Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Morning’s Best: Boost Your Morning Energy With Coconut Water

Mornings define how the rest of our day will go. This is why it’s important to get it right the moment we get out of bed. We’ve all heard about the health benefits of drinking water first thing in the morning, but if you truly want to jumpstart your energy instantly, it is best to take coconut water on an empty stomach.
 Tropicana Coco Quench Image (330 ml reg)
Coconut water, which is filled with boosting vitamins and nutrients, contains organic compounds with beneficial growth properties that can dramatically improve your health. Toted as nature’s natural sport drink, coconut water can provide 15 times the electrolytes than most drinks. Therefore, promoting natural hydration that boosts energy early in the morning.[1] Taking coconut water first thing in the morning allows your body to absorb it quicker, boosting your energy immediately.
 Being hydrated not only keeps your entire body working at top speed, but also aides your concentration, providing you with nutrients that you need to be focused on your tasks the whole day. Other benefits of coconut water include: revving up metabolism, balancing the body’s PH, detoxifying and fighting viruses, stopping fatigue, and helping prevent hypertension.[2]
 Tropicana Coco Quench Image (1 liter reg)
No matter how busy your mornings are, make sure your body is well taken care of with the help of coconut water.  Tropicana Coco Quench is conveniently-packed coconut water available in 330ml and 1 Liter Tetra Pak packages so it’s easy to take anywhere at anytime.
 Boost your mornings and make it better than ever, only with Tropicana Coco Quench!


