Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Documenting Babe's First Week

I don't think it's too early or too late to reminisce my first pregnancy, and now the first few weeks of our little bundle-o-joy. I think whenever my husband and I think about this miraculous journey, our hearts just melt, felt warm and ready to cuddle, :)
Minutes ago after delivery, hubby followed the nurse to the nursing station and took our babe's first ever photo. :)
Here the nurse just wipe him off before dressing and covering him like a taco, you know I get too excited to learn how to swaddle-the-baby, the thing is so amazing, you're like wrapping a burrito! :P Hey, that rhymes!
looking all bulge-up with a lot of hair and no brows and lashes yet, I saw his lashes was tugged just beneath the lid...
One day old Clyde and Lola Ellen ^^
He is so tiny, so small, so delicate, I was so afraid I might hold him too tight I might break him or too loose that he might slip... And was just so thankful my mom was always there to teach me first-hand lectures of Mom 101. :)
Mom and babe :)
It's tiring but it's well worth it! Mind you, time flies so fast, he's turning 7 months this 26! I gotta prioritize my little kiddo so I don't blog that much lately, and soon enough I would be back blogging like there's no tomorrow!

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