Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Family from Hawaii

How I wish to kiss the sands of Maui and dance with tutu made of straw, wearing flowers around my neck while swaying to the beat of Pearly Shell and drinking fresh coconut juice on its fruit with a toothpick umbrella on the side... Day dreaming again!
My Lolo and Lola were residents of Hawaii for almost three decades now. They visit us every time they could and send balikbayan boxes too. (Thank you so much lo and la for keeping us in your minds and hearts <3 #feelingloved)
These are my grandparents from my father's side. Lola Concordia (dad's mom), Lola Vicky(Lolo Erning's wife) and Lolo Ernesto (Lola's brother).
One of my favorites from their pasalubongs were these jellybeans that my babe hoard!
macadamia chocolates
macadamia nuts
With macadamia or not, life's more beautiful when shared with grandparents be it your mom and dad's or your grandparents' siblings and cousins. hihi
Friends come and go, but family stays. <3
Warm hugs, macadamia nuts and alohas.

Baby's Top 5 Today

The babe is so happy with happybarn! Look at those excited hands and eyes so intense concentrating on slurping this concoction up! :P
Up to the last drop!
My favorite: Mango Caramelo! <3image
Freshly pressed nails and freshly made milkshake just the thing to start the last day of the  month!
Onto today's top 5!
1) I cut his hair today for the second time. My cut was not perfect, but he looks cuter as always.
2) I learned he loves kwek-kwek. Not the quail egg inside but the crunchy orangey fried part of it. Oooops.
3) He'll always choose grapes for lunch.
4) We bathed him on the sink today. :)
5) He now have 10 pairs of footwear including slippers and walking shoes, and I thought that, that was a lot for a year old infant. We used to forget about his shoes and decided to buy him a new pair every so often. You could actually count how many times that was, but you'll never know how often we used to think about it and decided not to. Did you even get that? FTW.
I will never be the perfect mother, but I know, I'm a good one. At least, I want to think like I am and do what I think is best for him. I love you, Clyde.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Kinder Joy

Ahhh... Finally, it's now locally available! Introducing...
Kinder Joy!
The egg-shaped chocolate with a surprise! "Break" the egg by pulling apart the protruded portion and you'll end up like this...
The surprise inside
The babe with his loot
The happy babe with his favorites!image
Of course the mommy ate the half egg. hihiimage
Of chocolate crunch in gooey milk chocolate. :P
We end the night on a sweet note. :P

BYS Cosmetics and BYS Nails

BYS Cosmetics is an Australian brand that make its way in the Philippines earlier this year. I haven't tried any BYS products before and so I'm happy to bumped into them last Blogapalooza on SM Aura. BYS by the way is an acronym for "Be YourSelf". A good advice in using makeup and all the girly girl glamour! You don't need to copy someone else. All you have to do is enhance the beauty in you. Be Yourself.
They gave away free nail polish to the event. I represent Young Wife Chronicles and my sister represents Gerilen x Elinessete hence we got two nail polishes.
A 10ml bottle of BYS Nails cost Php249.00.
BYS Nails are high quality nail lacquers that uses a french-based formula for quick dry, long wear and chip resistant polish without formaldehyde! It ranges from basics, neons, glitters, mettalics, sheers and chromes - that over 300 colours to choose and collect! What we liked about it is that its wand is very long and very thin. Perfect for nail arts! :)
Be Yourself with BYS Cosmetics! Like them on facebook here.
What's more? Check this out.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Figaro Coffee Company

Drinking coffee is a lifestyle. - That is an understatement when you need energy, inspiration and a good push to start your busy, busy day in one concoction. One of my favorite coffee shop -
 serves coffee and good vibes in their hot cups!
We've been here for many, many times before.figaro
To anticipate good things.figaro2
To gather thoughts and ponder on our blessings.figaro3To share what we have and be thankful to what we have.
We've been here for many, many times before and we kept coming back.
Proudly Filipino, Figaro Coffee Company was created by the passion and love for coffee and travel. Seven friends, brewing coffee and fine art of Europe gave birth to Figaro in 1993.
A small kiosk before, now an international store, for more than 80 stores nationwide and across the globe, Figaro prides itself for serving freshly brewed, fine meals and delicious pastries and desserts. Giving inspiration, hope and courage for those busy making success in life.
Do what you do, and when you feel down. Sit down and have a cup of Figaro, then try to conquer the world again.
Like Figaro Coffee Company on Facebook here.


