Thursday, December 27, 2012

Somewhere Else...

Have you ever tried pushing yourself to do what you ought to do instead of doing things you wanna do?
Me braving the late night traffic last night on the go to a construction site to meet a client/architect. #doingthingsatnight

Good we drop off at North Park to get some yummy oodles K-pop style!

I would really love to blog blog blog but responsibilities are a priority especially when you're a working-stay-at-home mom! :3

But hey stay tuned for our up coming US-only giveaway for moms and moms-to-be! :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Documenting Babe's First Week

I don't think it's too early or too late to reminisce my first pregnancy, and now the first few weeks of our little bundle-o-joy. I think whenever my husband and I think about this miraculous journey, our hearts just melt, felt warm and ready to cuddle, :)
Minutes ago after delivery, hubby followed the nurse to the nursing station and took our babe's first ever photo. :)
Here the nurse just wipe him off before dressing and covering him like a taco, you know I get too excited to learn how to swaddle-the-baby, the thing is so amazing, you're like wrapping a burrito! :P Hey, that rhymes!
looking all bulge-up with a lot of hair and no brows and lashes yet, I saw his lashes was tugged just beneath the lid...
One day old Clyde and Lola Ellen ^^
He is so tiny, so small, so delicate, I was so afraid I might hold him too tight I might break him or too loose that he might slip... And was just so thankful my mom was always there to teach me first-hand lectures of Mom 101. :)
Mom and babe :)
It's tiring but it's well worth it! Mind you, time flies so fast, he's turning 7 months this 26! I gotta prioritize my little kiddo so I don't blog that much lately, and soon enough I would be back blogging like there's no tomorrow!