Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cycles Mild Laundry Detergent For Babies

We are always meticulous when it comes to our babies,we are meticulous in choosing what we would feed and clothe them, what kind of toothgel should we use and being meticulous should not stop there. We should also consider the outsiders, the things that we somehow incorporate with our babies outside their nursing room, like bottle cleansers and laundry soaps.

Some laundry soaps are too aggressive that you should put the groove on the gloves or else, you would skin your skin. To make this short, you should look for these when you're choosing a detergent for your babies clothes and washable toys.
  • No fabric softeners
  • No optical brighteners
  • No bleach
  • No dyes
  • No enzymes
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Phosphate free
I've been a fan of Cycles Baby product for quite awhile now, as their products like head-to-toe washlotion, and diaper cream are made especially for baby's sensitive skin. And now, this.
This ultra mild detergent has baby-friendly ingredients that are gentle for baby's clothes from birth up to 3 years old without sacrificing effectivity of cleaning and removing dirt and germs. I use this on soaking whites over night, hand washing and washing machine too.

SansFlou Toothgel Cleanser

Some kids hate brushing. I have a niece who bury herself on the pillow to avoid brushing and it really is a hard task for her and her guardian every time.
Good thing its not on our case, I'm still on high learning that my toddler loves to brush his teeth. I'm actually the one guilty of being super lazy of brushing his teeth longer than he wants to. I really am trying to make a routine of including brushing his teeth in midday. So far it's working for the both of us. You now being a wahm with no nannies, I had to be strict on schedule or else nothing will be done. Right after lunch he would poop, take a bath and then, I let him brush his teeth alone (with my supervision of course), I let him apply what he learns from watching videos on how to brush your teeth properly. After which, its my turn to brush his teeth, for the second time around - you know, cleaning the back of his teeth, his tongue, cheeks, roof of mouth and lips. It's his dad turn to brush his teeth and tidy him up before bedtime right after taking his vitamins. Responsibilities more importantly, quality time should be distributed equally. ;)
Do you know? Fluoride when swallowed will cause dental fluorosis - a mineralization of the tooth enamel in a form of white spots. So, it is important to guide kids especially infants and toddlers in brushing their teeth. Moreover, it is important to look for toothpaste brands that are uniquely made for babies and is fluoride free.
Just like Sansflou Natural Toothgel Cleanser for children 0 - 6 years old. It has xylitol, fluoride free, no artificial coloring, non foaming, no harmful preservatives and is safe to swallow.
Ingredients includes sorbitol solution, xylitol, silica, purified water, glycerin, sodium, carboxymethylcellulose, flavor, sodium benzoate and citric acid.
Just a pea size is enough for entire mouth. This could also be used on gums especially when teething as it eases the pressure of rupturing gums to bud a tooth because its cooling effect.
This orange flavor gel is the new hype when it comes to our brushing time, making it our quality time together too. :P

How To Be A Model

  • Session 1 & 2
    May 30, 2015 - June 6, 2015
    2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
how to be a model poster copy revised
Do you want to be a model?
Do you want your child to be a model?
Do you know someone who wants to be a model?
How do you begin?  Where do you begin?
Join us in this 2-session of 2 hours each webinar and learn the basics on modelling: the flowchart of modelling, different types of models, understanding contracts, the process of castings and go-sees, what to do and what not to do, how to look and how not to look, the myths about modelling, projections and mannerisms.
Course outline:
  1. Introduction to commercial modelling  (Session 1)
  • Flowchart of modelling
  • The types of models (Ramp, print, TV, radio)
  • Understanding talent/modeling contracts, including type of contracts
  • Basic information for casting/go-sees
  1. The Business meeting: Casting (Session 2)
  • What to wear, how to look, attitudes and personality
  • Dos and donts
  • The process of casting vtr(videotape recording)
  • Projections and mannerisms
  1. Myths in modelling (Session 2)
  • It’s all about the look
  • English only please
  • Connections and money
  • Does age matter?
  • Height issues
Webinar Dates:
Session 1 – May 30, 2015 (2 to 4pm)
Session 2 – June 6, 2015 (2 to 4pm)
Learning Fee:
Early Bird Rate: Php 600.00  (until May 19 only)
Regular Rate: Php 750.00 (From May 20 to May 29)
About the Speaker
Roly Halagao is a Casting Director Association of the Philippines founding member, Faculty Staff at Masters School for Models, 20 years Casting Director for Advertising, Operation Manager at Astra Studio Models, celebrity booking manager.
(If you sign up use this Referral Code: YWCModel1) so they will know that you learned the workshop from this blog.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Visual Business Plans for the Text-Challenged

