Sunday, April 12, 2015

Toddler's Top 5 Today!

My "hectic" schedule (which includes housework, some freelance job, a toddler and my third trisem pregnancy) hinders me from blogging on a regular basis hence this update is actually behind schedule but nevertheless it's still better to have it this way than none at all. Do you agree?
My baby is growing up so quickly, it's actually bittersweet! Still hard to believe that it seems like just yesterday I became a mum
Photo: Baby Clyde with Lola Ellen

with a newborn and now I'm expecting another bub!
Okay, so let's focus on the toddler. My little baby is not so little anymore as he starts to become more and more independent that he's starting to like to do things his way without any much of my help.
1) He can feed himself when he's hungry. He actually announces it first, before running for the table - or wherever the food maybe and starts helping himself up with him knowing the right utensils to use. Like always he prefers fruits like bananas, oranges, apple, strawberries and grapes rather than chocolates and candies. We were way past his bottles and sippy cups, we actually rarely used them - and it's so fine with  me. :)
2) He enjoys other toddler's company. Though he prefers to play with his kuyas and ates, sometimes, toddlers younger than him makes him curious. Although there are times when he does not want to share everything his, including toys and favorite persons. We patiently teach him that sharing is caring, sharing is fun and sometimes, he voluntarily gives and share everyone what he is having, like his stick-O. He pass it around until everyone is holding one. Good job!
Babe was wearing a black barong for like 5 full minutes with tugging the cuffs here and pulling the collar there, complete with moaning and face-making; he ended up wearing his inner sando the whole time! Aside from that, he keeps on tugging his daddy's necktie. I get the point babe, next time you're wearing tux! ;)
3) He is starting to dress himself but most of the time, he enjoys himself in removing his shoes!
4) He can now do simple math like addition and subtraction plus the fact that he could count more than ten and could do a countdown, I know he's on the lead to a potential math lover! #proudmom I actually had fun exposing him to beneficial math skills everyday, I started in introducing simple 2d shapes, puzzles, sorting things according to kinds, shapes and matching and classifying food, toys, soft and hard objects and also counting numerical numbers, countdowns. Now, he's enjoying his 3d shapes and all the shapes that ends with 'gon'. Good to know that early exposure to numbers focuses development on critical thinking and problem solving skills. ;) I'm happy that I expose him this early on numbers because it will focus on baby's development on critical thinking, problem solving and creative thinking. Giving him one step ahead on math and science.
5) He sings the complete ABC's, he can actually sing along with his nursery rhymes on YouTube. He loves elevators, construction vehicles and the root canal procedure was on hard repeat on Youtube lately. Yes, dentistry has a clearer view from this point in time. I think he's an engineer and a baby doctor too. I let him be. lastly, he is excited to meet his new sibling! He loves to watch animation of natural birth which includes labor and entertains us by explaining how his baby brother will poop. It goes something like this: "Dito Bambam (here is Bambam - points to my tummy), dito lalabas Bambam (points to my lower abdomen). Iihi mommy, lalabas Bambam. (When mommy pee, Bambam will come out!)"
My baby is now growing so quickly, as always it is so hard to believe, I'm proud and it is bittersweet. My almost three years old is becoming more and more independent each day. I always bear in mind that what happen in one's childhood will have a lasting effect on one's future. Therefore, I try to give my toddler happy memories he would be looking forward to reminisce years from now. As his parents, we know that we could do things to help make our toddler's childhood life happy. :)

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