Monday, May 7, 2012

My Johnson's Baby Mini Haul

I grew up as a Johnson's Baby and as a new mom I want to pass this simple "legacy" to my baby... :) Even my OB trusted Johnson's in baby care because it provides the best standards of safety, mildness and most delicate care for our precious little ones. Its budget friendly as well because the prices are so affordable!  Aside from my first shopping haul my OB gave me a list of things I need to buy for my little one and that includes Johnsons'!
my mini haul
Johnson's Baby Top to Toe Wash
I bought this small size 200ml for Php 90. Its convenient, easier to slide in the pocket and light to carry. I'm also eyeing this cute pump size that is ecofriendly as well because it can be refilled. 
It promises:

Johnson's Baby Oil (Php 30/50ml)Pink - ideal for baby massage and skin moisturation. I will definitely use this while having quality time with my baby a.k.a. baby massage! :D
Violet - sleep better, releases Natural Calm essense. I use this personally, right before bedtime, gently rubbing my tummy helps me sleep better especially here in Baguio where it's always cold at night. :)
Green - Aloe Vera and Vitamin E that soothes and nourishes the skin. Perfect for heels and ankles to soften out callous skin making it soft and baby like... I best use this at night as well, just rub my feet and put on my comfty socks! :D
Blue - baby oil lite, gentle fast absorbing moisturization for soft smooth skin. "Lite" means it can be used during day time without the heavy feel on the skin... :)

Johnson's Baby Powder (Php75/200g)
Blue Baby Powder - nourishing with milk baby powder for playtime-daytime
Pink Baby Powder - as you can see I bought 2 bottles of 200g and 1 bottle for 100g, simply because this is what I use when the sun is super hot, it makes the skin cool :)
Violet Baby Powder - this bedtime powder is perfectly paired with Johnson's baby oil bedtime for a safe and sound sleep at night!

Johnson's Baby Cologne (Php 65/125ml)
Green - Forever Mine
Violet - Morning Dew

Johnson's Baby Lotion (Php 65/100ml)
pink - this is what i picked for my babe, it's the original scent that my mom used to pat on us after taking a bath.. :) *sweet*

Johnson's Baby Skincare Wipes (Php220 -on sale-)
my mom saw this on sale and grab it, I told her it's too early to buy this but heck no, good thing this would last up to 3 years in not in use! :P It has moisturizing lotion and soft wave fabric as mild as skin, as pure as water that protect baby's delicate skin and ideal for diaper change...

That wraps up my mini Johnson's baby haul! I always used up my J&J up to the last drop! And still I'm eyeing some of their new products like Johnson's Baby Daily Sun Protection Lotion with SPF15 and the super ever Johnson's Milk Bath! Whats your favorite J&J? Share them! :)

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