Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Just Because

There are sweet days and there are bad times too, and the balance between these are crucial especially when you are on the "adjustment periods" of married life. One, after the wedding and two, when you have your first-born, or maybe every time you became a parent. Our adjustment periods were consecutive if I may say so, two years and nine days after the "I do's", we embrace our first son, JC - its being on one roof and then having a baby as a priviledge and responsibility. If you read my #bdjvetera sparty part one, click here to read, then you have a hint on why is the hubby gesturing sweetly.
Behold! He suddenly want to buy flowers for his wife, so timely, she looked like she just got out of bed and decided to dine out because she's not good on cooking kare-kare, heck she already forgot the ingredients and procedure and he's craving for it?!
Fact: first and last time I cooked Kare-kare was when it was a project on homeroom grade school level! Hence the picture below...image
Gilligan's Kare -kareng Gulay
Oh hello there, naked face - uneven skin tone, blemishes, dark spots and redness! No foundation, powder or concealer put on, just in time for the flowers to arrive - to make me "blush" and "glow" "naturally"! *read again and insert sarcasm in every word.
I just rolled my eyes, smile - that ear to ear kind of smile - and smell the roses. No thorns this time. Trivia: Yup, my first more than a dozen roses where so freshly picked, they still got thorns and is wrapped in a newspaper. (Ahh.. the perks of living in Baguio and having your own garden!) Yup, I pricked my fingers more than once but it was ecstatic! P.S. I still got the petals frames around my trinkets somewhere.
After digesting the flowers metaphorically, I asked him why, what for? He just smirked and said "Just because."
Here's my bouquet.
I'm not good at taking photos, but here is another shot.
Guess what? After a snap of flash, babe grab a handful of petals on his fist with that cute toddler grin plastered on his face...
See, there is 99% probability that this would be another ordinary dine out. He won't even want to face the camera for a proper photo but alas! There is this 1% and this rare chance happen that fateful night.
Our Giligan dates. Lolo and apo.
Oh yeah! #habanghair moment, again. Mom was like "Dad should buy one for me too!" hehe and I'm the most beautiful that night. Sorry Beth. :P
A n- makeup makeup. A my skin but better. A selfie. This is what I looked like, or at least I wish and thought I looked like while holding me-flowers on one hand and the other holding the small of his back while he carry baby on his arms as we walked to the parking lot and end our day on a sweet-smelling roses note with tummy filled with Kare-kare and that amazing alamang that wrecked my "diet" once again!
Lopsided grin, uneven teeth and all that.
The wife and mom,

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