Friday, May 11, 2012

Newborn Screening

Now that I'm nearing my third trimester, my OB gave me some ideas of what should I know about newborn screening (NBS) and I wanna share 'em with you all as well. :)

WHAT: Newborn Screening (NBS) is a simple medical test to know if babies have congenital metabolic disorder/s. If this is not prevented as early as possible, it may cause mental retardation or premature death.

WHY: NBS is important because a lot of newborns that have congenital metabolic disorders looks normal. Yet, thru NBS, this condition may be known even before the symptoms show, hence, giving early medication to avoid mental retardation or premature death.

WHEN: It is done 48 hours to 72 hours after birth. This can also be done 24hours after birth as well.

HOW (Procedure): Few drops of blood from the ankle of the baby is placed on a special filter card paper and is delivered to the Newborn Screening Center (NSC).

WHO: Any of the attending doctors, nurses, medical technologists or midwives may take the blood sample for the NBS.

WHERE: NBS can be done by hospitals, lying-in and health centers. Note: NBS is part of Philhealth Newborn Care Package.

HOW (Result): Results can be claimed in the hospital or lying in where the NBS is conducted after 7 - 14 working days. Note: Positive results is immediately given to parents hence it is important to give the right information like address and phone number.

Positive or negative? The result will indicate if the baby is healthy or is in need of immediate medical attention. Although NBS is not mandatory, parents and pregnant women are encouraged to do the Newborn Screening for the protection of the baby. :)

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