Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tips and Tricks in Bottle Feeding

Here's my lists of tips and tricks when it comes to bottle feeding, I hope these helps new-moms and refresh moms too! hehe

- don't use feeding teats as soother. Why? It doesn't help your baby in any way. If there's something wrong with the baby, help him/her. Search what's wrong! Don't just settle in knowing he/she isn't crying anymore because of the teater. Now that's sad, right?

- prolonged sucking of fluids can cause tooth decay. Give baby a break, and get those milk down with a help of water.

- always check food temperature before feeding. Not too cold for the baby might experience colic and not too hot as well, allow hot liquids to cool before preparing feeds to avoid scalding! we don't want our little ones with burnt scalds, do we? Lukewarm would be best for milk.

- clean and sanitize bottles always before use to ensure hygiene. You don't want the risk of germs that those night crawlers might give your baby!

- do not use feeding teats in direct heat or sunlight. It might damage and affect quality of the teats

- use teat with correct flow rate when feeding baby. It might cause uncomfort and can cause drowning! 1hole for newborns, 2holes for slow flow, 3holes for medium flow and 4holes for fast flow. These also depends on the age of your baby.

- breast milk can be stored 48hours inside refrigerator, not in the door compartment, and can be freeze for 3months in 0degree Celsius freezer if properly stored in a bottle

If you're an Avent user like me, here are the proper way of using the bottles:
Avent Feeding Bottles
feeding bottles
breast milk containers
trainer kit
breast pump
That sums it up! Can't wait to use these tips very soon! :D What's your tips? Really would love to know yours, share them by commenting down below!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Conditions Tested for Newborn Screening

Five Health Conditions Tested in Newborn Screening

CH (Congenital Hypothyroidism) - when not cured would cause mental retardation
  • Congenital Hypothyrodism is the result of absence of Thyroid Hormone that is important for physical and mental growth of the baby. If in two weeks this health condition was not treated, this may cause short and mentally retarded child
CAH (Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia) - when not cured would cause death
  • Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia is a condition where in salt is absent in the body, internal dehydration and high male sex hormones for both baby girls and boys. If not treated, the baby may die 7-14 days after birth
GAL (Galactosemia) - when not cured would cause death or cataract
  • Galactosemia is a condition where the body cannot process galactose; a kind of sugar present on milk. Consumption of galactose will cause future health problems like damaged liver and brain, and may cause early cataract
PKU (Phenylketonuria) - when not cured would cause mental retardation 
  • Phenylketonuria is a condition where the body has no ability to process phenylalanine; an important element of protein that could lead to mental retardation if not treated early
Glucose-6-Phosphate Deficiency - when not cured would cause anemia and/or kernicterus
  • G6PD def is when the body is lack of G6PD enzyme. This will cause Hemolytic Anemia if the baby is exposed to harmful medicine, chemical and food that is high on oxidative substance.
Note to parents that while waiting for the NBS results, avoid exposing the baby to naphthalene or moth balls, and make sure that all medicines given are prescribed by doctors. If these conditions are treated early, the baby will be alive and normal.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Newborn Screening Results

After knowing the importance of Newborn Screening (NBS), it is now necessary for us to know what the NBS result means.
Negative Result -  congratulations! Your newborn is perfectly normal and healthy!
But what if it's positive?
Positive Result - this means that the baby must be returned to the hospital immediately for additional medical examination.
Why other babies need repetition of medical tests?
- the blood from the baby was obtained before 24hours of birth
- the blood sample is defective, hence, giving wrong result
-the first test shows positive problem, hence, another test is to be conducted to double-check
If its necessary to repeat the medical test, do it as early as possible!
What to do if the result is still positive?
Consult your baby to the nearest hospital or specialist for confirmatory test and for other procedures to do.
Acting immediately is important because every minute count! The baby's health is dependent on his/her parents instantaneous action. The sooner you get help, the more chance for baby's healthier future.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stages of Labor

I'm exactly 37 weeks now, (3weeks to go!) so I often read articles and search about stages of labor, I personally talk about it with my OB too and I'm so thankful that she's supporting me all the way.