  • Visual Business Plans for the Text-Challenged
    May 23, 2015
    1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Not a lot of people find it easy to write a business plan. We know that business plans are important and yet how do I really go about doing it if I’m not the type who loves writing? What if the mere thought of typing a document or manipulating a spreadsheet hinders me from starting that business that I so badly want to start?
Lucky for you, Manila Workshops and LifeQuest Training and Consultancy will give you an idea on how to create that plan. We will be running a workshop called Visual Business Plans for the Text Challenged.
Visual Business Plans for the Text Challenged
Workshop Details:
Map - SM Aura
It will be on May 23, 2015 at Meeting Room 2 at the SM Aura Convention Center. The workshop will be from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.
The Speaker:
Jose Roberto L. Del Rosario, Jr. (Sonny)
At the moment, Sonny is the president and training director of LifeQuest Training and Consultancy Corporation. He was once the academic director of an international college with campuses throughout the Asia-Pacific region. He taught business and English subjects for four years in Bangkok, Thailand and for ten years in Huizhou, China. Locally, he taught at San Beda Alabang, Asia Pacific College, College of St. Benilde, De La Salle University, and St. Scholastica’s College. As a business consultant, he continues to be contracted by companies in diverse industries including real estate, education, food, personal hygiene, health and medical care, and manufacturing industries. He also has several years of small business management experience in agriculture, fashion accessories and ready-to- wear, and food services.
For more details, please contact
See you there!

Millionaire DNA Workshop

Event Phone: 09255624526
  • Millionaire DNA Workshop
    May 9, 2015
    1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
If you are here because you want to know how to become successful, fulfilled, and happy,
If you are serious about achieving financial freedom while having a balanced life,
Do you feel extremely lost in the career you have chosen?
Do you feel frustrated about how hard it is to achieve your goals in life?
Are you anxious about reaching the life you want faster?

Imagine becoming successful earlier in life.
Imagine yourself amassing great fortune more than you’ve ever expected.
Imagine being able to spend more time with your family while living the life you deserve.
“Many years ago, I was a struggling young entrepreneur. After attending Chris’ Millionaire DNA coaching sessions, not only have I achieved breakthrough in my career, I have also made S$140,000 from my first property after buying an undervalued private condo last year.  I’m excited to buy another property this year and many more in the near future.”
— Cliff Teo, Co-Founder INMIF
The Millionaire DNA Program is a 3-hour life-changing session that will amazingly help you achieve the life you deserve faster than you’ve ever imagined! It is especially designed for everyone who has the desire to improve the kind of life they live — no matter where they are already in life.
Chris Chan will lead you to unlocking your own millionaire DNA that’s just waiting to be unleashed. He believes that people deserve to live a life by design, not by default. He will show you the way to discovering your astonishing uniqueness and your incredible personal path to success. Get ready to be mind-blown when he teaches you on how to develop your own millionaire blueprint that will pave the way to the future you have always wanted.
In this 3 hour session, you will discover:
  • The common mistakes people make in their career decision
  • How to avoid losing money repeatedly in your investments
  • The key differences between the millionaires and the average
  • What hinders you from attracting wealth and opportunities
  • The 3 Ps Sweet Spot in a career that leads to greater success and fulfillment
  • The 5 Critical Cs in your path to success
  • The Success Formula in any path you choose
  • How to transform your future by applying the 4A Process
  • The different proven paths to become a millionaire at a much younger age
  • Acquiring your 1st million and the next multiple millions
“I was previously teaching within the limitation of the 4 walls as a lecturer. Chris guided me to unleash my potentials, defy my unbelief, and pursue my vision with great passion in a new industry based on my strengths. I credit my success for the last 5years to Chris for his guidance, mentoring, and coaching.”
— Theresa Groyon, A Highly Successful Financial Adviser and Multiple Property-Owner
By attending this event, you are taking your first step towards your own path to success. Not everyone knows how to find their own path. Who usually sets the path where YOU should go? Your parents, your bosses, your society – all of them have their own sets of measurement to success, and you try very hard to fit to their standards. By doing so, you have limited yourself, your capabilities, your own success because you have neglected to find out WHO YOU REALLY ARE AND WHERE YOUR TRUE PATH IS TO SUCCESS.
The Millionaire DNA Program will help you discover how powerful you are by showing you where your Millionaire DNA potential lies.
If you are not happy with the career you have right now, if your business or investments are not doing well, if you want to have a more balance life, if you want to give your family the best kind of life, if you are not yet satisfied with what you are getting right now, if you still want to achieve more, then DO WHATEVER IT TAKES FOR YOU TO BE AT THE MILLIONAIRE DNA PROGRAM.

