Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I Love Lulu Nails

One of the pampering I usually skip is painting my nails. I skip it because I don't usually have the spare time to go to a salon. I skip it because I wash the dishes, do the laundry, took baby to bath, etc, etc, etc. But really. I don't give myself this pampering because I need more encouragement. I need to make myself believe that I need it. It's a girl's right. That deep down I know, I want it. lol Too dramatic eh? Well, when you're a mom, with no helpers,  working-at-home, doing household chores and having one energetic infant wrecking havoc, painting nails would be like unicorns and dry rough hands are horses.
I chance upon Lulu's one fateful night, with my girls, partying with me, err, doing video with me. And, it was pure bliss.
Happiness. Sophistication. Elegance.
I was like Cinderella and Lulu's was my glass slipper. I would want to go back to this fairytale land of glittering nails if I could. With hightech amenities like flat screen tv, glossy magazines and amazing service, who wouldn't?
I met them once more on the Blogapalooza 2013. I think it's a sign that I gotta give myself a break and let them fix my broken spirit, I mean nails so that again, I would tell my tale of Ms. Angel caressing my right foot's ticklish part, of ingrowns removed, soft cuticles and cute nail polishes.
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