First timers like me may take longer to labor of an average of 15 to more than 20 hours. Whew! While women who previously had vaginal birth takes at least 8 hours on the average. So, obviously, I need to endure 15hours or so.. I wonder what's my figure! My doctor, Dra. Moreno of Benguet Lab at SM Baguio explained to me that I need not to worry that much because she'll coach me how to push! >_< So I wont have to waste my energy and at the same time efficiently use it.. :)

She also wrapped up the stages of labor. Here's a view of what to expect when you're getting there.. hehe
Contractions: constant contractions that causes progressive dilation of the cervix, unlike the Braxton Hicks, these contractions are more frequent and quite painful. When the cervix is dilated next stage begins.

Early Labor: the effaced cervix thins out and opens, usually, pregnant sits out this stage until the cervix opens up to about 4 centimeters and the progress speeds up

Active labor: during this stage, contractions are more frequent, longer and stronger together where in the cervix dilates from 8 to 10 centimeters. Active labor is also called Transition which is the most intense part with an interval of two to three minutes. Oh wow!

Pushing Stage: the cervix finally is fully dilated and it's the start of the baby's birth. As it is called "pushing", it's the final descent of the baby that could last from few minutes to few hours. Another Oh wow! The rule is, if its you're first time, it'll take longer. The baby will advance until it "crowns", seeing the baby's head for the first time, then the head will turn as the shoulders rotate and exit. The doctor will coach to push, one at a time, to push the head, the shoulders and the rest of the body.

Delivery of Placenta: after pushing out the baby, the third stage begins, it's the delivery of the placenta. The contraction during this stage is relatively mild, my doc said I won't even mind it because my mind now focuses on the cry that I'll hear! OH WOW!

I'm nervous but at the same time, excited! :D My my hematologist assured me that my beta-thalassemia wont be a high risk for my delivery and my cardiologist (thank goodness!) approved that I can do the NSD (normal spontaneous delivery) because my heart fully recovered from my surgery four years ago, unless my reproductive can't or the baby is transverse. I know that I'll be exhausted physically but imagining myself seeing my baby for the first time really excites me! :D Still, I'm hoping for the best! :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Baby's First Things Hospital Need Haul

After having my baby's first shopping haul, my OB gave me a list of things to buy for my hospital needs which includes my Johnson's baby mini haul and I decided to add some few stuff that I think I will also need... Check them out!
Hospital Needs Haul
Smart Steps
Smart Steps is hypoallergenic, pedia recommended and ultra mild. It's perfect for baby's sensitive skin ages 0 to 3 years old because it doesn't have dyes, optical brighteners, enzymes and bleach :D
Just for the hospital stay, this small pack of cotton buds are enough :)
Maternity pads after giving birth and Adult diaper during labor
Remember, it's not Isopropyl but Ethyl Alcohol 70% Solution
Aside from the personal vanity I bought, I also add some baby wears that I'll be bragging about soon heehee... What's your OB's list of hospital needs? I wanna know! :D Share them on the comment box below! :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Newborn Screening

Now that I'm nearing my third trimester, my OB gave me some ideas of what should I know about newborn screening (NBS) and I wanna share 'em with you all as well. :)

WHAT: Newborn Screening (NBS) is a simple medical test to know if babies have congenital metabolic disorder/s. If this is not prevented as early as possible, it may cause mental retardation or premature death.

WHY: NBS is important because a lot of newborns that have congenital metabolic disorders looks normal. Yet, thru NBS, this condition may be known even before the symptoms show, hence, giving early medication to avoid mental retardation or premature death.

WHEN: It is done 48 hours to 72 hours after birth. This can also be done 24hours after birth as well.

HOW (Procedure): Few drops of blood from the ankle of the baby is placed on a special filter card paper and is delivered to the Newborn Screening Center (NSC).

WHO: Any of the attending doctors, nurses, medical technologists or midwives may take the blood sample for the NBS.

WHERE: NBS can be done by hospitals, lying-in and health centers. Note: NBS is part of Philhealth Newborn Care Package.

HOW (Result): Results can be claimed in the hospital or lying in where the NBS is conducted after 7 - 14 working days. Note: Positive results is immediately given to parents hence it is important to give the right information like address and phone number.