Pitcheco Baby Socks

Now that I'm on the middle of my third trimester, one of the things I look forward to aside from finally embracing my little bundle-of-joy is, going shopping (for my babies, of course)! Last week, we went to SM Makati to finally use my SM Gift Certificates that I got from Lenovo Ph. (Thanks Lenovo!)  I get giddy excited to check out baby stores for cute little things- from outfits, toys and like the little title of this post - socks!
I am suppose to just pick up a pack of white mittens with matching booties and bonnets - and I did that. Im really trying not to buy excessively as I already had been buying here and there and my collective haul for the baby number two is piling up already. Until I saw this - 
and I said to myself, "I'll just have to have one, I need to get a set". Good to know that I could actually choose any three pairs of my liking in one set. Woohoo! It is just so cute and sweet. My things to buy includes a pair of shoes, but I ditch that and get this instead. Why. it's like having socks and shoes at the same time, right? I think this would match my baby's outfit to get that perfect cute look!
Here are the three designs that I picked.
For only Php279.75, this socks have style, quality and comfort.

This really is screaming saccharine sweetness, irresistibly cute and really looked like a real shoes. These socks are soft and quite thick. Just right for those little feet to be kept warm without sacrificing comfort and style.

Ahh, my favorite among the three.
Pitcheco Baby Socks. Designed with Love. Made with Care.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Philippines shows the world how to #VibeOn

The leading mobile messaging app encourages users to turn challenges into good vibes with free, downloadable Vibe On! Sticker Pack
 It’s not uncommon for Filipinos to encounter challenges as we go through work and study every day. And while a little glitch here and there can make us sad or grumpy, it’s nothing that a mood boost from our favorite people can’t fix. Viberthe country’s leading mobile messaging app, advocates the spread of uplifting messages to counter everyday setbacks with its new#VibeOn campaign which invites users to turn challenges into good vibes through the Vibe On! Sticker Pack.
There’s no better group to share positive vibes than your family and friends, and Viber’s Vibe On! Sticker Pack makes for inspiring exchange of messages with stickers like“Kaya mo yan!”, “Ikain mo na lang yan”, “Go, friend!” and more!
vibe on
Vibe on!
Chill ka lang!
da best ka
Da Best Ka!
magandang umaga
Magandang Umaga!
smile naman dyan
Smile Naman Dyan!
 The Sticker Pack is free to download and features36 expressions of beloved Viber characters Violet, LegCat & DJ that can make anyone’s day brighter and happier.
“Viber wants its signature stickers to do more than just enliven conversationsso we came up with the Vibe On! Sticker Pack. It promotes a culture of encouragement among Filipino Viber users and each sticker is like a virtual consoling hug or pat on the back that will surely turn woes into wonderful opportunities to cheer family and friends up. We Filipinos are famous for our ability to smile despite our problems and this new campaign highlights that endearing trait. We invite Viber users to download the Vibe On! Sticker Pack and create more heartwarming moments with friends and family,” said Crystal Lee, Viber Country Manager for the Philippines.
For more updates, follow#VibeOn on Public Chats or You can also follow @ViberPH on Facebook, Twitter & Instagramand search for #VibeOn.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The First Three Months of Pregnancy