Representatives from the academe, the government, and the private sector form the “zero-cavity” sign as part of a commitment to a cavity-free future at the launch of the Philippine chapter of the Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future (ACFF). From L-R: Dr. Susan Yanga-Mabunga, UP College of Public Health and Co-Chair of the ACFF Philippine Chapter; Dr. Vicente Medina, UP College of Dentistry and Chairman of the ACFF Philippine Chapter; and Dr. Enrique Tayag, Assistant Secretary, Department of Health
MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Joining together at the 105th Annual Philippine Dental Association (PDA) Convention,  government officials  dentists, public health  practitioners, academicians, physicians and other stakeholders launched a national campaign, theAlliance for a Cavity-Free Future (ACFF), to stop cavities (a.k.a., dental caries), NOW!  The Philippine Chapter of the ACFF calls for national collaborative action to challenge leaders and stakeholders in the community to: a) learn the importance of caries as a disease continuum; b) recognize that cavities are preventable and, in the early stages, reversible; and c) develop comprehensive programs for caries prevention and management in the Philippines.  
 Tooth decay is the most common chronic disease on the planet, affecting five billion people, or nearly 80 percent of the world’s population.1 According to the 2006 National Oral Health Survey conducted by the Department of Health, 92.4 percent of Filipinos have tooth decay, which, while not life-threatening, can be a cause of potentially dangerous diseases and infections.2
“Lowering the prevalence and eventually eradicating dental caries in the Philippines is an endeavor that has to be undertaken by the public and private sectors,” says Dean Vicente O. Medina III, Chair of the ACFF Philippine Chapter. “Given the progression from tooth decay to more serious health issues such as systemic infections, it is a public health issue that, when addressed, can improve  general health, well-being and  the quality of life of all Filipinos.”
In the Philippines, the top contributing factors to the high prevalence of dental caries are poor oral hygiene, a sugar –rich diet, and rare dental check-ups. The frequent ingestion of sugar-rich foods and drinks (i.e., kakanin, babana cue, cakes, doughnut, soft drinks) is the major source of fermentable sugar that caries-causing bacteria convert into acids which in turn soften the  enamel resulting in tooth decay.
 National Declaration to Elevate New Way of Looking at Caries
During the launch, the stakeholders of oral health signed a national declaration committing to the goals of the ACFF.  Individuals signing the declaration included members of the ACFF Expert Panel and representatives from  various sectors of the dental and public health professions, including (in alphabetical order) Asia Pacific Dental Federation (APDF); Department of Health (DOH); DOH Women, Children, and Family Cluster;  Department of Education (DepEd); Health and Nutrition Center, DepEd; Department of Interior Local Government (DILG); Pediatric Dentistry Association of Asia (PDAA); Philippine Association of Dental Colleges; Philippine Dental Association (PDA); Philippine Society of Pediatric Dentistry (PPDSI); Philippine Pediatric Society; PRC Board of Dentistry; Pierre Fauchard Academy,  U.P. College of Dentistry and  the Department of Health Policy and Administration; U.P. College of Public Health
“The Department of Health, the PDA, and corporations of interest have begun ramping up efforts to promote better dental health in the country, beginning with educational efforts on preventing and managing dental caries,” says PDA President- Elect, Dr. Corazon S. Flores. “Eradicating dental caries is a ground-up effort, and we must enable each Filipino to learn and practice good daily dental habits. By reinforcing a culture aiming for a cavity-free future, dental practitioners and public health officers  can then move their focus from restoration and management to prevention and protection.“
 Ongoing Public Health Action
Aligned with the global objectives, the Philippine Chapter of the ACFF has identified the following long-term goals:
 §  By 2016, ninety percent of dental schools and dental associations should have embraced and promoted the “new” approach of “caries as a continuum” to improve dental caries prevention and management.
§  By 2020, regional members of the Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future should have integrated, locally appropriate, comprehensive caries prevention and management systems and monitoring developed and in place.
§  Every child born from 2026 should stay cavity free during their life time.
 Caries as a Continuum
The formation of cavities occurs along a continuum, which spans a series of stages from small initial caries lesions that might evolve in time to gross cavities.  Each time we eat, sugars from food are converted to harmful acids by bacteria in our mouth.  As acid levels rise, pH levels decrease, which cause a loss of mineral structure from the tooth’s surface.  Teeth are in a constant state of demineralization and remineralization, impacted by our dietary patterns and oral hygiene practices.  When the rate of demineralization occurs more quickly than remineralization, early white-spot lesions (caries) can form.  Importantly, early caries is both preventable and reversible with proper management.  However, without proper care, teeth continue losing strength and structural integrity, eventually forming a cavity.  Relentless progression through all the stages of disease severity is however, not inevitable.
 About The Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future
The Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future is a worldwide group of experts who have joined together to promote integrated clinical and public health action in order to stop caries initiation and progression in order to move towards a Cavity-Free Future for all age groups. Overall, the group believes that global collaborative action is needed to challenge global leaders and other regional and local stakeholders to learn the importance of caries as a disease continuum and to participate in action toward the delivery of comprehensive caries prevention and management that can positively influence the continuing problem of caries.The Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future was built in collaboration with a worldwide panel of experts in dentistry and public health.  It is sponsored by Colgate-Palmolive Company, which supports improved oral health through its partnerships with the dental profession and government and public health agencies and its global children’s oral health education initiative Bright Smiles, Bright Futures. Given the goal of driving global collaborative action, the Alliance also aims to partner with global leaders and other stakeholders on a regional and local level – including country and community leaders, health and dental health professionals, public policy and education communities, and the public.
For more information about the Alliance, please visit
1.     World Health Organization, Report on Oral Health, 2003.  Available at:
2.     Department of Health, 2006 National Oral Health Survey. Available at:

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cobra Energy Drink and Summit Water Power Up Donaire for Next Fight

Nonito “Jun-Jun” Donaire is showing the true heart of a warrior as he reaches for his next summit: a fourth division world title as he faces reigning WBA featherweight champion Simpiwe Vetyeka on May 31 at the Cotai Arena of The Venetian Resort in Macau. Fresh from his victory against Vic Darchinyan in November, Donaire is ready to take it to the next level.
Nonito Donaire Jr as Cobra's new face for Lakas ng Pinas
The former three-division world champion is focused not only on the fight at hand, but also on persevering to take on more world titles after this fight, “I want to be a better, stronger, smarter fighter. This is my first fight in this weight division, and I need to be in the best mental and physical condition possible when I enter the ring. Boxing is not just something I do – this is my career, and I will do what it takes to reach even greater heights and show the world what the Filipino can do.”
Cobra Energy Drink
Helping him reach his goals and powering him to extraordinary heights are Cobra Energy Drink and Summit Natural Drinking Water . Abe Cipriano, AVP for Marketing for Non-Alcoholic Beverages of Asia Brewery says, “Throughout his career, Nonito has proven that the perseverance of a warrior’s heart can get you through any challenge. He embodies the values of Summit Water in reaching for his goals, and Cobra in persevering despite all odds. Nonito is an inspiration to us all.”