Positive or negative? The result will indicate if the baby is healthy or is in need of immediate medical attention. Although NBS is not mandatory, parents and pregnant women are encouraged to do the Newborn Screening for the protection of the baby. :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

My Johnson's Baby Mini Haul

I grew up as a Johnson's Baby and as a new mom I want to pass this simple "legacy" to my baby... :) Even my OB trusted Johnson's in baby care because it provides the best standards of safety, mildness and most delicate care for our precious little ones. Its budget friendly as well because the prices are so affordable!  Aside from my first shopping haul my OB gave me a list of things I need to buy for my little one and that includes Johnsons'!
my mini haul
Johnson's Baby Top to Toe Wash
I bought this small size 200ml for Php 90. Its convenient, easier to slide in the pocket and light to carry. I'm also eyeing this cute pump size that is ecofriendly as well because it can be refilled. 
It promises:

Johnson's Baby Oil (Php 30/50ml)Pink - ideal for baby massage and skin moisturation. I will definitely use this while having quality time with my baby a.k.a. baby massage! :D
Violet - sleep better, releases Natural Calm essense. I use this personally, right before bedtime, gently rubbing my tummy helps me sleep better especially here in Baguio where it's always cold at night. :)
Green - Aloe Vera and Vitamin E that soothes and nourishes the skin. Perfect for heels and ankles to soften out callous skin making it soft and baby like... I best use this at night as well, just rub my feet and put on my comfty socks! :D
Blue - baby oil lite, gentle fast absorbing moisturization for soft smooth skin. "Lite" means it can be used during day time without the heavy feel on the skin... :)

Johnson's Baby Powder (Php75/200g)
Blue Baby Powder - nourishing with milk baby powder for playtime-daytime
Pink Baby Powder - as you can see I bought 2 bottles of 200g and 1 bottle for 100g, simply because this is what I use when the sun is super hot, it makes the skin cool :)
Violet Baby Powder - this bedtime powder is perfectly paired with Johnson's baby oil bedtime for a safe and sound sleep at night!

Johnson's Baby Cologne (Php 65/125ml)
Green - Forever Mine
Violet - Morning Dew

Johnson's Baby Lotion (Php 65/100ml)
pink - this is what i picked for my babe, it's the original scent that my mom used to pat on us after taking a bath.. :) *sweet*

Johnson's Baby Skincare Wipes (Php220 -on sale-)
my mom saw this on sale and grab it, I told her it's too early to buy this but heck no, good thing this would last up to 3 years in not in use! :P It has moisturizing lotion and soft wave fabric as mild as skin, as pure as water that protect baby's delicate skin and ideal for diaper change...

That wraps up my mini Johnson's baby haul! I always used up my J&J up to the last drop! And still I'm eyeing some of their new products like Johnson's Baby Daily Sun Protection Lotion with SPF15 and the super ever Johnson's Milk Bath! Whats your favorite J&J? Share them! :)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

How to Take Care of New Born Baby?

Im preparing myself for the upcoming babe! :) So I always talk with my OB and search online advice and tips plus I ask hospital employees during my check up.
These are the some of the random things that moms should know about taking care of their newborn! :D These are the tips I got from the hospital.
  • Before breastfeeding, moms should clean their breast with clean wet cotton. Feed the baby every 3-4hours. When the baby fell asleep, wake the baby up to continue breast-feeding until the breast become lighter.
  • Always let the baby burp after every feeding to avoid colic.
  • Sponge-bath baby everyday with warm water and gentle baby soap. Dry the skin well especially the parts that folds like back of the knees, armpits, etc.
  • Clean baby's bellybutton after bath with 70% alcohol everyday after bath using q-tips.
  • Do not brush baby's mouth instead give baby warm boiled water after every breastfeed to rinse off left milk inside the mouth and then massage baby's gums gently.
  • Always observe baby's poop - how many times a day? - density and hardness - color (green or yellow) - bloody or with mucus.
  • Always observe baby's pee - how many times a day? - amount - color.
  • Always observe baby's skin - yellowish/jaundice - lack of blood - dark lips and nails - rashes
  • Visit doctor two weeks after leaving hospital for follow-up check up.
Remember, baby's future depends on how Mom and Dad take care of him/her after leaving the hospital! :D
Stay healthy baby! :)