I enjoyed my first pregnancy.
(First Pregnancy)
It's a roller coaster ride of mood swings and blues and baby kicks - I definitely miss the kicks after giving birth! That is how much I enjoyed it. The anticipation is gnawing me sometimes, I just wanna pop so I could finally cuddle my little baby - but of course, I always end up taking a deep breath with a mental reminder to myself to "Calm down, enjoy the journey, make the most out of it." My narcissistic days were quite over - I already gave in and surrender my entire self to motherhood which include changes in the body during the nine months ordeal plus the exclusive breastfeeding bonanza for six months and continual breastfeeding until he self-wean which is, on Clyde's case was at the age of 3.
(First Pregnancy)
Crossing the line and never going back, it was all worth it, especially when I know how important breastfeeding is, not to mention, the quality time we have. It's bittersweet. This is my second pregnancy and although I already know what to expect, there is always "room for "improvement" and since pregnancy is different for every woman, I also acknowledge the fact that every pregnancy of a woman is different too.

Understanding The ASEAN Integration

  • Understanding the ASEAN Integration - April 29, 2015
    April 29, 2015
    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
There has been a lot of talks happening about the arrival of the ASEAN integration which is happening as we speak. Back in 2007 in Singapore, the ASEAN leaders signed an agreement as a blueprint for an ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) with one of its main objectives is to create a single market and production base by ensuring a free flow of goods, services, investment, capital, and skilled labor. The question remains, are we ready for this kind of transformation? Is my business prepared for the fierce competition from the multi-nationals coming in? Or am I ready to expand my operations/offerings outside the comfort walls of my country?
Manila Workshops and LifeQuest would like to invite you to join “Understanding The ASEAN Integration” webinar to further prepare yourselves and businesses for this transformation.
The topics to be covered:
  • History of the ASEAN and the Journey towards ASEAN Integration- How and Why the ASEAN Came About- Why the ASEAN Aspired for Integration
  • The Characteristics of the ASEAN Economic Community:- Single Market and Production Base+ One Big Market for Goods and Services, Investment and Capital, andLabor- Competitive Economic Region+ A Level Playing Field for Everyone– Equitable Economic Development
    + Expanding the Role of SMEs in Economic Growth
    – Narrowing the Development Gaps Among ASEAN Members
    + Integration into the Global Economy
    + Connecting the ASEAN Community to the Rest of the World
  • Implications of ASEANIntegration-Competition- Regulation of BusinessActivities- SME Development– Global Opportunities
  • How to Prepare Our Businesses for ASEANIntegration- EnvironmentalScanning- Product and ServiceDevelopment- Quality of Operations– Management and Staff Development– Entrepreneurial Thinking
The Speaker:
Jose Roberto L. Del Rosario, Jr. (Sonny)
At the moment, Sonny is the president and training director of LifeQuest Training and Consultancy Corporation. He was once the academic director of an international college with campuses throughout the Asia-Pacific region. He taught business and English subjects for four years in Bangkok, Thailand and for ten years in Huizhou, China. Locally, he taught at San Beda Alabang, Asia Pacific College, College of St. Benilde, De La Salle University, and St. Scholastica’s College. As a business consultant, he continues to be contracted by companies in diverse industries including real estate, education, food, personal hygiene, health and medical care, and manufacturing industries. He also has several years of small business management experience in agriculture, fashion accessories and ready-to- wear, and food services.
Event Schedule:
Wednesday, April 29, 2015 – 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
This will be webinar. We will send you the event instructions once payment has been made.
Learning Fee:
Regular rate: Php 750
Student Promo Rate: Php 500 (School ID provided)
For more inquiries, please contact: or at 0917.796.5254
(If you sign up use this Referral Code: YWCASEAN2015) so they will know that you learned the workshop from this blog.

