Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Things I Hate About Pregnancy!!!

Pregnancy is a time of joy,  a beautiful thing, an excitement twist for husband and wife ... bla bla bla... but every coin have two sides. And now that I'm 34weeks,
The soft fur, lanugo, that covered baby's body for much of his stay in the womb is now almost completely gone. Baby begins to develop his own immune system, instead of relying solely on antibodies received through the placenta. This will come in handy when some grubby relative manhandles the baby without washing his hands first.-
I had my fair share of both worlds! Happy things like baby kicks and hiccups, baby shopping haul, ultrasound and heartbeat monitor, down to embarrassing, annoying and horrible things which includes bloating, stretchmarks, UTI, excessive swelling, itching, back pain, constipation, diarrhea and gas!
Brace yourself with the things that could come along your way while waiting for your little bean be cooked and ready to serve, I mean to get out of your system! ;) Aside from not wearing my favorite clothes, do my normal routines and being extra paranoid on things that are keep coming up inside my head like mushrooms! Here are the things that annoy me:
  • Excessive discharge down there - Yay! No menstruation period for 9 or more months! That's what I thought and my thought is quite right, no blood but more discharge! it's quite annoying, really! Stock up on your pantyliners preggers! I personally used a lot, like 5 to 7 liners a day! Whoa! Right? Well, if you don't have UTI or any other infection, the discharge also known as Leukorrhea is a harmless odorless to mild smelly milk like discharge because of high production of estrogen and blood flow to the busy area of vagina.
  • Yeast infection - oh yeah! More discharge means more prone to yeast infection! Higher level of estrogen makes the yeast go party! This may also induce UTI. What I do to help my body with this problem is I drink probiotic drinks and I munch on yogurts! :D Tasty way to fight back! I know!
  • Gas and Bloating - I had to unzip, unbutton or loosen up my pants just to relieve bloating especially after eating! Since higher progesterone level relaxes muscle and slow down digestion hence bloating, gas pass and burping...Oooh! I wanna blame someone else when I pass gas LOUDLY. Oh my!
  • Bleeding - nose and gum bleeding! My gums are sensitive, now they are more sensitive than ever! I floss, gum bleeds, I brush, gum bleeds! Plus, my nose obviously became larger as I get bigger tummy and I sometimes felt a sting of pain, that when I clean it I always see harden blood, at first I was paranoid, but then the OB told me, it's because im preggers...
  • Constipation and LBM - yes, I had them both! Loose bowel movement was cause by the sensitivity of my stomach to certain food and I tried to reduce constipation by packing up on fibers! Eating green leafy veggies and fruits helps a lot!
  • Hemorrhoids - when there's constipation, there's hemorrhoids! It's annoyingly itchy and sometimes painful! Oh goodness! But eating green helps lessen this problem.
  • Stretchmark itch - sometimes when it's unbearably itchy, i wanna scrape off my skin! Joke! But really, my hands are everywhere! around the growing belly and boobs and upper thighs. I try to reduce the itch by keeping myself hydrated, pack on Vitamin E, body butters and lotions and hot compress whatever is available at hand and on the go.
  • Edema/Beriberi - as my belly grow and boobs larger (I had to buy new extra bras), so does my legs, arms and abdomen. my OB told me it's because of water retention. Its natural but I need to go extra careful on dipping on salt and eating salty food.
Good comes with the bad. So just take it easy! When I feel frustration is so overwhelming. I look at the ultrasound pictures, talk to my baby, keeping things light and positive to avoid depression!
Are there other things you hate about your pregnancy? Share them below and lets deal with it! :)

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