Sunday, November 10, 2013

Omron and KinderCare Digital Thermometer

Babe's doctors recommend a dose of paracetamol for body temperature of 37.8 degree Celsius and above and to be able to check if his body is indeed hot, we need an accurate thermometer.
We used to have mercury glass thermometer which is outdated and ban to reproduce due to possible mercury poisoning but I had to say, it is really accurate, no batteries needed, just a good old hard shake and careful-not-to-crash-it technique and it's good to go. 10 years in service until my little kiddo throw it on the floor. Good thing no ones hurt or mercury-poisoned for that matter.
Now, we have two digital thermometers. Reliable, safe and fast!
Kindercare Digital Thermometer
Simple and user-friendly. All you have to do is turn it on, put in baby's armpit and wait until it rings to see the temperature. Easy.
Omron Digital Thermometer in MC-343F
This is more complicated. It could also be used for rectal (10 seconds) and oral (20 seconds) aside from underarm usage that could be read in Farenheit or Celsius. That said, it includes a pack of disposable probe covers.
Both are records the last reading, are safe against mercury poisoning and has a flexible tip for added comfort and safety.
I will search for a just-a-zap (that's what I am calling it) thermometer that doesn't need to wait to read, just a zap and bam! 38 degrees - which what some doctors use now.
Do you still have some mercury thermometer lurking around your fist aid box? :) I want one for sakekeeping! lol

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