Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Are You Ready for Marriage?"

Two years ago, I faced the mirror and asked myself: "Are you ready for marriage?"

How I end up saying yes? Well...

There are guidelines, standards or checklists that people unconsciously use to see if they are qualified enough to tie the knot, and as an engineer I can compare marriage in constructing a structure. It required careful and well analyzed preparation of blueprints, document papers and financial sources.

We as a couple contemplate this new prospect in our lives by having realistic discernment of blessings and costs of being married. Thinking like can you skip "these" to avail "these" kind of stuff... Like be together more and less together with pals and friends... More of WE and US than ME, MYSELF, I...

Preparing the BIG DAY is a BIG challenge! I know! Been there, done that! And it literally cost me a tear or two... :' )

BUT, maintaining the husband-wife relationship years after the vow and signing of papers is way MORE challenging... Like they say, it takes you less than three seconds to say "I Love You' but a lifetime to prove it!

The keys:
wholehearted commitment, LOVE and RESPECT
Although solemn oath of commitment is quite frightening, the realization of one's affection to the other will help to conclude that it is not a burden to carry 'till death do us part, but as a source of security that we'll stay together as one 'till the rest of our lives...

By marriage, we shout to the world, we legalized, that we intend to stick together.

We've been a couple for five years before jumping into the wagon, & I can say we invested a lot. We're not in a perfect relationship, nobody does... and we have our share of sweet and sour moments...

Two years ago we concluded that it's time open the next chapter of our lives, the highest level of our relationship, to become
the bride and the groom...
the husband and the wife...

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Growing Belly and The Stretchmarks!

If you're a first timer like mwuah, you'll be amaze on how your skin is very elastic! Plus the shock that your skinny jeans and fitted shirts don't fit you anymore! *awwww!* But the thing is, it's now ok not to hold your breath during photo ops because your excused to have big tummy! LOL

I'm so inlove with my growing tummy and fortunately, my husband is head-to-foot inlove in my new figure! Well, I thought he should be! He's the one giving me stretchmarks at the first place! harhar XP
He keeps on talking with my belly, I mean our baby... The joy is over whelming! Like I could live for these moments forever!

BUT remember moms-to-be, you take the good with bad! We can't have all the good stuffs! And I assure you, stretchmarks can bitch-slap you like Mondays does! They can grow from your lower abdomen, upper thighs, back of the knees and if your blessed with huge boobies with bottomless milk, stretchies can grow there too! And we should get our grooves on fighting back those nasty uglies so we could still wear the two-piece bikini were saving for the summer and become a pregnant goddess! ;)

So the first rule I think is the most important of all, I could tell its
the Golden Rule against Stretchies: Drink Plenty of Water!
Everyone should drink plenty of water, and being pregnant, I now have a good reason to exchange my morning cup of decaf coffee to a glass of water. One is, coffee dehydrates our skin which makes us more prone to stretchies! And aside from moisturizing our skin from within, water can also prevent UTI and lessen the effect of Beriberi during pregnancy because it avoids water retention in the body!
Secondly, we should get the juicy stuffs!

Juicy fruits like watermelons, cucumbers and papaya etc
 Avoid eating fried/dried food and explore the world of hot soups! Drinking Vitamin E through the food we eat or by supplements will help our skin become more healthy and elastic. Plus, the Vitamin E in gel form can be put directly to the stretched area to help skin heal and become more flexible! ;)

If you love Body Butter, this is the time to splurge on! Body butters are like lotion but more concentrated and intense. It moisturizes, protects, nourishes and hydrates skin. The best body butters for preggers are cocoa butter base because its high in potassium, calcium, iron and antioxidants. Best applied after bath, body butters relaxes not just our skin but our senses.

Pregnant tummy craves for body butter! Reward yourself and your little bean with a little taste of luxury that body butter can give! It could  rejuvenate you like you've just been to the spa!
So far my favorite body butters are:
Organica Body Butter in Organic Green Apple
this body butter is love and I use this body butter after bath... I so love the scent! It's not that strong, doesn't burn my nose and light on skin, easy to glide and stays longer! :)
made with certified organic green apples from France and is 100% vegetarian ingredients
and my on the go, wherever whenever...
NIVEA angel star Body Soft Souffle
irresistible raspberry scent and skin caring cream enriched with yoghurt
that I got from Take Flight: Launch of BDJ Power Planner 2012. These I keep on my desk, in my purse, make up bag or wherever else I think it might come in handy!

Lastly, the growing tummy usually becomes itchy and I try to avoid to directly scratch it. So goodbye long nails and hello trimmed nails! I pass on salon manicure these days, I just kept it trimmed, I mean my husband kept my fingernails trimmed! *Thanks Love!* When it's super itchy, I tend to put some body butter on my fingers and gently massage the itchy part in a circular motion.

If the stretchies are starting to grow, don't panic! It's natural, at least try your best to reduce and lessen its effect! :)

I hope every preggers love their tummy like crazy! Remember, that's where your little bean is growing!

Oh! If I could only hug my tummy like my husband does! :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nutrition During Pregnancy

In my journey of having a tummy like this:
I'm full of excitement like "Hey baby, come out! I wanna play with you right now! I mean not yet, you're not yet due! But please make it fast! I wanna snuggle you up!". I can't wait to see my baby! BUT I have concerns too. And I learned the basic of what to expect when it comes to nutrition during my pregnancy. If before I could "abuse" myself in some tolerable level like sleeping super late at night, eat junk foods and skip meals...

Now, I must get myself ready on being disciplined and religious when it comes on nutrition.
First, drinking my prescribed medicines.  I took the vitamins my OB prescribe me which includes a multivitamins and minerals specially made for pregnant women, folic acid for my little bean, vitamin E to avoid or at least lessen the future stretch marks and to make my growing skin more elastic and IRON to avoid anemia.

