Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bed Rest During Pregnancy

Everyone wants to have a healthy pregnancy, right? But let's face it, there are our enemies: the stretchmarks, beriberi, urinary tract infection, the list go on and on and that includes some moms-to-be left bed arrest for the 3rd trimester of their pregnancy to keep the baby safe. I knew a mom with almost the same age as my tummy and she have to stay in the hospital for several days because her cervix open up 3cm, earlier than her due!
There are different levels of bed rest, like all-day bed rest that could get you bed sore, to just like a home arrest, where you must not exert effort or do heavy lifting. It's a challenge, heck being pregnant is already a challenge! Its more uncomfortable and even frustrating at some point. But here are some of the "how" to ease the boring bed rest...
  • Fresh flowers and real plants on pots could make the room livelier. It can definitely affect your mood in a positive way. Just remember to stay close to nature! :D If you want to, you could also lit aroma incense and scented candles. ;)
  • Sunshine and fresh air! Open the windows to allow fresh air to circulate inside the room plus the heat of the sun can give you energy. Go munch on the vitamin D!
  • Personal Hygiene! Bed sore can tough you out but never forget your hygiene! Take a shower or a sponge bath, put on some make up (if you're up to it like me!) put on some cologne or perfume, wear your favorite clothes even when you're just staying home. Keep in mind the phrase "Look Good, Feel Good!"
  • Fight depression with these simple  tips and tricks! Emotions during pregnancy is a roller coaster, just enjoy the ride! :)
  • Hobby! Do something that relaxes you, like me you might want to prepare a Scrapbook for your little one, or play some board games with your visitors like word factory/boogle, organize photo albums, learn a new language, sketch or paint, I know an old miss having fun with her coloring books, its endless!
  • Read! Whether it's a real book, a blog, e-book or audio-book, I've learned that reading is the best relaxation :) You might wanna read about parenting and how to take care of newborn. You'll be ahead of the game, and this will make you more excited, happy and confidence when the little bean arrives! :D You could also put ultrasound photos of your little bean next to you to remind you that chilling this few more months in bed equals hugging the that little baby! :D
  • Keep everything in order. You don't want to stress out more because of the mess your with! Make your bed, keep things in order, set up and organize different areas of the house including the baby's and oh you could also file important documents you'll need like your Philhealth card, IDs, marriage certificate, birth certificates, etc. You could also review the income, organize bills and expenses so you could adjust it according to your future needs.
  • If you work at home just like me, you could set up your "office desk" where everything you need is in place. Mine includes my laptop, books I read, my belle de jour power planner 2012 where I could mark the things I accomplished and celebrate as I get closer to my goal, FMN notebooks, cellphone, bottled water and body butter for my fight against urinary tract infection and stretchmarksvitamins and High Dessert Supplements, and my make up paraphernalia.
  • Seek help. I ask my sister and mom to help me do the shopping for my baby, come with me on my OB Check up and do some errands I can't do anymore. :) My hubby voluntarily drives me to anywhere I need to go. <3 Though I consume much of the day inside the house, I try not to isolate myself, I'm thankful for my postpaid phone, Facebook (hit like) and Twitter (follow me). :P
  • Exercise and massage! Stretch up, put legs up in the wall, ask hubby for a light massage, walk the hallway :) Have a comfortable pillow and get those minty pain relievers easy to reach!
Always keep your spirit high! :) Remember that staying at home will make sure your little baby is safely growing inside and both of you will stay healthy until the little bean's ready to come out! :) Just enjoy solitude that you'll miss when you're out and about to give everything for the baby! <3 <3 <3

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