Thursday, April 30, 2015

SansFlou Toothgel Cleanser

Some kids hate brushing. I have a niece who bury herself on the pillow to avoid brushing and it really is a hard task for her and her guardian every time.
Good thing its not on our case, I'm still on high learning that my toddler loves to brush his teeth. I'm actually the one guilty of being super lazy of brushing his teeth longer than he wants to. I really am trying to make a routine of including brushing his teeth in midday. So far it's working for the both of us. You now being a wahm with no nannies, I had to be strict on schedule or else nothing will be done. Right after lunch he would poop, take a bath and then, I let him brush his teeth alone (with my supervision of course), I let him apply what he learns from watching videos on how to brush your teeth properly. After which, its my turn to brush his teeth, for the second time around - you know, cleaning the back of his teeth, his tongue, cheeks, roof of mouth and lips. It's his dad turn to brush his teeth and tidy him up before bedtime right after taking his vitamins. Responsibilities more importantly, quality time should be distributed equally. ;)
Do you know? Fluoride when swallowed will cause dental fluorosis - a mineralization of the tooth enamel in a form of white spots. So, it is important to guide kids especially infants and toddlers in brushing their teeth. Moreover, it is important to look for toothpaste brands that are uniquely made for babies and is fluoride free.
Just like Sansflou Natural Toothgel Cleanser for children 0 - 6 years old. It has xylitol, fluoride free, no artificial coloring, non foaming, no harmful preservatives and is safe to swallow.
Ingredients includes sorbitol solution, xylitol, silica, purified water, glycerin, sodium, carboxymethylcellulose, flavor, sodium benzoate and citric acid.
Just a pea size is enough for entire mouth. This could also be used on gums especially when teething as it eases the pressure of rupturing gums to bud a tooth because its cooling effect.
This orange flavor gel is the new hype when it comes to our brushing time, making it our quality time together too. :P

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