Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Mind Museum

"Why?" I think this is the reason why the field of Science was established. Curiosity may kill the cat but at least the cat was satisfied its cat's thirsty mind and died knowledgable. Okay , you might say that, that was morbid, but please read again and emphasize the word "may". All I really wanna say is that I'm the cat. Curious. And I love Science. That's one of the basic reasons I pushed myself to take a degree in engineering. Physics and chemistry. Periodic Table. Hydraulics.
Battered solver and calculator.
Happy to say that I am using my knowledge today in every aspect of everyday living, small and big. Work and home. And I love Science. My mind is as always thirsty. The cat is just as curious as she is yesterday. And life is a never-ending process of learning - all you have to be is become the cat. Be curious and do something about it.
Small space where my brain smokes while designing structures.
And I love Science. I was sad that my explorations when I was still a student was not as expound as Dora's. But I am happy that today, things are better. Today, we have Science enriched facilities to quench the curious cats inside every little young (in mind and body) boys and girls minds. Today, there is "The Mind Museum".
A cup of coffee. The rest will be history.
The reason I would want to go the The Mind Museum is because I graduated a long time ago -fresh lessons from my instructors seems like eons ago, and no, I don't want my mind to become barren land. Dry, cracked and dusty. I want it to become spontaneous.
The cat has a dream board. To write the cat's name in the moon's soil is one of the cat's dream.
Because I'm now a married work-at-home mom - designing structures, breastfeeding and all the household chores.
Reading satiate the curious mind. Writing releases tension.
 Because I am still a cat inside. Curious. And I love Science.

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