Monday, May 12, 2014

Tips on Healthy Snacking

Who can resist snacking? In the office when you’re drowning in paper work and you just can’t function anymore or in school when you’re trying to cram that last-minute requirement, breathing in and out can only get you so far. Sometimes the only way to collect yourself is step out and grab a snack. Snacking can be sinful but when done right, it can be just the solution to your stressful problems.
Choose wisely.When you’re about to grab a snack, always choose wisely. Junk food maybe an attractive option but would you really consume that amount of sodium and calories for a few minutes and regret it all throughout the day?
Mix and match. Healthy snacks shouldn’t be boring. They just need a little creativity and to transport you to snack heaven. A good example is to mix your favorite fruits with yogurt. Making this easy for you is Creamy Delight Yogurt, which has a line of plain, flavored, light, and kids’ yogurt, that will make you come back for more.
Be consistent.You can easily fall off the wagon and start snacking unhealthily just like before. The key is to pick yourself up and develop a healthy snacking habit that will give you a better result in the long run. Your cheat day may come once a week or once a month, but your consistency in snacking healthy should still be the priority if you want to stay healthy and brimming with energy to get through your day.
And if choosing wisely, mixing and matching, and being consistent is difficult for you, look no further than at the varieties available with Creamy Delight. Each wonder-in-a-cup contains calcium with low-fat and low sodium for better absorption. It’s also high with vitamins A and D with Zinc so every spoonful is guaranteed to be your health warranty. So get a cup or a pack of six in your favorite groceries to snack alone or better yet, share with your friends and family. Get everyone on the healthy snacking bandwagon.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Crocs Announces Epic Sale Dates

Crocs fans, you are in for a treat this summer! The world’s favorite comfort shoe brand is set to have an Epic Sale Event from May 16 to 18, 2014 at the Filinvest Tent in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. It’s a Crocs sale unlike any other and more than what you’ve experienced before! The anticipated sale of the season will surely bring smiles to loyal fans as it offers up to 90% off on a wide selection of styles.
Crocs Epic Sale Poster

Citibank cardholders are invited to join the exclusive preview sale on May 15, 2014.
Crocs is making this event more special with a contest on Facebook where fans will be given the chance to win VIP Passes as a way of saying thank you for the support they’ve shown in the past seven years.
Aside from the Alabang sale, you can also head down to SM DasmariƱas and Studio of Riverbanks Center in Marikina on May 29-June 1 to enjoy even more markdowns. Stay tuned as Crocs announces more dates!
For more information on the contest, other promos, and announcements, simply like Crocs Philippines on Facebook and follow @crocsph on Instagram and Twitter.

Kisses to Moms from the Bistro Group

Every Mom and Mom-to-be will get free Hershey's Kisses from Bulgogi Brothers and Siklab. So take the most important woman in your life to the sweetest (and tastiest) places in the country.

Enjoy the rest of the week moms!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spice Up Your Summer with Nestea in a Bottle at Nestea Beach 2014

Labor day weekend. No matter how long it lasts – from a three-day trip to a week-long sojourn – everyone kicks off their work shoes and heads to the country’s favorite beach destination: Boracay. And when it comes to the country’s most famous destination, only one event comes to mind for the summer: Nestea Beach.
 NESTEA Logo new
And helping everyone enjoy the heat is Nestea in a Bottle, which allows you to enjoy the refreshing goodness of iced tea in a convenient, easy-to-bring container. Try the three variants, Lemon, Apple, and Lemon Ice with samples distributed at Bora Budgetmart. Or bring your own bottles with you as you dance the night away to the tunes of local talents Ron Poe, Funky Avy, and Katsy Lee, and international superstars Steve Aioki and Cedric Gervais.
 Nestea Lemon Ice 500mL FA Nestea Lemon 500mL FA Nestea Apple 500mL FA
This year’s Nestea Beach also focuses on the coral reef preservation project of Boracay through the Nestea Love the Beach Campaign. See you all at the white sands of Boracay this May and refresh your summer only with Nestea in a Bottle.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Rustan's Mini Haul