Stock Smarts Workshop Series – April 2015

  • Technical Analysis
    April 27, 2015
    6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Fundamental Analysis
    May 7, 2015
    6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Stock Smarts April 2015-4
Stock Smarts Workshop Series by Marvin Germo
Module 3
Technical Analysis Manila: Chart Patterns and Oscillators
Date: April 27, 2015 (Monday), Time: 6:00pm – 10:00pm
(Note: Registration starts at 6:00PM, Workshop starts at 6:30PM)
Venue: vOffice, 10F, Fort Legend Tower, 3rd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Technical analysis is one of the best tools to time buying and selling of stocks to help each investor learn strategic areas to maximise gains and minimise loses.
-elliott wave analysis
-candle stick trading
-fibonacci retracement
-fibonacci fan lines
-a technical analysis trading plan.
-Simple Moving Averages
-Bull and Bear Markets
Who Should Attend:
  1. Employees / Entrepreneurs / Students who would want to combine all technical trading tools in buying and selling.
  2. Traders and investors who would want to know strategic areas on where to buy and when to sell.
  3. Newbie or season investors who would want to avoid basing trades on rumors and gossip.
  4. For traders and investors who would want to have a firm conviction in their buying and selling.
Module 4
Fundamental Analysis: How to Pick Good Stocks and Avoid Bad Ones
Date: May 7, 2015 (Thursday), Time: 6:00pm – 10:00pm
(Note: Registration starts at 6:00PM, Workshop starts at 6:30PM)
Venue: vOffice, 10F, Fort Legend Tower, 3rd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Ever wondered what what a company is really worth?  Would you like to know which stocks are cheap and which stocks are expensive?  This stock smarts module is designed to teach the basics on how you can pick which stocks are cheap and which are overvalued.  This will help you create a conviction for yourself on which stocks are worth putting your money on without even listening to all the hype that you can hear everywhere.
Who Should Attend:
  1. Employees / Entrepreneurs / Students who would want to learn which stocks are growing and earning.
  2. Traders and investors who would want to know which stocks have value and are not overpriced
  3. Newbie or season investors who would want to avoid basing trades on rumors and gossip.
  4. For traders and investors who would want to avoid over priced stocks.
About the Speaker
Marvin Germo, RFP, ECE, is a Registered Financial Planner, book author, key note speaker, BPI Trade Brand Ambassador and personal financial consultant who is among one of the most passionate personal finance experts in the land.  His energy and zeal  to educate the Filipino people has translated into transformed lives, financially free families and has transformed ordinary consumers into investors.
He is an Entrepreneur and an International Financial Resource Speaker who out of his eager desire to make an impact in this nation has spoken in different spheres of society – corporations, government agencies, churches, schools, clubs, organisations, and numerous public events. His ability to breakdown complicated investment concepts and translate it into something that is simple, basic and understandable has made him one of the most sought after money speakers in the land. He has been interviewed by Studio 23, GMA7, GMA News TV, TV 5, PTV 4, UNTV, Tele Radyo, The ABS-CBN News Channel, 99.5 Play FM, 702 DZAS, 94.7 Mellow, 1067 Energy FM, Entrepreneur Magazine, Manila Bulletin, and Metro Magazine with regards to his skills in investing particularly in the stock market.
Stock Smarts Workshop Series by Marvin Germo
Marvin is currently a stock market investment columnist for Rappler, Moneysense Magazine and BusinessMirror.  He is the best selling author of Stock Smarts: Stock Investing Made Easy and has just published his second book, Stock Smarts: Winning Strategies for Investing.
He completed the Registered Financial Planners Institute (RFPI), he is a Stock market trader, analyst, and investor with more than eight years experience in the Philippine financial industry. He also owns (, one of the hottest financial planning sites in the Philippines. He graduated from Mapua Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Electronics & Communications. He has completed the Philippine Stock Exchange Certified Specialist Course in the Ateneo Center for Continuing Education.
“To put it simply, I love helping people manage and plan their cashflow. It is my passion to help Filipinos, from different social classes and backgrounds, for them to be more equipped in their finances and help them towards their goal of financial freedom.”- Marvin Germo
For more info, please contact or 0925-5624526

Event Location

Venue:V-Office (Fort Legend)

Venue Phone: 6322242000
10th Floor, Fort Legend Tower, 31st Street cor 3rd Avenue, BGC, Taguig1634
(If you sign up use this Referral Code: YWCSMWS2) so they will know that you learned the workshop from this blog.

