Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mishka Shoes

Now that I'm expecting a second son - which means I already have a toddler, and it's a boy - I am more inclined in using flats and ballet shoes than heels and wedges. Toddlers run, you know, and when it's a boy, they run faster - you have to catch up, just in the nick of time before a disaster like vase breaking, etc is gonna happen. And at times when I had to wear heels - you know for that extra boost of self-confidence especially when presenting on a board meeting, or a meet up with clients and architects, I am used on reaching out for foldable shoes right after event.
It's just so good to know that there are locally affordable foldable shoes, in-style without compromising quality and is proudly made in the Philippines, introducing Mishka Shoes.
Here are some of my favorite eye candies from this store!
mishka shoes
Mildred Foldable Sandals - Php799.75
1 (4 of 28)
This just screams summer ready, girly and flower power!
3 - P1210769
Sandrine Foldable Shoes - this screams sexy and dynamic at the same time.
I actually am a fan of shoes that doesn't need a fuss. Just insert and go types are the best kinds for work-at-home, freelancer moms like me.
Who says you can't have string and fold it too?
Available in different colors, this Ahren foldable shoes gives a smart chic vibe!
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This rounded tips are perfect for swollen pregnant moms who wants to roam around to reduce risk of beriberi. TMI, IK!

Are you looking for knitted shoes, snakeskin, gladiators? Check them out online on Facebook and Instagram @mishkashoes. You could also drop by their kiosk at the 2nd floor of Shoe Section in Landmark Makati. They are also available in different bazaar events around the Metro.

Mishka Shoes Profile:
Mishka Shoes is a locally made brand that offers a wide variety of Comfortable stylish Foldable shoes for every woman’s lifestyle. Mishka Shoes is not like any other foldable shoes that the shoes itself already bend upward even if you are not wearing it.
Mishka Shoes are a combination of style, comfort and function. Style doesn’t look like it’s a foldable shoes. That most of the time you can just wear these shoes whole day with any occasion without sacrificing a woman’s outfit. Comfortable materials used with extra foam cushion in the insole. Functions as emergency shoes to stop the agony that comes from wearing high heels too long. What’s good about Mishka Shoes is that it’s also light weight so you can bring them along when you travel.

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