Virtual games comes to life with LazerXtreme! LazerXtreme is a game for everyone who loves the game "tag" or as a modern game "laser tag".
Good thing I bumped with them at the Blogapalooza. My LazerXtreme loot.image
LazerXtreme is the Philippines' number one laser tag entertainment today wherein they offer laser-tag-game experience with state-of-the-art equipment in world-class arenas. What's more is that its the first and only Laser Maze in Asia! Cool huh?
Get tagged! Visit LazerXtreme at:
LazerXtreme, Market Market
Bonifacio Global City, 1634 Taguig City, Philippines
LazerXtreme, Alabang Town Center
Alabang-Zapote Road, 1700 Muntinlupa City, Philippines
Like them on facebook here.


Breakfast without eggs are sad.
A ham without cheese is incomplete,
Supper without wine is melancholic.
Good thing there's Gurkka!
First off, Gurkka came from the word Gurkha and Gorkha that means British military units in the army enlisted in Nepal. Gurkhas are considered aggressive in battle, possesses qualities such as courage, loyalty, resilence and reliability hence they are highly depended on to protect. Until today, Gurkhas still protects royalties in U.K. and serve in the military. So rest assure, that online shopping at Gurkka is reliable and safe - trustworthy at its finest.
So what does Gurkka offer? Well, ladies and gents, if you love wines and spirits and online shopping then this site is for you! Gurkka sells brandy, rum, wine, tequila, vodka and many other liquor brands online. What's more is that you just don't get safe fast transaction every time you shop, you also get to have freebies in form of other liquor brands and reward points - yes, points you could exchange as gift certificates, special discounts, additional freebies and many, many more!
When I celebrate, I drink wine.
When it's cold, wine's on my throat!
Alone by myself, wine's in my cup.
Together with friends, wine's on the top!
Follow them on Facebook here.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

: The Wife and the Canvass Bag Giveaway

Another giveaway just because! 
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Ends after a hundred days. :) Join now!
Don’t forget to join our Php15,000.00 worth Slimmer’s World gift certificates giveaway here.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Whirlpool offers time and labor-saving innovations way back 1911. It is pioneer on it's industry it already transformed generations of home and family life with its belief of a need to have a comfortable home improving life.
For more than a hundred years, Whirlpool achieved great things with character and integrity and still holds to a promise of new and exciting opportunities from their high-tech, eco-friendly products worldwide!
Congratulations Whirlpool for continuously improving life while protecting our environment with the best.
Like Whirlpool Philippines' official facebook page here and get the chance to win on their regular giveaways!
*All photo credits to Whirlpool Philippines.