 My mini haul is all about my post-partum must haves!
which includes
Bust Firming Massage Cream - Php 595.00
Scar Serum - Php 995.00
Post Natal Firming Lotion - Php 495.00
Thank you so much Rustan's for my free mini Palmers Conditioner and Shampoo!
Total damage? This haul costs me Php2085.00 and I only cash out Php85.00! :)

For Mothers

Mothers are the sunshine of our lives. Where would we be without the woman who has watched us grow, seen us cry, and helped us become the people we are today? Our mothers have seen the best and the worst of us and yet love us all the same. And while we should celebrate our mothers 365 days a year, we have to make her feel extra special on a day dedicated just for her – Mother’s Day.
 There are many ways to thank our mother on her special day; however, we sometimes feel that we’ve already done it all from the cards we made for her when we were younger to the fancy bag we gave her when we had our first job.
 Truth is, there are still ways to wow our queen. Read on to find out the ways to make it an extremely happy day for her.
 Make a special healthy basket just for her
NESTEA Logo newCobra Energy Drink
 We want our moms to live long and full lives, so why not start by gifting her with a basket of healthy goodies? Keep her fueled and ready for a day of tasks with the drink of champions, Summit Natural Drinking Water. Give her an alternative snack with Creamy Delight Yogurt to satisfy not just her hunger but also her taste buds. Fill it with power drinks like Cobra Energy Drink and Nestea in a Bottle for those days when she needs an extra jolt or Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water to refresh her on a hot day. And for those days where she just want to indulge,
Blue Bell Logo 2make sure to also fill her basket with Blue Bell Ice Cream’s signature flavors like Red Velvet and Chocolate Chip.
Treat your parents to a different kind of dinner
Logo - Krazy Garlik
Your parents must be tired of staying in all the time. Give them an exciting dinner with a twist by letting them try Krazy Garlik’s latest menu with 14 new dishes that would surely give them an aphrodisiac like no other.
Gift her feet with comfort and style
Crocs_Stretch Sole_Vibrant Violet Orange 1_3790
Without a doubt, mothers spend a good part of their days standing up. Reward her feet by gifting her with the latest from Crocs and Butterfly Twists. The latest Crocs technology, Fit2U, is introduced in their latest Stretch Sole Line. It is designed to fit her active lifestyle without the pain.
For lunch meetings, or even dinners with her friends, gift your mother with the latest Sienna line from Butterfly Twists. Its elegant design is sure to add that little oomph that her daily style needs.
P.S. - In whatever you will do, refrain from giving your mom shame by doing stupid things! ;)

Sunkist Carbonated Juice Drink Sweetens Manila

Sunkist Sweetens Manila
Sharing Sunkist Saya! one Filipino at a time
 Sunkist Logo

The Sunkist brand began in California, USA, as a trademark that stands for freshness and premium flavor. With a heritage built over a hundred years, the orange fruit became synonymous to the name Sunkist.
 Now, for the first time in the Philippines, the brand launched one of its top – selling products – Sunkist Carbonated Juice (CJ) drink!
 Sunkist CJ is set to bring good vibes to the country with its three refreshing flavors – Orange, Lemonade, and Apple. The product is made from real juice, which brings out the fruity taste in every sip. It is also enriched with Vitamin D that helps strengthen the body’s immune system.
 It’s the refreshing, fizzy goodness we’ve all been waiting for. With Sunkist CJ, it’s definitely Sunkist Saya! all day, everyday. Now available in your nearest sari-sari store.

Blogging and Virtual Assistance

Early bird rate (pay before May 9, 2014) is at Php 1100 but if you come with a “buddy”, fee is at Php 1000 per person.
Sign up now and pay ASAP to avail of the Early bird rates! The Learning Circle Card discount can only be applied to the Early bird rate and to the regular rate :)

All About Baby Fashion and Nutrition!

This is a half-day workshop aimed at teaching parents to make sure that their kids are healthy and beautiful, inside and out. Also on the agenda is teaching moms to dress fashionably, after all, motherhood can and should be fabulous, too.
Register now! :)