Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hardys: It Gets Better with Time

16th of November - yesterday marks our eight (8) years as a couple and next year's May 17, we will be three (3) years as one.
We start off as classmates
then, we became friends.
To lovers.
Together we graduate with a bachelor's degree.
and we become full-pledge engineers.
To becoming  the bride and groom
 for a day.
To being a wife,
and him as a husband.
Together we enter the "adjustment period" as newly weds.
To becoming pregnant,
until we took the priviledge and responsibility of becoming parents.
He became a father.
Loving and strong.
I am now a mother.
Protective and comforting.
Together we created a family.
See, things get better over time, just like Hardys – after 160 years, it just keeps getting better.
160 years ago, one man had a vision: “To create wines that would be prized in all markets of the world.” That vision would become reality. That man would become a legend. His name was Thomas Hardy.
160th logo
  • 5 generations of winemakers up to present day Bill Hardy
  • Established in 1853 – 160 years of wine making experience
  • Pioneers of quality blending techniques
  • Over 3000 awards in the last decade
  • A broad range of sub brands that have strong appeal across a wide range of consumers
Time is a dimension we cannot control. It neither waits nor hurry. Time purify things and creates legacy. Just like Hardy's wines, it gets better with time.
Check out Hardy's Wine Asia's Facebook page here.

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