The Personal Branding Workshop for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

Personal Branding Workshop
Event Phone: 09177926880* Please note that a maximum number of 10 tickets can be purchased for this event per order.
  • The Personal Branding Workshop for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs (Session 1)
    May 16, 2015
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • The Personal Branding Workshop for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs (Session 2)
    May 23, 2015
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Have you tried searching your name in Google?  Does your name even appear in the first page of Google’s search results?
Are you struggling to get clients because they’ve never heard of you or your business?
Do you wish to stand out from your competitors and be considered the expert or influencer in your industry?
The answer?  You need to build a powerful and irresistible Personal Brand.
How?  By signing up for Freelance Blend and Freelance Pro’s newest learning event, Personal Branding Workshop for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs.
This new and improved 2-session workshop powered by Manila Workshops and sponsored by Payoneer will help you grasp the basics of creating a personal brand, learn how to promote and grow a powerful personal brand that everyone is talking about, attract more customers like bees to honey, and become the go-to expert in your industry.
In Session 1, “Brand Me Basics: Am I Ready to Build My Personal Brand?”, we will help you discover your Personal Brand, even if you don’t have one yet.  You will also get to develop your Brand Inspiration Board and get valuable feedback from our brand coaches.  This workshop is best suited for new freelancers, employees, professionals and entrepreneurs, including fresh graduates.
In Session 2, “Create Your Powerful and Irresistible Personal Brand”, we will teach you how to build your Personal Brand, plan your A-T-T-A-C-K, craft your one-page business plan in the form of your Personal Branding Canvas and win the “Most Promising Brand of the Workshop” as selected by our brand experts.  This session will be most beneficial to attendees of Session 1 plus intermediate to experienced freelancers, employees, professionals and entrepreneurs.
So, are you ready to crack your knuckles?  This highly collaborative and interactive workshop will include learning sessions, group break out activities, and hands-on action breaks.  Learn from the brand experts – influencers who will share the secrets on how they grew their personal brands from zero to hero (and how you can too).
Plus, get an exclusive photo session with our event photographer and receive high quality images of yourself that you can post on your blog, digital portfolio and social media accounts.  (selfie sticks not required).
The Personal Branding Workshop is for…
  • beginning freelancers and entrepreneurs who would like to get noticed in a crowded market
  • current freelancers or entrepreneurs who would like to step up their game and become the hottest and most in-demand brand in the business
  • employees or professionals who would like to fast-track their way up the corporate ladder
  • fresh graduates looking to start a promising career in freelancing or business
  • bloggers and content creators who would like to grow their influence and get recognized as experts in their niche
  • anyone who has a passion for learning and acquiring new skills in the fields of freelancing and business.
What You’ll Get From This Workshop
  • Learn how to stand out, win more clients and become a well-respected influencer in your industry through Personal Branding.
  • Highly collaborative and interactive sessions with experienced coaches.
  • A real “crack your knuckles” workshop – very hands-on activities and actionable steps.
  • Pick an expert’s brain – valuable tips and Q&A sessions with top influencers in the fields of freelancing, business and entertainment featuring: podcaster Makoy Pare “Showbiz Bro”, podcaster/entrepreneur Marv de Leon, professional makeup artist Nikki Tiu, blogger/serial entrepreneur Ginger Arboleda, and a lot more!
  • Exclusive photo session with our amazing photographer, DJ de Leon (@heymissdjdl)
  • Win the “Most Promising Personal Brand of the Workshop” and get featured in the Freelance Blend Podcast, Manila Workshops, Manila Reviews,,  Malaya Business Insight newspaper and other media sites.
  • Join our tribe — become part of a thriving exclusive Facebook group of freelancers, Freelance Blend Workshops & Events Group, where you have access to experts and peers 24/7.
  • PLUS much, much more!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mishka Shoes

