Sunday, November 17, 2013

Baby's Top 5 Today

1) Last night, mom knocked to our room and gave a bowl of vanilla ice cream. I gave baby a small scoop and he held his breath and cover his mouth. That's when I discover that baby hates cold touching his teeth. Awww, baby have sensitive teeth!
2) Baby saw lolo Gerry and tita Zara "playing" and thought tita Zara was fighting with his lolo. He screamed at the top of his lungs and kicked tita Zara with all his baby might - which is btw pretty strong. Lesson learned: Do not touch my lolo.
3) He'd rather have freshly peeled cucumber for merienda than McDo's ice cream cone.
4) It's carbonara over spaghetti. But it will always be spaghetti over mojos and fries.
5) He try to eat the fruits on tita Beth's tablet whenever she's playing "Fruit Ninja".
Conclusion: The baby is a certified foodie. Hates cold. And lolo only belong to him. You've been warned!

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