Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I'm 28 last 2008. After shots of steroid and a huge slice on my left back as a remembrance of my heart surgery, I was 32. After getting married, getting pregnant and having a breastfeeding infant with burgers, fries and pizzas inbetween, I lost count. No, I'm not talking about my age. *gulp I'm talking about my waist - waistline that is.
Me and my size 28. Circa 2005.
The 6-month pregnant me. Circa 2011.
Post-natal. Circa 2012.
Turning one year. Circa 2013.
I still have my favorite skinny jeans on my closet - getting spider webs and dusty. Wishing deep inside to fit in them. Of course, it ain't real life if reality won't smack me down on my chubby cheeks left and right. I lack discipline - that I admit. But hey tomorrow is another day. And wouldn't it be a shame if I love the sunrise and choose it rather than sunset because sunrise means hope? So I square my shoulders and squeeze my tummy to make my pant's zipper close and make my way to their booth at exactly four pm to get my hands on their prized possession. No, I'm not talking about food. *geez, you're hurting my feelings! I'm talking about Slenda.
Yup, I'm one of the four. Actually, I'm the first of the four. Talk about determination, eh? 
Well, I would tell which of the four I was because I'm hoping I was the "thinnest" but I unfortunately I was the wasted one with the ring that my sister lend me. The Slenda girls would remember me, I was the one who reminds them about the four o'clock deal. Talk about being pushy, eh?
Well, if you are a mother (becoming a mom is more than having an infant. When I give birth to my baby, I give birth to mommyhood - and that is huge metamorphosis of a thin tiny worm to a humongous enormous gigantic butterfly! But that's another story) again, if you are a mother and this big and this wide, you would. Talk about being defensive, eh?
I was not fit for about three years now. My entire life I was petite and I look like one. Now I was huge and I look like zero. lol The doctors blame the steroids. I blame myself for my love of food - I'm a foodie. I don't do "diet", I do "thy eat". Now, is different. Now is time for change. And I wanna take my chance with Slenda.
Check out Slenda facebook page and look for my picture and hit like! lol Kidding! But seriously, if you love Valerie Concecpcion's body and you want yours to fit on her sexy outfit, click here.
P.S. - poke me if you liked my photo on Slenda and I'll poke you back twice.
P.S.S. - or maybe I'll poke you thrice, or, I'll just do a rave on my blogs about it.
The sexy me inside,

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