Now that I'm expecting a second son - which means I already have a toddler, and it's a boy - I am more inclined in using flats and ballet shoes than heels and wedges. Toddlers run, you know, and when it's a boy, they run faster - you have to catch up, just in the nick of time before a disaster like vase breaking, etc is gonna happen. And at times when I had to wear heels - you know for that extra boost of self-confidence especially when presenting on a board meeting, or a meet up with clients and architects, I am used on reaching out for foldable shoes right after event.
It's just so good to know that there are locally affordable foldable shoes, in-style without compromising quality and is proudly made in the Philippines, introducing Mishka Shoes.
Here are some of my favorite eye candies from this store!
mishka shoes
Mildred Foldable Sandals - Php799.75
1 (4 of 28)
This just screams summer ready, girly and flower power!
3 - P1210769
Sandrine Foldable Shoes - this screams sexy and dynamic at the same time.
I actually am a fan of shoes that doesn't need a fuss. Just insert and go types are the best kinds for work-at-home, freelancer moms like me.
Who says you can't have string and fold it too?
Available in different colors, this Ahren foldable shoes gives a smart chic vibe!
1 (13 of 28)
This rounded tips are perfect for swollen pregnant moms who wants to roam around to reduce risk of beriberi. TMI, IK!

Are you looking for knitted shoes, snakeskin, gladiators? Check them out online on Facebook and Instagram @mishkashoes. You could also drop by their kiosk at the 2nd floor of Shoe Section in Landmark Makati. They are also available in different bazaar events around the Metro.

Mishka Shoes Profile:
Mishka Shoes is a locally made brand that offers a wide variety of Comfortable stylish Foldable shoes for every woman’s lifestyle. Mishka Shoes is not like any other foldable shoes that the shoes itself already bend upward even if you are not wearing it.
Mishka Shoes are a combination of style, comfort and function. Style doesn’t look like it’s a foldable shoes. That most of the time you can just wear these shoes whole day with any occasion without sacrificing a woman’s outfit. Comfortable materials used with extra foam cushion in the insole. Functions as emergency shoes to stop the agony that comes from wearing high heels too long. What’s good about Mishka Shoes is that it’s also light weight so you can bring them along when you travel.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Victoria Court supports Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2015 #AdMe

On April 8, 2015 in Makati, Christine Rosales, The Assistant Marketing Manager of Victoria Court, The company that popularized different drive in hotel and thematic rooms in the Philippines and TAG Media & PR signed a partnership agreement for the upcoming Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2015 #AdMe that will happen on July 26, 2015 from 8AM to 6PM at the posh & new SMX Aura, Taguig, Philippines.
The organizers are expecting to have different corporate companies as participants with their senior level managers with a theme: Empower, Connect, Inspire & Learn. This is not the first time that Victoria Court shows support to the organizers, just recently, Victoria Court sponsored the food and venue for "Pinoy Blogging Summit" which is also organized by TAG Media & Public Relations. Hotel La Corona De Lipa also under the management of Victoria Court supported for two years the annual "Laguna Blogging Summit" and the website launch of Elabram Systems Group at Misono Japanese Restaurant at Bel Air, Makati under Zoomanity Group. The organizer of both events is under the lead of TAG Media.
At Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2015, different top executives will join together to share the future of Online Marketing in the Philippines and in Asia Pacific region with the following points:
  • The digital economy of the Philippines
  • Positioning the Philippines as a gateway from East to West and West to East
  • Is the Philippines ready to be a cashless society?
  • Disrupting tradition and embracing innovation
  • Technology and Entrepreneurship driving inclusive growth
  • Micro - multinationals E-commerce connecting SMEs to ASEAN and beyond
Speakers are as follows;
Constantin Roberts - Managing Director, Zalora Philippines
Kristian Melquiades- General Manager, Uber Philippines
Richard Upton- President, John Robert Powers Asia
Donald Lim- Chief Digital Officer, ABS CBN
Janette Toral- E Commerce Advocate, Digital Club Filipino
Robert Yupangco- President, Yupangco Group of Companies
Chinkee Tan- Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Radio Host and Wealth & Wellness Coach
Rebecca Bustamante Mills- CEO, Chalre Associates & President, Asia CEO Awards
Mikel Yaw- CEO, Elabram Systems Group
Carlos Celdran- Brand Ambassador, Tour Guide
Maria Camille Montejo- CEO, NWSteel Technologies & Tree Top Adventure Inc.
Pocholo Gonzales- CEO, Creative Voices Productions
Tanya Llana- Marketing & Sales Director, Victoria Court & General Manager, Hotel La Corona De Lipa
James Jimenez- Director, Commission On Elections
Lloyd Luna- CEO, Lloyd Luna Corporation
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