Friday, April 6, 2012

Sleeping During Pregnancy

One of my dilemma at this time of my pregnancy is the way to SLEEP!
I'm used to sleeping like a roller; lying flat, on my stomach, to the left, to the right. I still did this kind of sleep position during my first trimester, but on my second and now on my third, sleeping is a big problem!
My OB told me that sleeping on my side, most particularly, on my left side will definitely benefit my baby because
  • it improves blood flow to the placenta which means more nutrients and oxygen to the baby
  • it also helps my kidneys to efficiently eliminate waste products and fluids; including those coming out of the baby, from my body
  • hence, it reduces beriberi; the swelling of hands, feet and ankles
Actually, it's not that hard for me to sleep on my side, because after my heart surgery (a 6inch stitch on my left backside) few years ago, I'm used to sleep on my right side so the cut wont hurt so much and i wont squeeze my heart so to speak.
And now, I must learn and practice my way to sleep on the left side. If you're a pregger like mwuah its good to start training yourself to be a lefty during your first trimester whenever you can. As for me, the left side position sometimes makes me feel that I'm squeezing my heart and of course staying in one position all night although possible is likely to be uncomfortable, so I tend to turn from side to side whenever my body wants to twist and turn while favoring my left side. My OB said its a good strategy because I'm allowing my nerves to relax and hence the blood flow will not be interrupted especially the ones carrying oxygen to my little bean.
How about sleeping on your back?
Beautywise, its best to sleep lying on your back because it will lessen the premature wrinkles from coming out and its a natural face lift! Cool huh? But if you're a pregger, you should avoid sleeping on your back! Well, it's not a problem in my case because when I'm sleeping on my back, I feel like the device the cardiologist put inside the valve of my heart is sinking; feels like a dagger pinching its way to my heart. So if you're not like me and you're used in lying on your back, then you should know that the weight of your growing uterus lies on the spine, back muscles, intestines and major blood vessels that when prolonged lead to muscle aches, back pains, hemorrhoids and impaired circulation which causes leg cramps, its uncomfortable to you and much more uncomfortable to the baby because it also means reduction of blood carrying oxygen. Really not good for the baby. Aside from that, sleeping on your back can make blood pressure drop that may cause dizziness or in some cases can make the blood pressure go up. It can also cause loud snoring and when your overweight it could lead to sleep apnea; breath stopping during sleep.
In short, when your pregnant, lie on your left! :P

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  1. every pain and sacrifice will be worth it when you finally have your baby in your arms :) God bless!!

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