Sensitive Baby Lotion

imageI'm always and forever on the hunt on trying out new products, there's just so much out there that I can't settle yet (unless I finally found our family's hg) for my little man and this is our first time to encounter Cycles' hygiene/skincare products, I remember having Cycles' laundry powder for baby clothes and liquid soap for baby bottles, and I'm glad they extended their products (or was it just me not being updated? I'm not sure though, pardon moi.)

These huge bottles hold  half liter of baby friendly goodness. The best part it, I could and is actually planning on reusing these (saving mother Earth and saving pesos in one). I'm glad they had it in a pump-headed-sturdy-plastic bottle (whatever I meant, at least you got me, right?)

I bought these (on sale with free stickers and insect repellent) as I remember babe's running out of his favorite lotion and I think it's high time to try a new one on him, besides we are always inside an air-conditioned room, so it is a must to stock up on these goodies...
Will also transfer some of this in a travel friendly pump bottle so we could just share this, that I won't need to carry with me another bottle of lotion exclusively for him and for moi. :)
This as all other Cycles Sensitive is fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and paraben-free.

Back of the baby lotion...
Easily absorbed by skin, no pungent smell and not sticky. A film of this moisturizing lotion is enough for baby's whole day.
Can't wait to try another from Cycles Sensitive! What other products did you find amazing on this brand?

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