Monday, April 6, 2015

Loboc River Cruising and Buffet

Loboc is famous for its buffet in the river and of course, we would never leave Bohol without the experience.
There are two locations for the cruise, both looking over the serene beauty of Loboc river and its surrounding green, the other offers the approaching Busai falls. We opted of that with the waterfalls.

Aside from dining al fresco, the cruise is also compose of a stopover a float of children serenading tourists. They even encourage us to join them in their dance including the famous Tinikling dance and I must say, those children got talent, professional. And if you have extra budget for ingenious souvenirs and pasalubong, you could buy handmade products like bags, strawhats, handfans and more as this is also one of the local community's livelihood program.
This experience is very romantic and relaxing - the slow swaying of the boat in the river, the greens on both sides and the white noise of the river.

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