Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How to Treat Depression During Pregnancy

So, here's the third installment of my posts about Depression. If you wanna know my other posts just click the links below:
When depression is not well treated it can have potential risks to both mom and babe. Depression can lead to poor nutrition, drinking alcohol, some mom smoke and some think of suicide. Plus the baby will also become less active, less attentive, more irritable and agitated.Definitely NOT HEALTHY! The desire to take care of yourself and of the growing baby lessens when a woman is depressed. So its important to help yourself and ask help from others.
Depression and having mood swings are normal part of pregnancy and here I wanna share how I keep things on minimum as much as possible.
  • Keep your cool and take it easy - fight the urge to do dovetailing (during pregnancy we tend to abuse the advise of do everything you want that you know you won't do when the little bean arrive) i just keep my cool and let the worries be blown by the winds... so far i enjoy reading ebooks and listening to audiobooks, short walks and other light exercise like stretching, chitchat with single friends while taking my time adapting to motherhood. I sleep when i want to. I also try to choose healthy alternative to processed foods and junk foods. Trade a cup of coffee to a glass of water, and munch on Omega 3 fatty rich foods like fish with scales. Things that makes me feel good does it and taking care of myself physically and emotionally is important because i believe it's also a part of taking care of my baby :)
  • Bond with hubby - why keep everything to myself? I don't wanna take my husband for granted in this special journey. we always chat about what we read about our baby, like his development and our future plans together as a family. Plus, we share moments like when baby's actively moving we take videos, talk to him and even play with him together! that's one of the perks of working at home together!
  • I talk/share/blog about it - I share my worries and excitement to every family members like my mom and sister, friends and other moms-to-be. this way, I release stress! Why suffer in silence, right?
  • Take down stress one at a time - never ever let frustration, fear, worries and doubt group together and build up against you! When I feel like it's creeping in and eating my insides, I move, literally, like walk from kitchen to living room, dance to my favorite song, ask for a hug from my hubby and read Bible-based literature and meditate :)

However, if you feel you need more help in struggling with depression, seek help! Like Local Support Groups, Psychotherapy and Medication or find someone you could confine to.

Watch out for my final installment about Depression soon! Is this post helpful? Post a comment below. :)

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