One of my best finds in this year's Blogapalooza was Enjoy Ph!
What is Enjoy?
Enjoy is a loyalty and privilege card that extends discounts, gifts, and VIP perks to over 60,000 Filipino consumers. Launched in 2009, Enjoy works with over 240 premium lifestyle brands located in Manila, Cebu, and Boracay.
At the Enjoy Philippines booth
blogapalooza np lololola 015
My Enjoy Ph loot
Aside from my raffle prize of Fish & Co. gift certificate worth Php1,000.00 They also gave bloggers a membership card and voucher valid until March 2014.
Enjoy everyday with over Php 350,000 worth of gifts, discounts, and VIP privileges from over 250 brand partners in 800 locations nationwide!
What I like about Enjoy Ph is that they have over Php350,000.00 worth of gifts, discounts, VIP privileges and freebies for everything from dining, nightlife, shopping, health and beauty, travel, automotive and even lifestyle and learning! They also are in partnership with vast selection of 250 stores and brands to choose from. Nope, this is not for Metro Manila residents only, they offer perks for Cebu, Boracay and Davao - more that's 800 locations nationwide! Hence, if you love traveling, you could always carry your EnjoyPh card and enjoy its perks! :) Aside from that, they now have apps that you don't have to carry around the discount booklet and forget you have discount for the restaurant or service you are craving for. :P
What's more? From
You still have until the end of the month to get to try the perks and help #YolandaPh typhoon victims at the same time. :)
Contact Enjoy VIP Ph:
Tel. 02-478-8888
Fax. 02-750-9258
Enjoy The Philippines like a boss!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Slimmer's World Giveaway

Today my sister invited me and mom to join her Slimmer's World,. To try out for the first time their facial diamond peel service and to check out their weight loss program, the gym facilities and their amenities. I gladly comply.
These are the gift certificates that we've use on our visit.image
The gift certificates worth Php 1,500.00 could be use as -
Facial Diamond Peel worth Php 1,500.00 3 GYM Sessions worth Php 1,500.00
I both use the GC's for diamond peel and gym session afterwards.
Slimmer's World, Megamall branch
slimmers kbbq 006
Check out Slimmer's World Gym here.
Check out my Slimmer's World Diamond Peel Experience here.Slimmer's World is generous enough to sponsor this giveaway worth Php 15,000.00!  :) We will be giving away 2 gift certificates worth Php1,500.00 each, that's a total of Php3,000.00 worth of services for 5 randomly chosen winners!
For metro manila residents only who could go to Slimmer's World, Megamall. Winners will be selected randomly. GC's to be pick up at Metro Gaisano Market! Market! on December 01 or 02.
All you have to do is follow the instruction below. (I've been meaning to use a rafflecopter tab, but alas! The raffle's copter's acting up!)
Mandatory Rules:
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Giveaway will end on November 30! Winners will be notified via email.
Again, thank you so much Slimmer's World for this sponsorship! <3

Slimmer's World Diamond Peel Experience

 Prior to the service, a skin consultant, Ms. Girlie analyzed my skin and gave out special memo to the therapist. I personally didn't put heavy makeup on. What I only did was put moisturizer and lipbalm - that's it.
Slimmer's World, Megamall branchslimmers kbbq 006

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rich Prime Global - About People, Brands and Innovation

One of the perks of being a mom is that you could justify play guiltless! Like I always say Motherhood is Access to Guiltless Play especially when your childhood consist of these (which probably is, like mine)...
My dad used to surprised us with toys helpful in developing our skills, to achieve our baby milestones, discover our talents and let us grow playing and laughing and having fun while learning! I am always and forever a kid at heart. I'm surprise to see myself nosing the latest Barbie movie on Disney Channel and especially now that I have a very curious
little boy
who pouts when I don't let him go and explore,
who loves to breastfeed
and play with or without proper toys
and play once more with whatever is lying around, at reach and looks shiny or yummy...
I think I'm ready to embrace my childhood once more and welcome new toys like
and be his first playmate!
I'm happy to bump with RichPrime Global, Inc. in this year's Blogapalooza. RichPrime Global is the leading company that brought Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, Vtech, Megabloks and Chicco to children and kids-at-heart. They started to reach out to children of all ages during the time when toys are considered a luxury and not a necessity to learn. And now, they bring toys intended to children's learning, development and lifestyle. Richprime provide innovative products that caters the need of children today without sacrificing technology and child's safety, hence, giving them, both parents and children a quality time and happy childhood respectively.
My RichPrime Global loot.
With Richprime global, I'm now ready to make my babe's childhood worthy and full-of-fun! <3
What's your favorite childhood toy?