Note: I'm sharing what my Doc told me, and please do not self medicate. Every preggers should always have a prenatal check up every month in a health center or private clinic or both. :) Make sure to follow what the Doc has to say because we are all different. And it's always fun to learn the weekly progress of your little bean and makes you worry less when you confine your doubts and questions to your trusty OB. :)

Aside from the prescribed medicines, there are important nutrients that pregnant women should get from the food we eat like fruits and vegetables. So far, I crave for these goodies and its so good to know that:
strawberries are rich in folic acid
kiwi is enriched with double the vitamin C of oranges and 6 times more vitamin E than apples!
longan which means 'dragon's eye' is extremely sweet, juicy and is said to invigorate the heart and spleen, nourish the blood and have a calming effect on the nervous system
Important nutrients pregnant women should be-friend with are:

Fiber - improves digestion and prevents or lessen constipation can be found on fruits , vegetables, wheat and cereal.

Iron - helps in aiding increase supply of blood to the fetus and own body. Iron can be found on fish, seafoods and vinegar. My Doc told me to eat fish with scales and avoid bottom feeders because no-scale fishes are high in lead.

Folic Acid - helps increase metabolism and red blood cell formation

Carbohydrates - provides extra energy, since our inside are busy prepping the baby :P Can be found on rice, pasta, corn and potatoes. Mind you potatoes are the best carbs! :)

Protein - helps in fetal growth and increases blood volume. Aside from meat and fish, protein can be found on milk, cheese, nuts, eggs and yogurt!

Calcium - humans cannot create its own calcium and the baby is dependent on our calcium to build bones and teeth. Hence, Calcium is important to mom and baby! This can be found on milk and other milk products like cheese.

I take milk formulated for pregnant women, it tastes good, available in different flavors and is a good source of Folate, DHA, GA and Vitamin B6 which helps me reduce the effects of nausea! :)

As for my case, I took the instructions very, very seriously but even though, there are times when I failed to drink meds because of my hectic schedule, sudden changes of priorities, stress at work, or for whatever reason. At first, I felt bad about it, guilty at most. But I realized I should not fret, I am taking good care of this little baby and hey! Women get pregnant for centuries even in times when there's no doctor to prescribe or consult yet! *winked*

Friday, February 24, 2012

High Dessert Wellness

Aside form nutrition during pregnancy, I took initiative to search for more, for what can I do more to become a better host for my growing little bean. My aunts and mom introduced me to High Dessert Products! I took time to search about the products and I decided to take the Royal Jelly in liquid and tablet, Clover Honey and Bee Propolis.. :)
Royal Jelly: Be Forever Young!
It is called the bee's milk and only the queen bee feeds on royal jelly her entire life hence she outlive the regular bees 40 times, became 50% larger than the rest and is able to lay 2000 eggs per day! ;)
-delays ageing process
- increase collagen production for youthful-looking skin, and its a good fight against stretchmarks!
- promotes cell regeneration
-restore vitality
-increase calcium absorption to prevent osteoporosis, and it helps baby to build stronger bones and teeth
-plus, it helps prevent cancer and infertility! more babies! :D
-comes in two forms, viscous liquid and tablet
Liquid Royale Jelly
The liquid royale jelly tastes bitter-sweet, I took one teaspoon a day and cost Php2390/$57 for 5.2 oz.
Royal Jelly Tablet
I took this 1 tablet a day. Tastes milky sweet, I chew this like candy! Cost Php773/$19 for 30 tablets.
Bee Propolis: Nature's Most Powerful Antibiotic!
As an effective natural antibiotic, it builds up body's natural protection against germs, bacteria and viruses which pregnant women are more susceptible. High antioxidant content, it strengthen our immune system and prevent us from getting sick including baby. :P
-anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. Good defense against yeast infection during pregnancy!
- power antioxidant
-strengthens immune system. Remember, pregnant women are prone to flu and cold because the immune system lowers its defense to accept the growing baby
-heals infections
-speed up recovery from illness, or from giving birth. A perfect partner in preparing delivery!
Bee Propolis
I used to take this as a candy when I was little, but it taste bitter, and I find it hard to swallow... Cost Php1280/$31 for 60 tablets.
Clover Honey: A Healthy Treat!
Clover Honey is naturally unprocessed to ensure the highest amounts of vitamins, enzymes and minerals. Great for digestive system because it enhances the absorption of nutrients from the food we eat! :)
- heavy pregnant women are prone to constipation and HDI clover honey promotes bowel movement and relieves constipation and cleans digestive tracts
-maintains balance of good bacteria and inhibits bad bacteria in the tummy just like lactobacillus drinks and yogurt
-helps heal wounds faster
Clover Honey
I can swallow a spoonful of this everyday, also best replacement for sugar in hot tea and good substitute for diabetics. 500 gm costs Php750/$18.
These products surely helps mom-to-be and baby stay healthy along the way...
It's good to know that I'm doing my best for my baby. A happy mom means a happy baby, so a healthy mom means a healthy baby! Cheers to good health!


I’m 3 days delay and my heart was beating unusually fast…
I’m excited and worried at the prospect of pregnancy. Am I ready?
“Having a bun in the oven” sinks in, mixed emotions erupt and I cry a tear or two… Nostalgic...
Image Detail
I told my husband about it and his face cracked a crooked smile. He was excited to be a dad! (which makes me more comfortable and at ease...) Thinking we are together in this. And so our journey to parenthood springs. *heart beating loud*
Image Detail
We are happy and excited! Now, we're not just husband and wife,
we will be mom, dad and baby!